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NJ-7: Kal Penn’s calling for Ed Potosnak

In July, Joel Stein wrote a piece for Time Magazine about the town he grew up in, My Own Private Edison. It chronicled hometown changes from the time everybody he knew there was white, to present day as new spicy smells waft out of new restaurants, and Bollywood plays at the multiplex. Stein didn’t sound too welcoming to all of Edison’s residents; his humor fell flat.

That article vexed a lot of people, only some of whom live in the now vibrant and diverse township of Edison. Ed Potosnak, whose NJ-7 district includes North Edison, was one. And he put together a petition to Time objecting to Stein’s racial stereotyping.  

Support for Potosnak is strong in NJ’s South Asian community. And Potosnak has a couple of great gets calling NJ-7 voters that not every candidate has access to – one is his old boss Rep. Mike Honda, Chair of the Asian Pacific Congressional Caucus and DNC Vice-Chair. Another is Kal Penn, who left the cast of House to work in Barack Obama’s White House and is now returning to acting.

If you live in NJ-7, You might be getting a robo call from Kal Penn – born Kalpen Suresh Modi in Montclair, NJ – for his fellow New Jerseyan Ed Potosnak. (You might also get calls from Sen. Bob Menendez, Sen. Barbara Buono, Chair John Wisniewski, Education Committee Chair Asm Pat Diegnan, and the candidate’s mom Joan Potosnak, who nearly every volunteer has worked alongside by now). Kal Penn’s involvement comes via PCCC – Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Here’s PCCC’s founder, Adam Green (also from NJ, and the former NJDSC Communications Director):

In the last couple days, over 500 PCCC members chipped in over $5,000 to help Ed Potosnak’s high-energy, progressive campaign finish strong — and defeat Leonard Lance. Folks in the 7th district should sign up to help Ed Get Out The Vote in the final days. And progressives around New Jersey can help Ed get this new Kal Penn robo-call to key voters and run a strong GOTV operation by chipping in $4 to his campaign. Every donation goes a long way.

You can join PCCC here (I highly recommend it). Kal Penn’s calls: