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ICYMI: Christie cold open on SNL

Saturday Night Live again riffed off Chris Christie’s talent for making headlines because “I’m Chris Christie. I’m everywhere!” It was SNL’s cold open, with Cecily Strong as Fox News’ bobblehead Megyn Kelly, Kate McKinnon as nurse Kaci Hickox and Bobby Moynihan fuhgeddaboutit version of Christie.

It’s broad comedy, not SNL’s best or smartest; played for yuks and not for pointed satire. Still, for a chunk of America watching the midterms whiz by and just starting to pay attention to the 40 or so potential GOP 2016 White House candidates, how this guy gets served up to NBC’s audience in the millions (the Chris Rock-hosted SNL was the season’s highest rated), this stuff matters. At least some.

And how did Moynihan serve up Christie? Like “a lovable Kevin James type, an affable jamoke from the old neighborhood.” With the rough charm New Jersey saw 5 years ago before his act wore thin. Maybe his act still has life in the living rooms of America.

ICYMI: Weinberg on MTP, Wiz on This Week & BWC on UP with Steve Kornacki (Videos)

We’ve already posted video from Steve Kornacki’s Sunday show, his very strange Q & A with Belmar’s mayor (see Steve Kornacki asks Matt Doherty a direct question. Does he answer it?). I want to post 3 more for you, in case you missed them. Loretta on MTP was especially good.  Below the fold, John Wisniewski on This Week and Bonnie Watson Coleman doesn’t back down on Kornacki.

Loretta Weinberg on Meet the Press (Chuck Todd subbing for David Gregory): Weinberg gives the specifics of what’s wrong with Mastro’s “report”. By contrast Rudy Giuliani, also guesting, gets only a nod for admitting Christie’s self-exoneration isn’t conclusive. Then he goes on to defend it extensively. He should be ashamed of himself. Maybe he feels obligated to Christie. But hell. He’s a former federal prosecutor. He knows what a real investigation is supposed to look like. Here’s Weinberg:

On the jump page, the Wisniewski & BWC videos.

Family says the no-tip check with homophobic hate-note is a hoax

I’ve been locked in a death battle with some faulty NBC New York embed code trying to fix it to post here. They have an exclusive story this morning, of a family who says the much-reported homophobic nastygram scrawled on a no-tip check is a hoax.

They say they recognized the check because they have one just like it, with the same date, time stamp, but not the same total. Theirs, they say, is that total – plus a healthy tip. And they say that homophobic message was added after them, and not in their handwriting. In the NBC interview, they say they’re not homophobic, and voted against Chris Christie because he blocked marriage equality.

CHeck comparison Gallop Asian BistroAnd they showed NBC’s reporter what they say is their copy of that check, with a tip. Plus what they identify as their VISA card statement showing their amount included tip.

Dayna Morales, who says she was a Marine, set up a paypal account after she reported a slight; thousands of dollars poured in. She maintains that money will go to Wounded Warrior Project.

NBC New York’s story produced an entirely-predictable slew of lesbian-hating and liberal-hating verbiage on Facebook.

What do you think, Blue Jersey? Of server Dayna Morales’ response to questions? The restaurant owner, who says he has an original ticket with the no-tip amount, but doesn’t produce it for the reporter? Watch the video. What’s your take?


ICYMI: Cory Booker on MTP (video)

debate_0808_669Cory Booker was on Meet the Press Sunday, following his speech at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

For the most part, Booker spoke in broad themes, not entirely inconsistent with the tone of the program, where tenets of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington speech were examined by Rep. John Lewis and MLK III. But after a discussion of vast income inequality as the ‘lasting legacy of a dream unfulfilled,’ host David Gregory tried to bring discussion of poverty to the realities of the city Booker governs, and its 13-plus% unemployment rate. Why has he not been able to make progress? Booker shifted the discussion back to broad theme – “love multiplies and hate divides” – and credited cooperation with Chris Christie for what he says is the largest economic development period in Newark in a generation. Unprobed by Gregory was the question of why that hasn’t translated to new jobs for Newark people (or hasn’t yet), or the fact that our statewide jobless rate has been consistently high under Booker’s partner Christie, particularly compared to the states surrounding New Jersey.

Also unexplored by Gregory was the Christie connection in Booker’s next topic, the expensive and ineffective mass incarceration, which Booker says he has a program to deal with. But we know one of the big reasons for the prison boom is prison privatization and the opportunities for tycoons to make money by expanding. Some of those tycoons are the people who put Christie in power, like his best friend Bill Palatucci who until recently oversaw New Jersey’s problematic privatized halfway house system. Ah, but we were talking big themes and Kumbaya with Christie, not nasty old facts.

That said, the simple reality is that somebody like David Gregory is going to be more interested in broader themes, the newspeak of ‘bipartisanship’ and King’s legacy than in how things actually are here in Cory Booker’s launching pad city and state. And so it goes. Besides, the alternative is not only unthinkable, but ridiculous. And so, next up today is video of Booker’s opponent Steve “Charm Offensive” Lonegan, on UP with Steve Kornacki. [coming at 2:43pm]

Video after the jump.  

Anti-Labor on NBC, Labor on MSNBC

Yesterday, somebody asked me if they should go off somewhere and do something else, or stay glued to the Assembly vote, which was in a dramatic holding pattern for five-and-a-half hours. Stay with the Assembly, I said. It will be national news. And it is. The Assembly vote, and Senate vote before it, are not a victory for New Jersey because too many of our neighbors, fathers, and co-workers are getting screwed. It’s certainly not a victory for the Democratic Party, which now faces an enthusiasm gap and loss of reliable union ground troops, with a huge election looming. No, it was a victory for Christopher James Christie, delivered perhaps at their own cost, by a new class of Christie enablers with nominal “D’s” on their backs. Watch Christie step out front now, before other one-term GOP governors getting ahead on the backs of their state’s working people. Comer. Hotshot. Buzzmaster. And it was only a matter of hours before Gov. Christie was on TV letting Matt Lauer talk about his 2012 presidential sizzle, feeding into that by wasting no time going after President Obama. And thanking the Democratic leadership that put him in the Today Show’s exclusive interview chair, thanking his enablers inside 10 seconds after he opened his mouth.

So, in case you missed it, is Chris Christie on the morning after. Right below it, for counter-point, is CWA President Hetty Rosenstein on MSNBC’s boutique, and NJ-savvy The Ed Show (MSNBC):

Sorry, I couldn’t scrub the ads. Deal with it.

Christie on The Today Show 6/24/11Rosenstein on The Ed Show 6/23/11