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Vindicated but Still Confused

Last week, I published this diary describing how I discovered that I was on Chris Christie’s Enemies List. I had been denied access to the Governor’s Twitter feed – the one that is paid for with taxpayer funds.

A Statehouse reporter read the post and it piqued their curiosity, so they contacted the Governor’s office, ostensibly to find out why I (and Marie Corfield) was banned.

That conversation with the Governor’s minion was off the record, so I don’t know what transpired, but the reporter told me that after that conversation I was no longer banned.

The issue is not my ability to view the Governor’s Twitter feed. Anyone can see that if they’re not logged in to Twitter. The issue is why the Governor’s office feels like they can shut off taxpayer-funded communications with a New Jersey resident.

So it’s a small comfort that I’m off the Enemies List, but that’s irrelevant. I’m still puzzled as to why the action was taken in the first place.

Why is Tough Guy @GovChristie Afraid of This Blogger?

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past six years, you know that Governor Christie has mastered the use of social media for his self-promotion. New Jersey taxpayers are funding a platoon of Facebook writers, YouTube videographers, and Twitter posters – not just to provide basic information to our citizens, but to act as an adjunct to Christie’s political handlers.

As a blogger who is partisan, but who tries to understand where the opposite side is coming from, I follow many right-wing politicians and organizations on social media. So I was a bit surprised when I went to Christie’s twitter page and got this message:

You are blocked from following @GovChristie and viewing @GovChristie's Tweets.

It seems odd that Christie doesn’t want me, a New Jersey taxpayer, to see his official state Twitter feed.  (I’m in good company here. Marie Corfield, a persistent thorn in Christie’s side, is also blocked.)

I wanted to find out more, so I submitted a request under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to the Governor’s office to find out more about how taxpayers are denied access to a Twitter feed that they are paying for.

The Week “Reformy” Died In New Jersey

Efforts to suppress freedom of opinion … they don’t just happen in Paris. Among the issues Jazzman deconstructs in the reformy-clan’s disastrous week is this: the desperate attempt by the charter forces to intimidate and silence an academic researcher and critic, Julia Sass Rubin, because as usual they’re failing at making relevant data go away. – Rosi

Cross-posted with Jersey Jazzman.

re•form•y /



1. of, denoting, or pertaining to education policies that have little to no supporting evidence, yet allow supporters of those policies to feel like they care about children more than you do.

2. (of a public education policy) used to justify inequitable and/or inadequate education funding.

3. (of a public education policy) infuriatingly smug while concurrently so freakin’ ignorant that you just want to bash your head on your keyboard over and over and over…

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.12.32 PM

“Jersey Jazzman just read the latest reformy argument on his computer.”

This was a bad week for “reformy” here in Jersey; dare I say it, we may have just witnessed the beginning of the end of the “reformy” movement in the Garden State. Let’s review:  

Marie Corfield in the Washington Post

This is a shout-out to Marie Corfield, good friend of Blue Jersey and frequent reader and writer here, our public education advocate go-to along with our own Jersey Jazzman (who just had the lead piece in the education issue of The Progressive) and one of my own best friends.

I’m damn proud of Marie. Yesterday, on the 2-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting, Blue Jersey cross-posted Marie Corfield’s open letter to elected officials about what children really need them to do to help protect them.  

The letter exempted those already alert to addressing the risk of gun violence to children, but it was written as a gut-check for those still making excuses for their own inaction. Marie is still fairly new to blogging, but gut-checks are her specialty; her writing on education is serious business, the way her campaigns for the NJ Legislature were.

Marie’s piece was picked up and published by The Washington Post, by WaPo education reporter Valerie Strauss, in her highly-regarded Answer Sheet column. Marie comes with my highest recommendation, whether you read her here, at her own excellent site or at The Washington Post. Here’s what it looks like at WaPo, accompanied by a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama, lighting candles in honor of 26 students and teachers, dead in Newtown, Connecticut:

A teacher’s open letter to Congress: What kids need two years after Sandy Hook (Washington Post, 12/14/14) .