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An exciting announcement

As we noted in this morning’s News Roundup, this is going to make an interesting 2013, with Prof. Alexander primarying Nia Gill. As though 2013 wasn’t already going to involve turf battles, rending of garments and long pointy knives. Prof. Alexander was state director for the Obama campaign in 2008. – promoted by Rosi

This morning I made an exciting announcement: I am going to be running for the State Senate in New Jersey’s 34th Legislative District.  My entire career has been dedicated to serving my community, working to elect progressive leaders, and trying to make things better for working class families. Today is the first step in bringing more accountable representation in the State Senate to families throughout Clifton, East Orange, Montclair, and Orange.  

Right now my focus remains on reelecting President Obama in November.  But in order to make sure I have the resources necessary to run a competitive race in June 2013, I thought it was imperative to get started early.  Over the coming months I am going to be raising seed money and putting together a strong campaign team that can help me get across the finish line in June.  

With Governor Christie up for reelection next year, it is so important that Democrats across New Jersey begin to mobilize.  We need strong voices to stand up against his rhetoric.  As a former National Policy Advisor to President Obama, I know I can bring strong progressive alternatives to Trenton that will move New Jersey forward in putting people to work, protecting our environment, and ensuring women have access to healthcare services.  

I hope everyone on Blue Jersey will follow me on Twitter @MarkCAlexander and comment below.  I want to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions as we move forward in New Jersey.    

Clifton Latest Community To Ban Smoking In Parks

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The City of Clifton becomes the latest community in New Jersey to ban smoking in parks and recreation areas.

The health issues are obvious : running through clouds of second hand smoke on the playground isn’t good for anyone, especially children who, by the very nature of getting the most out of a park, will be breathing deeply and inhaling all that smoke putting themselves at risk for future health issues. Of course there are the issues of the discarded lit cigarettes and the endless supply of “butts” that litter just about every public space in the Garden State that will also be eliminated, at least in part, at the parks.

Kudos Clifton! Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

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