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Nutley’s Steve Rogers to Join Trump 2016 Campaign

In a facebook post dated August 27, Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers announced that he will be joining the presidential campaign of reality tv star Donald Trump.

” I will be very active with the Trump Organization as the presidential campaign progresses.” he posted and added “It’s time to put country before party and help Make America Great Again.”

The post suggests that Nutley NJ may very well play a pivotal role in the Trump Campaign as the contact information for those wishing to get involved reads: “Email stevenrogersnutleynj@gmail.com or call 973 562 6508 to help NJ elect Donald Trump President of the United States.”

The full post can be found on the

Nutley Commissioner Steven Rogers facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/22367…

Watch: Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers slams Ferguson’s Capt. Ron Johnson

Gratitude to johnleesandiego (his post here) for tipping us to Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers’ appearance on Fox & Friends yesterday. Rogers is also an expert in community policing. I consume a fair amount of far-right filtered information because I like to see how they charge up their masses (ask me about my Rush Limbaugh habit – no, don’t). But even I don’t watch Fox & Friends except, rarely, in clips.

So, this, with the host bemoaning “the violence … and the looting!” as though the unrest comes from the ether, is a revelation to me. I should know better. Here, the enormously skilled lawman turned lawbreaker train wreck turned Fox News guest, Rogers and Fox News’ Bo Dietl talk Ferguson.

captain-ron-johnsonRogers has a problem with  Captain Ron Johnson (pictured at right) the widely respected Missouri Highway Patrol lawman now in charge of police in Ferguson. Rogers thinks it’s a problem Johnson didn’t know there was a disconnect between community and police till now. Rogers’ criticism reads like somebody who thinks Johnson’s been in charge all along, instead of being placed there to take charge during an emergency the local chief couldn’t handle. He says Johnson, who is black and originally from the Ferguson area, “took sides,” “emboldened the wrong people” and should be relieved of command. Fox News contributor Bo Dietl, who frankly seems stupid, explains how unarmed Mike Brown got shot in the head: “Bullets go that way.” Behold:

Nutley’s Steve Rogers Supports Military Equipment For The Police

Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers appeared on Fox & Friends Monday August 18th with a convicted felon and novelist to support military equipment for the local police. The segment was typical Fox hyperbole playing on the fears of older white Americans by pointing out the other.

Bernard Kerik, thrice married, employer of illegal immigrants, and regular on FoxNews spent four years (correction: 36 months served – Rosi) in federal prison.

FoxNews contributor Bo Dietl used the time on camera to fan the flames of racism and intolerance. At one point he claimed that the terrorists are coming back.

Rogers went on about a failure of leadership in goverrnernt and added “Ron Johnson should be relieved of command for this. What he did was embolden the wrong people.” (the wrong people being ‘not the police’)

While Bo Dietl’s comments are the most outrageous, one seriously has to ask why someone rumored to have their eyes on a Congressional seat would appear on a program with people of so little character.

Of course everyone should ask why Rogers didn’t speak out about some of the outrageous assertions made by the other two.

Both Salon and Addicting Info have done great jobs on the main story (Dietl); Rogers support for military vehicles should be of concern of Garden State residents as he has already launched a “Re-elect Steve Rogers Commission” Facebook page in Nutley.

Nothing quite like a bloke receiving two government pensions supporting even more government interference in our lives.  

Nutley Mayoral Candidate Steve Rogers : Keep The Orphans and Gays Out

Horrifying. – promoted by Rosi

Nutley NJ Mayoral Candidate Steve Rogers wants you to believe that home values are in jeopardy because of the possibility that orphans or gays might move in. For real. And its in print. Before we go into some of the disturbing details of the mailer let’s start with the basics.

Nutley is a small community of less than 30,000 in the northeast corner of Essex County NJ. Home to the North American HQ of Roche Pharmaceuticals, Nutley is also famous for being the home of Martha Stewart and Robert Blake. The town has a commission style government which basically means voters choose commissioners and then the commissions decide the roles of mayor, park commission, public safety commissioner, etc. While it’s unlikely someone new to the commission would be mayor, stranger things have happened.

Steve Rogers, who ran unsuccessfully last year for Essex County Board of Freeholders on a “too much government” platform, is one of the candidates for commissioner in Nutley. It should be noted that Rogers disdain for government is about others, not him. Having served in the Navy for years, as well as the Nutley Police Force for over 30 years Rogers knows a thing or two about getting big government paychecks and large government pensions. But that’s a whole other story, today is about his positions being extolled for his shot at a commissioners seat.

Steve Rogers For Commissioner Mailer

A mailer received by most residents of Nutley in Essex County states several of Rogers positions using a combination of scare tactics while emphasizing his long career as a police officer. (Translation : the boogie man is going to get you and I’m the white knight to save you) Made to look like a newspaper under the title “The Nutley Review” a banner headline proclaims “Controlling Property Taxes is Priority #1 For Rogers”.  Above the fold it’s all County, State, and Property Taxes. Politicians love the taxes arguments because everyone seems to hate taxes. It’s an easy sell. An interesting thing about Nutley taxes is that the school system is the largest expense in the township but nowhere are schools mentioned in the mailer with a line about his serving on the board of education. It’s all pretty standard fluff until we get below the fold on page on, that’s where the hatemongering begins.

Essex County Freeholder Candidate Steve Rogers Wants You To Be Afraid

In a recent profile in NJHometown, the local Nutley NJ news blog, Steve Rogers continued his rant against Turtle Back Zoo (a facility that actually generates revenue) and instead made bombastic claims about the need for the county to spend more money on local police to protect the communiites.

Rogers cites a recent armed robbery as proof that more police are needed on the street. Well here’s the kicker, save for Newark, which is not a part of the district in which Rogers is running, crime dropped in Essex County. (Read more on nj.com : http://www.nj.com/news/index.s…

Sorry Steve, the votes of Essex County are too smart to fall for your scare tactics. Telling one group of Americans that another group of Americans is to blame for their lot in life may be good politics, but at the end of the day its bad for America.

Nutley’s Steve Rogers Wants To Take Essex County Taxpayers To The Cleaners

Ha! Steve Rogers Campaign Sign Is Alongside The Awning For The Cleaners!

Steve Rogers Takes Essex County Taxpayers To The Cleaners

Steve Rogers loves to complain about the government and taxes but here’s the skinny on Steve. While working in the Nutley NJ Police Department, a town with an average income of about $50, Rogers pulled in over 100k of taxpayer money. In addition he served in the Naval Reseerve, more taxpayer money. He recently retired from the police force while still in his 50s, earning another taxpayer funded check : his pension.

All those taxpayer funded checks are a story on their own, but it gets better. As Steve Rogers continues to blather on about the whoas of the Essex County Taxpayer, he is seeking to become Essex County Freeholder, a postion that pays $65K a year.

Seriously Steve? After biting the hand that has fed you so well you want more? The taxpayers are tired of being taken to the cleaners by double dipping politicians.

NJ Congressional Candidate Roland Straten’s Nutley Townhall: It’s All About “Them”

Police detectives talking God and socialism and traditional marriage … firefighters talking Ground Zero Victory Mosque … “Sand Flea” talk from the audience   … Um Wow. – promoted by Rosi

Roland Straten held a Town Hall Meeting on homeland security in Nutley NJ Tuesday night October 12 in his campaign to unseat incumbent William Pascrell Junior as Congressman from New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District. The evening revealed more about his supporters than the candidate.

The candidate spoke briefly, touching on his background as a business owner and his belief that people are in a better position to make choices than government. Straten’s campaign uses the mantras of “Less Government” and “Lower Taxes” which seemed okay, but his choice of guest speakers provided irony to the evening. Both speakers have worked their entire lives on the public payroll.

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