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Something good at the DSC Conference

Carol Gay, the Democratic candidate running against Chris Smith in CD4, was a big hit wherever she went at the Democratic State Conference–no surprise for those who know her!

She was enthusiastically acknowledged from the podium and vigorously applauded by the crowd every time the  Congressional candidates running against incumbent Repugs were recognized.  Phone banks are going, coordinated with the Menendez campaign–contact Carol’s website (www.carolgayforcongress@yahoo.com) to volunteer. 

Carol was great at the Progressive Caucus and at the LGBTI caucus and picked up lots of support; she went to the Women’s Caucus, and probably got great support there too–after all, Smith is one of the most ardent anti-choice members of Congress.  Garden State Equality threatens to do a “Gays for Gay” event–I can’t wait!

Carol is amazing!  Everywhere she went she impressed people–she is really the energizer bunny, and I think that even if she doesn’t win, she will probably do better against Chris Smith than any previous candidate.

Attention bowlers:  There’s a special event on Saturday–Bowl-A-Thon with Democrats 2000. TEAM CAROL GAY FOR CONGRESS needs volunteers to join the team.  If you are available and interested in bowling on Team Carol Gay for Congress, please respond to carolgayforcongress@yahoo.com.

Event Details:  Saturday, September 16, 5:30pm,
Mid State Lanes, Route 18 N, East Brunswick.


And some day soon she’ll be on the Colbert Report–watch for the announcement!