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Leading By Listening

I’m planning to be at both of these Town Halls. Tonight I’ll be there with nyceve who writes on health care for Daily Kos, and Jonathan Tasini. We’ll all be there on the reform side. I hope to see some of you from the Blue Jersey community, too. If you see us, please come by and let us know what’s on your mind. – – – promoted from the diaries by Rosi Efthim

Since I first went to Congress some 20 years ago, I’ve always made a point of coming home from Capitol Hill to listen to my constituents’ concerns and brief them on the work I’ve been doing on their behalf.  Despite the well-coordinated campaign by those obstructionists intent on derailing progressive change in Washington, this year will be no different.  So in case you haven’t heard, I’m hosting town meetings tonight and tomorrow here in my district.

Tonight, Monday, August 24 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Piscataway Municipal Building

455 Hoes Lane, Piscataway

Tuesday, August 25 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Red Bank Middle School

101 Harding Road, Red Bank

Marriage Equality comes up for a vote tonight in Red Bank

UPDATE: The resolution passed unanimously (with two members on vacation). So, let’s see … Maplewood. Red Bank. Who’s up next? -JG

A resolution supporting marriage equality, and other legislation supporting the rights of gay people, comes up tonight before the Red Bank Council, and councilman Ed Zipprich would love to see the room filled to capacity with supporters.

Red Bank Council meets tonight at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber, 1st floor Borough Hall, 90 Monmouth Street, Red Bank. Public comment usually comes early in the meetings, we’re told.

Tonight’s resolution was rescheduled from last month, after it became apparent that not all members of council were familiar with the disparity between the rights accorded married people and the rights accorded those in civil unions. Councilman Ed Zipprich, who also serves as Development Director for NJ Stonewall Democrats and Monmouth Democracy for America (DFA) leader, says the fact his borough’s council is 100% Democrat doesn’t guarantee passage of tonight’s resolution. He expects lively discussion, and hopes for active audience participation.

The resolution is based on one that was passed last month by the National Conference of Mayors, and also signifies support for the following pieces of federal legislation; Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), Matthew Shepard Act, Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which repeals Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, about which congressmen Holt, Andrews and Pallone feel very strongly, and Uniting American Families Act. If this passes, Red Bank becomes the first city in NJ to follow the national mayors’ lead on all these proposals, though Maplewood passed – unanimously – a marriage equality resolution last month, too.

Sen. Jennifer Beck lives in Red Bank. If this passes, that means the Senate Judiciary Committee member and featured player on Chris Christie’s short-list for LG, will live in one of the gay-friendliest towns in America. And wouldn’t that be nice?  

Tonight: Will Red Bank vote on marriage equality?

UPDATES: Thanks Ed Zipprich, for letting us know.This resolution was tabled tonight, for further discussion and research, and will come up on the July 13 Council Agenda. Name’s now been changed to be more inclusive of the broader LGBT community: A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING EQUALITY AND CIVIL RIGHTS FOR LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER AMERICANS And we hear not everybody in the room understood that civil unions don’t provide all the rights of marriage. I’m assured a list of the discrepancies will definitely be provided. Meanwhile, chew on this, from Blue Jersey – – Rosi

Tonight, the Borough of Red Bank will take up a resolution in support of marriage equality, and the support of a host of federal legislation respecting the rights of gay people.

The resolution follows – word-for-word – one passed June 15 by the National Conference of Mayors at their annual meeting, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Red Bank Council meets 7:30pm tonight at 90 Monmouth St.. Public comments usually come early in the meeting, says Councilman Edward Zipprich, who’s also VP of Development for NJ Stonewall Democrats, and leader of the Monmouth Democracy for America group.

Zipprich says he came upon the national mayors’ resolution while researching proclamations online for Gay Pride Month. He’s not sure who will be introducing tonight’s resolution, but expects a lively discussion. The Council is 100% Democrat but Zipprich said that won’t guarantee the resolution’s passage.  The borough’s also in process of upgrading its employment contracts to include language addressing sexual orientation specifically, a measure he says had broad Council support.

Sen. Jennifer Beck lives in Red Bank. If this passes, that will mean the Senate Judiciary Committee member and featured player on Chris Christie’s short-list for LG, will live in one of the gay-friendliest towns in America.

Jump with me for the Resolution, the Maplewood thing, and who else this Resolution might be aimed at:

News Round-up and Open Thread for Thursday, May 3

  • The Biondi Apology Tour continued with a meeting yesterday with representatives of the Black Ministers' Council of New Jersey. He will apologize to the full Assembly and promised to work against racism and for social causes as a result of the meeting. Rev. Jesse Jackson has said he'd like to meet with Biondi.
  • The Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey and the Hispanic Directors Association of New Jersey held press conferences in Hightstown and Morristown yesterday to call for immigration law reform in both Our Fair State and on a national level. The two towns have opposite approaches to illegal immigrants.
  • Ethics complaints are expected to be filed today against several Republican legislators, including State Senators Joseph Kyrillos and Bob Singer and Assemblyman David Wolfe, in regards to a federal probe that Democratic leaders allege is unfairly targeting just one party.
  • The state yesterday introduced an “Olmstead plan” to meet the needs of disabled residents in less restrictive housing. The plan will take eight years to move approx. 1,850 people with developmental disabilities into group homes and apartments in compliance with a 1999 Supreme Court ruling.
  • Gov. Corzine's town hall meetings on the budget continued yesterday, but without the gov. Treasurer Bradley Abelow led the meeting in Red Bank yesterday with several other officials.
  • Conservative columnist Phyllis Schlafly paid a visit to The College of New Jersey yesterday to give a speech for the College Republicans and was met with students protesting her position on the ERA and other issues.
  • The state DoT is installing devices on Rt. 80 and I-287 that measure traffic speed by pinging cars' E-ZPass transmitters. They say personal info will be scrambled, but the idea is to give an accurate reading of travel time for traffic web sites. A 511 system for traffic info is also in the works, to be done by the end of this year.
  • On Tuesday there was a brief interruption in the Disney Channel on Comcast, during which porn was broadcast. Comcast says it was a localized problem and they have taken steps to assure it won't happen again. At least one subscriber states she will cancel her subscription- after the NHL playoffs are over. Ahh, priorities.
  • Have time to go to the ultimate garage sale? The Sands in AC publicly opens their gone-out-of-business sale today, with every tacky detail of casino decorating for sale.
  • Open Thread: What do you want to talk about today, Blue Jersey?

    Gov. Corzines’s Chance to Save the Internet

    I feel that Verizon’s plans for the future of the Internet are bad for New Jersey.  I encourage all New Jersey internet users to read up on the issue of Network Neutrality and find out what a Tiered Internet would mean to New Jersey businesses and consumers.

    I have written the following letter to Governor Corzine and I am trying to make him aware of the issue.  I need help getting the word out; please write to the Governor and tell him that you want him to help Save the Internet.

    – Start Letter Text –

    Dear Governor Corzine, as a software engineer and avid technologist, I am deeply concerned about Verizon’s intentions to restrict internet access for New Jersey residents.  Verizon wishes to be the de facto gatekeeper on the internet, determining which content travels at what speed for the portion of its journey that travels over Verizon’s wires.  Verizon’s plans violate the tenets of Network Neutrality that have fueled growth and enabled healthy competition on the internet.  I fear that their plans will limit the choices for New Jersey internet users and could put New Jersey businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

    Since Verizon also plans to use the internet connections they provide to also offer cable television service, it is appropriate that their plans for both internet access and cable access be considered before passing new statewide cable TV legislation.  I am asking you to ask Verizon clear-cut questions about their business roadmap for offering internet access to their customer base, and whether their plans include limiting internet access based on the type of content delivered, or based on relationships they have with certain content providers.  For the sake of New Jersey’s online businesses and consumers alike, please consider how Verizon’s actions may negatively impact the obvious advantages of the present free market, before signing new cable TV legislation into law.

    Sincerely yours,
    Tom L******* ( last name withheld on this post )
    tom@redbanktv dot org

    – End Letter Text –

    Thanks for reading, please help get the word out and feel free to stop by the blog at: Red Bank TV

    — Tom

    Verizon Fake Constituent Fax Astroturf Campaign Targets Red Bank Mayor

    According to RedBankTv (via MyDD), Verizon has been sending hundreds of fake faxes to make it look like there is grassroots support for giving Verizon access to the cable network. The mayor didn’t fall for it:

    Edward McKenna is the mayor of Red Bank, New Jersey.

    In a normal week, he receives about 10 faxes from constituents. In three days last November, McKenna says he got more than 200.

    EDWARD McKENNA: “Those faxes all purported to come from people who said they were Red Bank residents. In fact, each fax started out by saying, “I am a Red Bank resident and I vote.”

    These so-called residents all wrote in support of new legislation to increase competition in the cable industry. McKenna noticed the faxes had names, but no signatures.

    EDWARD McKENNA: “When I called them, a number of them said they had not authored any such letter. Nor did they authorize anyone to send it on their behalf.”

    He says the traced the fax number back to an organization funded by the telephone giant Verizon.

    Dawn Holian with Common Cause has studied these front groups, also known as “astroturf.”

    The fake grassroots “Don’t Regulate the Internet” page was just childish and mean-spirited. Matt at mydd asks if this is illegal. Anyone know?