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Where is Our Apology Governor Christie??

It has been a banner week for the man-who-would-be-president here in New Jersey. This week Governor Christie raised the art of spin to new heights by suggesting the abysmal polling numbers in New Jersey reflect our desire he remain our Governor rather than leave us for higher office. He redefined poor judgement by delivering a profanity laced speech at the Legislative Correspondence evening. And he revealed his delusional tendencies by demanding an apology from the press corps for making him seem guilty for Bridgegate.

Well Governor Christie, I am writing to say that I demand an apology from you. The list of reasons is long, so I will highlight the obvious reasons that you owe me and the people of New Jersey a lot of apologies.

First, for lying, breaking your promise, and not honoring the contract you signed on state pension benefits. You ran for office on the promise you would not touch state pensions. Then you touched them with a contract that required the state make payments in exchange for increased contributions from the state workers. They paid.

Chris Christie & the Middle Class: Lies up in New Hampshire, truth on the street in Jersey

Right now, Gov. Christie, the street in front of the NJ Statehouse is filled with the middle class you’re up in New Hampshire lying to. But of course, like a lot of important stuff, you’re missing it.

Today, Christie gives a “major” economic speech in his do-or-die state, where he’s in 11th place. Christie, the total flop on economic issues.

Organized labor’s role in creating the middle class that politicians of both parties like to talk about is very well known. But beyond the rest of us thanking Labor for our weekends (thank you, Labor), the obligations here in this state go beyond that. Our state workers have paid into their pensions as agreed; New Jersey has not reliably done so. And now we have an ambitious governor – trying to get a bigger job without cleaning up the mess he’s made here – whose lawyers argue in court that the agreement he made is now – presto! change-o! – unconstitutional. But just now that he’s actually required to fulfill it. Pretzel logic.

We’re following hashtag #FundNJPension. Sea of red right now at the Statehouse. Count these folks as a lot of the middle class Christie has already lied to, protesting his failure to do the right thing by them, even after being so ordered by the court. As they say, they never missed their payments.

#FundNJPension rally Trenton Statehouse May 12, 2015

Christie’s actual economic record? marshwren (who also comments here) sums it up succinctly (in a comment to NJ.com)  – To the jump page!

New Jersey’s Stalled Economy Gives Christie a Poor Record For a Presidential Run

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With unemployment in the Northeast and the United States steadily decreasing since the height of the Great Recession, unemployment remains high in New Jersey.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for February 2015, New Jersey had the 42nd lowest unemployment rate in the country with 6.2 percent. Connecticut to be fair was 41st with the same rate.

Unemployment in New York was 5.8 percent which led the state to be ranked 30th. Pennsylvania had a 5.2 percent unemployment rate and ranked 23rd. Delaware had 4.8 percent unemployment and 18th.

To make matters worse, according to New Jersey Policy Perspective, average household income levels have fallen from $74,209 in 2007 to $70,165 in 2013. Granted part of this is due to the recession and while it hit a plateau in 2011, that’s not the same as growth.

In addition, the percent of middle class of households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 officially shrank from 55.3 percent to 53.6 percent from 2007 to 2013.

So what’s the problem? Is it the tax system? The infrastructure? The minimum wage?

What’s Up in 2015

With facts (and help from a psychic advisor) below is what you need to know about our new year:

  • Minimum wage – On January 1 following a one dollar raise in 2014 it increases by an indexed amount of 13 cents to $8.38. Gov. Christie said “No,” but voters said “Yes.” It will help put more money into our economy, but is still low in an expensive state.

  • Petitions for the 2015 Elections – They will be posted on or about the first week of January. All 80 Assembly seats are up in November but only recent vacant seats in the Senate.  

  • State of the State Address – Gov. Christie delivers his speech on January 13 with another moment of truthiness as he trumpets his perceived accomplishments over the past years. Also he likely will drop hints and trial balloons over what he wants to include in the new budget.  

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    Happy New Year to all our readers.