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Teaneck Council refuses to fly the Pride flag.
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The climate crisis is a very real threat to my generation.
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NJ ranks 12th-highest in income inequality.
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The Big Question

Holt could be good fit for Corzine


Almost all of the would-be senators favor the aggressive approach to courtship.  Hence the always blistering, sometimes intellectually dishonest attacks on Doug Forrester that Robert Menendez, Rob Andrews, and Frank Pallone happily serve up at the snap of Corzine’s senatorial finger.

You can’t blame Corzine for playing along.  A good surrogate is a good surrogate, after all.  But what if he’s secretly turned off by their please-please-pretty-please neediness?  What if he actually prefers the shy, quiet type?

Then maybe Rush Dew Holt has a chance.

The article goes on to emphasize Holt’s relative independence from the NJ State Party machine and his smaller warchest.  He doesn’t trade favors with the good-old-boy network, which manages to run our party without much interference from voters and activists.

Corzine’s choice for senator will send a strong signal about his sincerity about reforming the party and “connecting” to citizens.  Right now I can live with his sleeping with the party bosses if he has to do that to get elected.  But not after the election.

Franken + Forrester = Fun

Al Franken will be at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick next Tuesday to provide live commentary of the radio debate between Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester. The audio of the debate will be broadcast over the sound system, and Franken will provide commentary and jokes. In an email sent out last night, Franken says that in the highly unlikely event that Forrester happens to lie and distort during the debate, he – “a board-certified debunker – will be ready to give him the mocking of a lifetime.” It should be a great time. Tickets will sell out soon, so get ’em while they last.

Tom Kean Featured in New Forrester Ads

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Note: A lot of the background in here is meant for the MyDD community and is not really news to us Jerseyans, but I thought it was relevant for Blue Jersey as well.

New television spots running here in New Jersey feature former Governor Tom Kean pitching GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester. I’ve got to admit I was pretty disappointed to see Kean, someone I somewhat admire, stumping for such lame candidate like Forrester. But then it occurred to me that the reason I like Kean is that he’s always done his job well. He was a very competent and capable Governor. Sitting on the independent 9/11 Commission, Kean set partisan loyalty aside to get answers for the families of the victims. And that’s what he’s doing now for Forrester. Kean is a partisan Republican campaigning for another partisan Republican.

The ad features Kean touting Forrester’s credentials as a moderate reformer. One thing it does not feature is Forrester himself. Sure, he’s there in a few bits of background footage, but you never see him in a natural setting, nor do you hear him speak. This has been the case throughout the campaign. His campaign recognizes that Forrester, who reminds many of Richard Nixon, is perhaps his own worst spokesman. But forget the retail politics for a minute. What about the claims Kean makes about Forrester….

How Progressive is Jersey?

Hi.  I don’t live in Jersey.  I’m a software developer in Colorado who created SoapBlox, and a political junkie.  SoapBlox is currently trying to fulfill the ’50 state strategy’ by helping progressive bloggers focus more of their attention on local politics.  

The way I see it, time spent on national politics has the least Return on Investment for any sort of activist.  The constituencies are too huge (especially for Senators), and most of what DC does has a very negligible impact on most people’s day to day lives (well, accept pay day).  Sure, the feds can make huge sweeping decisions that affect us all, but most of the time, our daily lives are dictated more by the acts of our state and local governments.

So Jersey is a Blue State, right?  But how blue?  How progressive?  Does the NJ state house or senate have rabidly lefty/progressive leaders?  Is their at least a recognizable caucus at the state level whom “hard core” progressives could support?  Are their safe “blue” state house districts where we as Progressives could get behind more progressive candidates (and kick out ‘old guard’ Dems who don’t share our beliefs?), and try to fill the legislature (and the future bench for national politics) with leaders who are anything but Republican-lite?

That’s what I think these State blogs should try to do: fight for more progressive candidates throughout the entire state legislature, to try and pass progressive legislation that can serve as a template for other progressive policies in other states, then on a national level.

I’m going to be stopping by here all the time to see how a blog running on me software is doing, so I might as well get to know y’all, and your state a little better.

Weinberg-1, Zisa-0

If you havent heard by now, Lorretta Weinberg beat Ken Zisa in the State Senate race in the 37th legislative district. This win comes after a tomultious battle against the Bergen County democratic party leadership. Weinberg lost the party convention vote, but five sealed ballots were opened, giving her the win by one vote (116-112), and therefore a win in the contest for the Democratic nomination in November.

Wishful Thinking RedState.Org

XP at Media in Trouble

Question: What would you think if you saw a poll today about an election 1 year ago from now?

Answer: Probably not as much as the folks over at  I present to you yet another version of Republican wishful thinking, accompanied by despair, perhaps remembering the hope they must have held around this time last year when it was feared that Jersey would fall to Bush:

South Jersey Assembly Campaigns

First, credit where credit is due.  Definitely want to commend you guys for taking the Daily Kos template and making a local political blog dedicated to New Jersey politics.

I hope the site fosters discussion, and increases grassroots political activism throughout New Jersey!

I wanted to post quick links to some key Assembly races in South Jersey this year.  As you all know, the State Assembly is up for re-election, and with escalating property taxes and ethics problems in Trenton, Democrats face tough re-election campaigns this year.

Princeton Drinking Liberally gets some press

The Daily Princetonian wrote up a nice piece on Princeton’s new Drinking Liberally chapter, of which I’m one of the co-hosts (

Students and community members gathered in the basement of The Annex restaurant last Thursday for the third meeting of Drinking Liberally, one the newest political associations for both students and community members. Beer, wine and soda sustained attendees as they discussed politics, organized a protest of Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the University and chatted about personal experiences.

 Drinking Liberally is a chapter of a national organization that brings liberal thinkers together in local bars and restaurants. It began in New York two years ago, and has now expanded to more than 100 chapters nationwide.

 Princeton’s chapter — started by Josh Weitz GS, College Democrats president Frances Schendle ’06 and Juan Melli GS — was founded to follow up on the success of the Frist Filibuster last spring, which protested the “nuclear option” proposed to eliminate the Senate filibuster.

Corzine lead widens

Political Wire reports that a poll conducted by Penn, Schoen, Berland – a Democratic polling firm, shows Sen. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) leading Doug Forrester (R) 46% to 33%. Some recent polls showed the gap closing to between 4 – 10 points, so because of the partisan nature of the source, take this with a grain of salt.