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One Nation March – Who’s going (and where’s the bus?)

I’m trying to figure out whether I want to go down to Washington, D.C. for this Saturday’s One Nation March. It’s just 5 days away, I’m a little marched out, and I’ve got local races heading into crunch time.

But I’m tempted to go since an old Washington Post article popped up in my google this morning. It suggests the massive coalition that began planning One Nation months ago were just imitating the impact of the Tea Party. Whoa, serious contextFAIL. The Tea Party’s impact is already seriously over-reported, though I don’t believe it’s insignificant. But the Republicans themselves haven’t even come to grips with their internal righty challenge, and I’m not sure how I feel about them myself. But, please. Marches on Washington are by definition not copycat replications of anything on the right. And if you think so, some of the 300 groups merging towards D.C. want to have a word with you. We’ll let the union guys talk first.

Or maybe these foks – 6 California activists in the mother of all road trips, blogging their way across the country in an RV they call the blogmobile.

For those of you going, there are still free buses available to take you, most courtesy organized labor. Catch the bus info here. If you go, we’d be interested in seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures. I-95 is going to be a party road in less than 5 days.