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Teacher Appreciation Week Followup: The good, the bad and the ugly

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Although Teacher Appreciation Week is officially behind us, I did promise you a Part 2 of my NJ BOE post-the testimony. But some other stuff happened after Part 1, and as a mom and teacher with only 5 weeks left of school, there’s only so much I can fit into one day. I promise I’ll get to it this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s what happened in the past week or so…

What is Mark Zuckerberg talking about?


A familiar sheen of sweat coated Mark Zuckerberg’s forehead yesterday when James Bennet, editor-in-chief of the Atlantic, asked the CEO of Facebook to place himself on the political spectrum. “Liberal conservative, Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, or something else?” asked Bennet.

“So um, I dunno. I think it’s hard to affiliate as being either a Democrat or Republican. I’m pro-knowledge economy,” Zuckerberg replied, finally settling on the most platitudinous answer possible (around 16 minutes in).

Okay. Good to know that the benefactor of Newark Schools’ windfall for consultants and charter opportunists via his $100 million grant – which by the way never really made it into classrooms is coming out as pro-knowledge. Or pro-knowledge economy. Whatever either of those things mean.  

So cool.

Christie Laughs at Democrats Endorsing Him

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Chris Christie is good friends with Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark and Democratic candidate for US Senate.  The two have fought on the same side on a number of issues, not the least of which is education “reform” which gave a lot of early bipartisan cred when Christie and Booker received the $100M from Mark Zuckerberg.

You’d think that Christie might consider endorsing his good friend for Senate, even though they’re in different parties.  I mean, Christie is always talking about how partisanship doesn’t matter when it comes to governing, and is happy to tout Democratic endorsers to the high heavens.

Of course, maybe this is a case of “good for me, not for you!” and Christie is happy to accept the endorsements but not to hand them out.

Yeah, tell me you didn’t see this coming.

Christie said Wednesday that he will support either Republican who wins an Aug. 13 primary. The GOP race is between former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan and Piscataway physician Alieta Eck.

See, Chris Christie has never given his endorsement to a Democrat.  He’ll say nice things about one every once in a while, and accept the glow of a co-press conference, but actually endorsing?  Not going to happen.

Because Christie knows the value of being a member of a political party, and gleefully celebrates all the Democrats out there who don’t.

He’s laughing at you, folks.  Hard enough to get whip lash.

Christie’s Crassness

Either Governor Christie thinks New Jersey residents are stupid, or he just enjoys kicking them in the groin.

Ever since the start of his reign in Trenton, Chris Christie has balanced the state budget on the backs of our children and those who could least afford it. Now that it’s an election year, he’s used sleight of hand to make election points. His latest obfuscatory move has been to increase state aid to public schools – aid that he had previously slashed. But the increase for dozens of towns has been the grand total of one dollar. Now, Christie can use his Koch Brothers backed TV ads and his taxpayer-funded town halls to spout out that he has increased aid to public education.

Even this one dollar increase is a lie, as explained by one of Christie’s victims, Hawthorne Superintendent of Schools Robert Mooney. As Mooney describes, additional state assessments have eaten away the one dollar increase and much more from aid to his district.

So while Christie pals around with billionaires like Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Koch Brothers, just remember school districts like Hawthorne that don’t even get enough increase in aid to fill the coffee pot in the teachers’ lounge while millionaires and polluters are riding the Christie wagon to further riches.

Photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s funder for Christie in Palo Alto

What I love about my morning: messages from NJ political press asking if Blue Jersey was outside Zuckerberg’s house last night, because of the color commentary we posted last night just after Zuck’s Christie funder ended. That post was drawn from first-hand reports from some of the participants. And last night’s protest presence was something Blue Jersey had a hand in organizing, supporting DFA, Credo Action and their California friends who object to Christie almost as much as we do. Almost.  

We’ll write more on the week-long #UnfriendChristie project, that we helped drive and united many groups in NJ & California. But for now, here are some snapshots from last night in Palo Alto (h/t Sam Briggs, Credo Action). These are from outside, probably a better crowd of people than inside:

Mark Zuckerberg’s guests wade through a line of protesters to get to Chris Christie fundraiser

One, Two, Three, Four

This is not the Jersey Shore

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Zuck send Chris back to his own State

Condoleezza Rice was among the swells who showed up tonight at Mark Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto house to glad hand the media showboat from New Jersey, Chris Christie. Another beneficiary of the Bush White House.

Inside chez Zuckerberg, on a tree-lined, sleepy residential street in the cushy heart of Silicon Valley, visitors plunked down the max of $3,800 to pump the already-pumped governor towards a second term here on the right coast. But before they got to the door, they had to make their way through at least 50 local protesters not nearly as happy to see Christie in the neighborhood. Valet parking at the house meant that everybody but Christie (who ducked in early, to avoid unfriendly faces) had to get out of their cars at the street level and walk through the line of protesters.

When I say Christie, you say “Go home”

When I say Mark, you say “Wake Up”

When I say Facebook, you say “Fail”

The street was packed with satellite and press trucks, caterers, cops and security (for very respectful protesters).

Hey, Facebook, Shame on You

Christie hurts women, now you do, too.

Sam Briggs of Credo Action, organized the street-level welcome along with area Democracy for America (DFA) leaders and other groups. He reports a very lively outdoor presence throughout the event inside, with particularly lively chanting pitched toward both the 5pm and 6pm local newscasts. They held signs – addressed to zuck + Chris – calling attention to Christie’s efforts to strip state funding from Planned Parenthood and health care for women. Briggs: