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Bucking the national trend in Passaic County

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Full disclosure: I was a paid consultant for Freeholders Terry Duffy and Pat Lepore during their 2010 re-election campaign

In a year where Republicans nationally and here in New Jersey were swept into office, Passaic County Democrats were able to buck the trend – electing Richard Berdnik as our next Sheriff and re-electing Freeholders Terry Duffy and Pat Lepore to maintain control of the Freeholder Board.  I thought I’d give a few reasons why I thought we were successful during an unfavorable political climate in a tough year for Democrats.    

Localizing a countywide race

We crafted a message based off local issues and the tough decisions being made to get the county’s fiscal house in order.  For me, the most important accomplishment was the two credit upgrades from Moody’s Financial Services in the last two years.  This wasn’t campaign rhetoric, it was an objective third-party rating agency saying we were doing a good job in passing responsible budgets. Moreover, it meant saving hundreds of thousands of dollars right now.  

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