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The Verse-Case Scenario: New Jersey Owes $271 million

I love that non-New Jerseyans are now weighing in on Christie’s tunnel blunder. From most media, you’d think our governor was hailed as a rock star by every citizen of the other 49 states. From BuzzFlash.com, Tony Peyser of Verse-Case Scenario dashed off the poem below based on this news story on Yahoo’s news service:

New Jersey Has 29 Days To Pay Federal Government Back $271 Million For Canceling Transit Project

It isn’t just your basic

Democratic promoters

Who know this might not play well

With Garden State voters.

It’s not a bridge to nowhere

That was bought with DC pork

But a rather necessary

Tunnel to New York.

I doubt your average Jersey

Civilians with blue collars

Are thrilled Chris Christie just

Blew a quarter of a billion dollars.