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Senate poised to address bike and pedestrian safety on New Jersey’s roadways

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Within the next few weeks, a vote is expected to come up on a bill that would give those of us who walk and bike around our communities more visibility in the state government. With bill S2521, the state Senate aims to create a Pedestrian Safety Study Commission whose job it will be to “study, examine, and review the issue of pedestrian safety in New Jersey.” It will create a commission whose members will range from members of the legislature to NJDOT officials to members of the public.

New Jersey’s continuing hostility towards bike riders

Living in a densely populated state with poor roads, I know all too well how challenging it can be to stay fit by bike riding in this state. Nevertheless, the state does offer many scenic roads I and countless other fellow cyclists ride, usually early Saturday or Sunday mornings to avoid the worst of the traffic. Cycling in New Jersey is tough: aggressive drivers who almost seem to make a sport out of terrorizing cyclists, shoulders on the road covered in debris, potholes all around, and still no law requiring motorists to maintain a safe distance (say, three feet) from riders. In the two years I’ve been riding, always carefully obeying traffic laws, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve come close to being hit by a fast-moving car seemingly hellbent on running me off the road, even when I was riding the line with the shoulder and was plainly visible. I have nothing but sympathy for people who actually rely on their bikes to commute. What hell they must face. Still, I ride, thinking each time I’m taking my life into my hands. Ironically, I’ve survived cancer twice but often think I’ll die on my bike at the hands of a New Jersey driver.

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Hoboken makes it easier to live without a car

This is a great progressive experiment. Surrender your Parking Permit!

Hoboken, where getting around in a car is challenging but parking is nightmare, is launching an incentive program to encourage what’s already trending there, a culture way less dependent on motor vehicles. What Mayor Dawn Zimmer calls “more convenient, less expensive, healthier, and more environmentally friendly alternatives to owning a car in Hoboken.”

Hoboken residents who surrender their parking permits will be trading them in not only for less congested streets (and better air) but also a $500 incentive package which includes a $100 driving credit for Corner Cars, the country’s first city-wide car-sharing service (which launched this summer), a commuter bike helmet and other bike safety equipment, running socks, pedometer, running shoe coupon, 6-month unlimited shuttle pass, car rental discounts, freebies for PATH ridership, maps to find Hobokens bike lanes and racks and other goodies.

Hoboken’s reputation is as a city of young adults, and clearly some of this is pitched for their maximum mobility, but it also may benefit low income people who can’t afford the cost to own and park in Hoboken, and seniors or others on fixed income who need to get around but can use the Hop shuttle and Corner Cars.

Since the launch of Corner Cars, nine parking permits have been turned in, before the official launch of this incentive program. I’ll be interested to see two things out of this: (1) Will the city be able to renew some of the incentives after the first year, with for example reduced shuttle fares and Corner Car incentives for those without parking permits, so their lower-cost mobility continues to be supported (2) Will there be a package that is more specifically targeted at seniors or disabled who might be more interested in using the fare/cost reduction goodies and less able to rely on the biking and walking advantages.

More than 500 Hoboken residents are now members of the Corner Cars program.