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News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – WTF Edition


What the Flack?

Governor Christie announces a “surprise” news conference on taxes. The surprise is that there’s no news conference. Meanwhile, the Treasurer delays publication of April revenue data. What does that do to the credibility of a tax cut?

The Democrats’ circular firing squad is at work again.

What the Frack?

Do you want your neighbor dumping his sewage in your back yard? I didn’t think so.

Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel gives a report card grade to the governor and the legislature on environmental stewardship.

What the Hack?

Will the Rutgers-Rowan controversy result in a Rutgers-Rowan campus? Who decides the school colors? How does the “Brown and Gold Knights” sound to ya?

Chalk up a win for GN3 and his buddy CC

Rothman/Pascrell Debate

I don’t have a dog in this race, but in today’s environment, it’s very refreshing to see two candidates argue over who is the most progressive.

Ravi Demonstration

Supporters of Dharun Ravi gathered in front of the State House to urge the court not to send Ravi to jail. Ravi was convicted on several charges for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate’s activities. If he gets a jail term, Ravi is subject to deportation.  

Ravi is not the only one looking for a break from the courts.

Our perennial favorite.


The “C” in their name stands for “conniption”. JC Penney has 15 stores in New Jersey and the conniption is coming from the bigots. Here’s why you should shop there.

Blue Jersey writer Senator Loretta Weinberg on Marriage Equality and Equal Pay. She spoke with Mike Schneider yesterday, before the press conference brouhaha.  

Watch Sen. Weinberg Wants Marriage Equality, Equal Pay in NJ on PBS.  See more from WNJT.

Garden State Equality statement on the Dharun Ravi convictions

UPDATE: Garden State Equality statement.

The suicide of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi moved forward efforts to protect students from bullying in all its forms, and helped drive and focus a New Jersey – and national – movement to protect gay rights. Gardent State Equality, in New Jersey, has been central to that fight. And we have all been watching for this verdict, knowing it won’t restore Tyler to his family, but may change the way all of us think of the lives of the people around us, with the respect each of us deserve.

Here is the statement following the Dharun Ravi verdict. (For disclosure’s sake, I should note that I am a member of the Garden State Equality board).

Statement is after the jump …

Dharun Ravi convictions in Tyler Clementi case

UPDATE: Garden State Equality statement.

Among the guilty verdicts returned today against Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers student and roommate of Tyler Clementi, who jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death a few days after learning Ravi was spying on his private sexual encounters with another man in the dorm room he shared with Ravi:

GUILTY: Bias intimidation against Tyler Clementi

GUILTY: Invasion of privacy against Tyler Clementi

GUILTY: Invasion of privacy against M.B. (the other man)

GUILTY: Witness tampering

GUILTY: Evidence tampering

Star-Ledger details all counts here. (h/t dennismcgrath)

After 12 hours of deliberation over almost 3 days, the jury and 3 alternates (who did not participate in deliberations) have returned their verdicts. The trial played out over almost two weeks, with more than 30 witnesses, including dorm mates of both Ravi and Clementi, and Molly Wei, who viewed the webcam spying of Tyler Clementi’s private moments in his dorm room along with the “other man” whose identity is still being protected and is known only as M.B.. Ravi was also convicted of invading M.B.’s privacy along with Clementi, as both of them were glimpsed on Ravi’s webcam in moments meant to be private, but viewed in another room in the dorm.

The jury judged Ravi guilty of 23 of the 35 counts against him, fifteen of which are felonies.

The trial stretched over 13 days including opening and closing statements, with more than 30 witnesses and 100 pieces of evidence.

Tyler Clementi’s tormentor Dharun Ravi indicted on 15 counts

Tyler Clementi’s roommate, who secretly videoed him in a sexual encounter days before he leapt to his death off the George Washington Bridge was indicted today on 15 counts, including invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and tampering with evidence by a grand jury in Middlesex County. Yes, prosecutors say Dharun Ravi not only spied on Clementi’s most private moments, but he then tried to cover up what he did, by destroying evidence, and sending false tweets in an effort to throw police off his trail, according to the indictment released today.

Garden State Equality’s Steven Goldstein had this to say:

To those who say that Mr. Ravi’s conduct was merely a prank that students are apt to pull – and that somehow he should not receive a tough sentence – we say that’s nonsense.  That heinous philosophy has tragically done so much

to create a bullying epidemic in our state and nation in the first place.

Ravi and Molly Wei, who allegedly participated in the scheme to spy on Clementi are accused of secretly observing Clementi and a partner in the dorm room he shared with Ravi, and streaming it as it was happening via internet.  Both Ravi and Wei have withdrawn from Rutgers, which means there cannot be a university disciplinary hearing on their actions. The grand jury has not seen evidence against Wei yet; she may later face charges of her own.

Clementi’s parents intend to sue Rutgers University.

Clementi’s death rocked New Jersey. As awful, and as sad and frustrating it was, it was only one of a chain of torments young people, particularly gay young people, have had at the hands of others. New Jersey’s loss of student and musician Tyler, just 18, helped propel the NJ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights and federally, the anti-bullying Tyler Clementi Act, which it must be said, some right-wing media describe as a “serious threat to free speech”.