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45,000 Votes

On June 3, 2009, Chris Christie defeated Steve Lonegan in the Republican gubernatorial primary election with 184,085 votes to Lonegan’s 140,946 votes.  On this same day, Jon Corzine, who ran for re-election virtually unopposed (yes, there were other Democrats on the ballot, but none represented a credible primary challenge) received 154,448 votes.

I think that it is reasonable to argue that most, if not all, of the 150K+ voters who went to the polls on this day to vote for Jon Corzine wanted him to win re-election in November as well.  If I am right about this, then I think that it is also reasonable to argue that these voters would have improved the chances of achieving their desired outcome if they had cast their votes for Steve Lonegan and not Jon Corzine.

Regardless of how unpopular Corzine might have been at the time, Christie won in 2009, because he did well with independent voters.  I defy anyone to argue that a far-right-wing gadfly like Lonegan would have performed nearly as well with these voters.  While it is conceivable that many more independents would have voted for the independent candidate, Chris Daggett in November if Lonegan would have been the GOP nominee, I do not believe that he would have received enough votes to win or tip the election to Lonegan.

So if you accept my premise that 45,000 Democratic votes for Lonegan instead of Corzine in June 2009 would have done more to help Corzine win in November 2009, please continue to below the fold so that we can talk more about what this premise could and should mean for progressive activism in the future.

Is there a GOP backlash against TParties?

A few days ago Chris Christie took a shot at Eric Cantor and, by implication, the rest of the TNuts is Congress intent on holdimg hurricane victims hostage to cuts in the federal budget. Now there is a report that freshman 3rd district congressman Jon Runyan is taking shots at the Mother Superior of Tea Partiers, Michelle Bachmann, for her batshit crazy antics in Congress. He compares her to none other than Terrell Owens, not so much for their talent but for the way they can break up a team and cause disruptions, either in the locker room or congressional cloakroom as the case may be.

Runyan certainly is in a position to know both of them personally. He was Owen’s teammate on the Eagles NFC championship team in 2004, and he has gotten to know Bachmann as a member of Congress.

I do wonder that these reports of a growing backlash among mainstream Republicans against the tea parties is as much a reaction to recent polls which show growing disenchantment with the tea party movement, as it is a desire to reassert moderate views within the GOP. Somehow I doubt that Runyan and Christie woulkd be as critical of TNuts if polls showed Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin as the two most popular Republican politicians in New Jersey.

One other note. I was flabbergasted when Jon Runyan first ran for Congress, and consdiered him a totally unqualified candidate in an empty helmet on top of an empty uniform. But sometimes even an unintelligent Republican can display more common sense and reason than a batshit crazy TNut than Michelle Bachmann or even, closer to home, the odious Scott Garrett. The latter may score higher than Runyan on IQ tests, but which would you rather have in Congress?  

Socialists v Stalinists

The Washington Post reported, on August 6, 2011, that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and the “Young Guns,” their Republican comrades in the House of Representatives, PLANNED as far back as January, 2009 to use the debt ceiling to create a political crisis. It seems to have worked. The Republicans held fast, Obama and the Democrats blinked. The rating agency Standard & Poors, S&P, downgraded their rating of the credit-worthiness of the United States of America, President Obama’s core supporters seem to be abandoning him. And the stock markets are plummeting – the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1000 points in 3 days.