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After the Fall

Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential ambitions are waning. What he chooses to do after his relegation to the kiddie table in next week’s debate may show signs of where he might be going next. But even without those signs, it is…
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WATCH: Jim Keady on The Ed Show – on the Fast Track trade vote

Jim Keady was on The Ed Show again last night, talking about Fast Track and the disastrous vote in the U.S. Senate yesterday. I’m watching this in a noisy coffeehouse without earbuds, so I can’t listen as closely yet as I’d like. But I wanted to post it for you soon as I could.

You know Keady as the guy Christie made a fool of himself with, yelling at Keady to sit down and shut up about Sandy recovery and do something to help, when in fact he volunteered a month doing that – not the first or last time Christie made a harsh and incorrect assumption about a constituent. But not all voters know that Keady has years studying the work lives of foreign workers and is head of the U.S.-based labor rights group Educating for Justice, which focuses on southeast Asia. President Obama spoke at Nike HQ to promote TPP, which is interesting because Keady seems to know more than the president does about what Nike workers lives are really like where those pricey shoes are made. He wrote about his recent trip to Vietnam in a project in conjunction with Sen. Bernie Sanders office here at Blue Jersey yesterday. In this MSNBC clip, we see Sanders’ speech on the Senate floor, following Mitch McConnell’s rah-rah TPP cheering. And joining the segment with Ed Schultz and Keady are a very angry Sen. Sherrod Brown and Larry Cohen, former president of CWA.

Blue Jersey’s Interview with Frank Pallone

I travelled to Congressman Frank Pallone’s Long Branch office this morning to speak to him about his campaign for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination and his position of the issues of the day.

I was pleased that his response to my first question stressed his work on the environment, specifically New Jersey’s waterways. Pallone is strong on the environment, and like his counterpart Rush Holt (and unlike Cory Booker), unequivocally opposes dangerous hydraulic fracturing.

In addition to the environment, we talked about how he plans to work around the stalemate in Washington, health care, income disparity, education, and the emerging surveillance state.

Disclosure: I’m a Holt supporter and have volunteered for his campaign. But if Pallone beats Booker, I’ll be ecstatic

Why I am Supporting Frank Pallone for U.S. Senate

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A long long time ago I was an Eagleton intern in what was then the NJ Assembly Democratic MINORITY Office. One of my key tasks was to monitor the ocean dumping  ban and beach closure legislation championed by then State Senator Frank Pallone at a time medical waste was constantly washing up on New Jersey’s beaches.

I  did all the things that good interns do; read the text of the bills, talked to experts at the state and federal levels, to scientists, advocates, industry and lobbyists,  monitored the press and attended hearings that Pallone held. And I came away singularly impressed with the way Pallone was able to talk with and build consensus with both Republican allies of the bill and Democratic opponents of the bill, because let’s face reality, state-level Democrats in New Jersey haven’t always been friendly to environmental legislation.  

Regardless, Pallone was able to build consensus and faced very little Democratic opposition later that year when Congressman  Jim Howard died and his seat became open.

After being elected to congress, Pallone easily moved what was then state legislation to the federal level. Bans on ocean dumping, water  quality testing and  the development of federal guidelines for beach closures became a matter of law and EPA regulations due to Frank Pallone’s advocacy and legislation.

That ability to move legislation and federal agencies on behalf of concerns about environmental and human health and quality of life has been a hallmark of Frank Pallone’s legislative career at both the state and federal levels.  

Frank Pallone on Up with Steve Kornacki

Frank Pallone was a guest this morning on UP with host Steve Kornacki, who started as a Jersey political reporter. Two videos:

Below: A convo about the spike in superPAC campaign spending, and discussion about how he’s funding his campaign.

Below the fold: Kornacki interviews Pallone on the delay of the employer mandate of the ACA, which the former Chair and now ranking member of the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee was a key player in drafting and defending.

Continuing UP’s Jersey-centric weekend, Sunday morning 8am Barbara Buono will be Kornacki’s guest.

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Who is Rush Holt?

Polling tells us anybody running for U.S. Senate from New Jersey not named Cory Booker is at a distinct name-recognition disadvantage. Fairleigh Dickenson/Public Mind pegs it like this: Booker 78%, Pallone 49%, Holt 42%, Oliver 20%. And let’s face it, by current timetable the primary is in 55 days; a very short time to overcome Booker’s media exposure.

So, Cory will win, right? Maybe. Remember, turnout will be low. It’s frickin’ August. Our governor, more concerned with rigging this to maximize his own landslide than respecting taxpayers or shielding the citizenry from voter suppression, has gamed that skillfully. What if one of the two House members with nearly-identical voting records breaks out and makes a convincing case to inspire a progressive groundswell? I can see that path to victory. And it’s clearly what Rush Holt is shooting for in this risky intro video. Risky, because of the frank way he discusses the front-runner.

I think this is exciting as hell – forthrightly progressive (as he is), specific on his positions, witty, and tight. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Disclosure: I used to work for Rush Holt, on the campaign side. He is as smart as you think he is. And as good.

Website: Rush Holt – Teacher * Scientist * Progressive – for U.S. Senate

Lonegan Drops His Fiscal Conservativism For Cheap Political Points

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Steve Lonegan has made a career off blasting the government for wasting money and being inefficient.  Given his previous positions he should be standing with the Democrats against Chris Christie as the Governor wastes $12 million and creates massive upheaval in local governments and county election offices for no real reason.

But instead Lonegan is giving up his “principles” to stand with his party’s governor, making cheap political points instead of standing up for what he “believes.”