Open Letter to Cory Booker - from Take Back NJ
Why do you go to political bosses George Norcross & Joe D to raise money for your 2020 campaign?
pride flag
Teaneck Council refuses to fly the Pride flag.
NJ climate crisis activists lobby Congress
Ananya Singh is 16.
The climate crisis is a very real threat to my generation.
Soak the Rich graphic in yellow
NJ ranks 12th-highest in income inequality.
And NJ has a budget crisis.
Green New Deal House protest
Green New Deal is PRIORITY.
Where does our new House delegation stand?

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An Open Space & Recreation Plan

A municipality’s Open Space & Recreation Plan sets specific action steps to enhance the attractiveness of your community. It can preserve these areas and add new ones as needed. It makes a difference in the character and livability of your community and protects green infrastructure….
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Two extra?

So Trump says he wants two free years for time lost to the Muller iinvestigation? Sure, right after Obama gets six extra years lost to the Boehner/Ryan/McConnell controlled Congress that failed to legislate, including sitting on Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court…
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March For Our Lungs

Students all around NJ invite you to MARCH FOR OUR LUNGS to urge Gov. Murphy to reject the proposed fracked-gas Meadowlands Power Plant. In addition to impacting our local communities, this plant would be the biggest climate polluter in NJ!…
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