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Redistricting: Your chance to impact the process just got stepped up

Starting today – at 2pm – your opportunity to impact the redistricting of state legislative districts gets bumped up. First, here are the additional public hearings scheduled, and then I’ll tell you why this is so important:

TODAY 2 pm: Statehouse, Committee Room 4 (1st Floor Annex)

Tomorrow (Fri, March 11), 2 pm: Atlantic City Convention Center, Room 411.

Wednesday, March 16, 2 pm: Passaic City Hall.

There are a couple of important things about these hearings that you should know about. First, the fact that they’re happening at all is a great victory for transparency. Second, Rutgers professor Alan Rosenthal – the 11th, tie-breaking member –  will be there. That’s history-making. Third, the commission will stay through at least 5:30-6pm to accommodate people who can only get there after the end of their work day.

Follow me, for the backstory and importance of this –

And then there were 12

Confirming what was long expected, the US Census Bureau announced today that New Jersey will have one less seat — for a total of 12 — for the next Congressional elections in 2012.

It’s not that our population has declined between 2000 and 2010.  In fact, New Jersey’s population rose 4.5%, from 8,414,350 to 8,791,894 over the previous decade.

What has happened is that other states have grown faster.  Primarily in the south and in the west.  The only places where population actually decreased was Michigan (-0.6%) and Puerto Rico (-2.2%)

— more on sources and data for the geeks below —