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Press Conference on the Dangers of Fracking

Several environmental groups held a press conference in Trenton today to announce plans to attempt to override Governor Christie’s veto of a bill banning toxic waste from hydraulic fracturing. Earlier, I posted some comments by Senator Linda Greenstein on this topic. Here’s the press conference in its entirety (about 18 minutes).

Dan DeRosa of Environment New Jersey opened the event. He was followed by

Senator Linda Greenstein (6:50)

Tracy Carluccio of Delaware Riverkeeper (9:08)

Kate Millsaps of the NJ Sierra Club (12:41)

Lauren Petrie of Food & Water Watch (15:10)

Questions from the press (16:20)

We are Fracked

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In light of the recent confirmation that hydraulic fracturing causes earthquakes (as well as water pollution), and with Blue Jersey commentator carolh’s quest to ferret out Cory Booker’s position on the issue, I decided to see where all of the Democratic candidates stand on this issue.

From Rush Holt’s web site:

We must also safeguard lands in New Jersey and elsewhere from the headlong rush into fracking – the injection of massive quantities of water, sand, and toxic chemicals into the ground to extract natural gas.  The corporate embrace of fracking has surpassed our understanding of its consequences.  We must use caution until our scientific understanding catches up with the drilling companies’ enthusiasm.

From Frank Pallone’s web site:

         Nothing on fracking

From Cory Booker’s web site:

         Nothing on fracking

From Sheila Oliver’s web site:

The site required my e-mail address in order to access it, which I refuse to give them. But the fact that Oliver has not posted a bill to override the Governor’s veto on fracking limitations is worrysome.

Of course, I didn’t even bother to check Steve Lonegan’s position on this. I know that his Koch Brothers string-pullers espouse “frack baby, frack”

“Celebrating” the Six Month Anniversary of Governor Christie’s Paean to the Dirty Water Lobby

If Governor Christie gets his way, New Jersey’s water will soon contain toxic and radioactive materials. That’s because he vetoed a bill that would prohibit the transport and storage of waste water from hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking.”

If you think it can’t happen here, remember the recent accident in Paulsboro where a train full of toxic chemicals fell off of an ill-maintained bridge and displaced dozens of people from their homes for weeks. Now multiply that impact by several orders of magnitude. That’s what’s hanging over the people of New Jersey if the Governor’s veto is not overridden.

Currently, there are no treatment plants in New Jersey that can handle fracking wastewater. Do we want to invest in plants to treat pollutants, or is that money better spent investing in clean energy? The dirty energy lobby has managed to cajole the federal government into not classifying fracking wastewater as something that is handled as hazardous material, so it is up to the state legislature to ensure this garbage does not infiltrate our water supply.

Today in Trenton, a coalition of environmental groups led by the Sierra Club lobbied legislators to override the Governor’s veto. About 20 lobbyists buttonholed approximately half the Assembly members to urge them to override. Later, the leaders of these groups spoke to the press:

What the Frack?

How would you like it if your neighbor dumped the waste from his septic tank into your back yard? Well, that’s what Christie’s Cronies are proposing to let happen in New Jersey, and some legislators are working to prevent this.

Energy companies are promoting the use of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, to extract gas and oil from underground deposits. Fracking involves injecting millions of gallons of water laced with proprietary chemicals into the ground to force the gas and oil out. But the broth that is injected into the earth must go somewhere, and that detritus contains carcinogens and radioactive materials.

The New Jersey legislature banned fracking, but the governor issued a conditional veto which only puts a one year moratorium on the practice in the state. However, states like Pennsylvania and Ohio permit the process, and much of the toxic waste liquid is shipped to the Garden State for disposal.

Today, a coalition of 70 environmental and other organizations held a press conference in Trenton in support of a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Connie Wagner and supported by Assemblyman John McKeon and 15 other co-sponsors that would prohibit the transport and storage of fracking waste in the state. No matter how safe the energy companies claim their processes are, this is a human endeavor and involves accidents. We are endangering New Jersey’s drinking water for the enrichment of the energy barons and out-of-state employers.

While tax relief is at the top of the agenda for everyone in Trenton, if we don’t have clean air and water, no amount of tax relief will make New Jersey a pleasant place to live. That message needs to be sent loud and clear to our leaders in Trenton.

The Making of Mordor

Recently I was invited to be interviewed on a radio program called NewlyGreens with Connie and Greg Mattison. The topic was Hydraulic Fracturing – the natural gas drilling technique that may soon make the Gulf Oil Disaster seem tame by comparison.


What terrifies me as a civil engineering water resources expert, is this practice is turning beautiful PA  and other areas of our beautiful USA into Mordor.

Many NJ folks get their drinking water from the Delaware River.  However, the Delaware River Basin Commission doesn’t want to wait  for the EPA to finish their study on fracking.  They want to let PA Drilll Baby Drill even if it means it poisons drinking water for people in PA, New Jersey and ultimately, Delaware.

In NY state – if this practice is allowed to happen – the drinking water for NEW YORK CITY is in very real danger of contamination.  That will affect millions of people.  I know the Republicans in Congress could care less what folks in NYC are breathing (witness their heartless delay on the 911 responders bill) let alone what their water is like, but the ramifications of the reckless destruction of our water supplies in the Delaware River Basin will be nothing short of catastrophic.

Please check out the interview and the links which give more information about this.

Open Letter to Chris Christie on Hydraulic Fracturing

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I am a licensed Water Resources Professional Civil Engineer in NJ. I am also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. I work hard every day in my small business to make sure that water resources are protected during construction projects. I find it unconscionable that the process known as Hydraulic Fracturing is allowed to continue immune from the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The devastating result of this technique negates all of the efforts of my profession over all these decades.  (Find out why below the fold)