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Seymour Hersh 10/26 appearance at RU

I guess there isn’t a calendar function, and I don’t see this at a quick glance at the front page, so I’ll just pass on that Seymour Hersh will give a talk at 8 pm Wednesday, October 26, at 8 pm.  He will speak at the Student Center Multi-purpose room on College Avenue.  Topic, “From 9/11 to Abu Gharab.”  Q&A period to follow.

If there are indictments announced tomorrow, could be VERY interesting.

Samples from the NJ.com Rumor-Swill

GOPBloggers.com is whispering that Corzine is supressing a huge scandal, “this is a big one” they say. PoliPundit does the same, this time it’s a stage whisper. They link back to EnlightenNJ:

What [damaging revelation] could make Corzine into the next McGreevey? Our source says, “Stay tuned.”

The comments are begging for hints “so we can help spread the rumor.”

Rightsided.org leaps aboard the whisper campaign, Post title: “Spreading rumors… Some rumors are to kewl not to spread.

I wonder what the rumor is. Is it this or this, maybe this? So much anonymous slime, so little time.

Afterall, as the man said “it’s politics.” Right?

The Gender Gap

The Star Ledger‘s Deborah Howlett reported the results of an StarLedger/Eagleton poll showing that Corzine is ahead with women:

The poll showed likely women voters supporting Corzine over Forrester by a margin of 17 percentage points, 50 percent to 33 percent

and Forrester is ahead with men:

while men favored Forrester 42 percent to 37 percent

I’ve been wondering especially since Corzine is no longer showing a 20 point lead, who would support Forrester? With that tired request of Corzine to take a “no new taxes” pledge, lack of experience, etc, I just couldn’t see it. I thought people might stay home, but I couldn’t see supporting Forrester.

The Cost of Corruption

This is probably the easiest thing to show since…well, since whoever it was that proved the sun always breaks the horizon in the East to start the day.  Before I kill you with figures on how much it costs to run in New Jersey, though, I think it would be best to explain why that contributes to corruption.

Let’s say that some random person in Hoboken decides they don’t like the way the Mayor has cosied up to real estate developers and decides to challenge the sitting mayor for the seat.  The cheapest way to do it would be to walk around, door to door, and talk to enough thousands of people to actually get people to remember you and remember to vote on the right day in the right place and remember that they actually wanted to vote for you.  The first problem you’ll have with that is that many houses in Hoboken are multi-family and if you knock on the door all you get is someone talking to you over an intercom system.

The GOP Kiss of Death

After this, conservatives won’t even hold their nose for Doug. They’re staying home. From politicsnj.com:

Forrester to get backing of GOP pro-choice group

Doug Forrester is lining up squarely in the pro-choice camp. Again.

In the run-up to the gubernatorial primary, Forrester seemed to disavow statements that were attributed to him during his 2002 bid for U.S. Senate, when he secured a late in the game endorsement from the Republican Pro-Choice Coalition.

That rightward tack helped Forrester fend off Bret Schundler, a hero of the anti-abortion set, by a 36 to 31 percent margin back in June.

But now that same pro-choice group, which rechristened itself as the Republican Majority for Choice in May 2004, is set to endorse Forrester again, apparently satisfied that the GOP gubernatorial nominee’s fuzzy spring rhetoric was just that.

Stick a fork in him.

UPDATE: Wally Edge reports:

Joseph Tomanelli, a conservative activist from Bergen County who heads the New Jersey Republican Assembly, has withdrawn his endorsement of GOP gubernatorial candidate Douglas Forrester, citing a TV commercial from former Governor Thomas Kean touting Forrester’s moderate, pro-choice credentials…

Tomanelli’s letter encourages Republicans not to vote for governor:

I’m not advocating voting for Corzine; I am advocating not voting for a Governor, but support the Republicans down the ticket.

Forrester’s Business Acumen in Doubt

Doug Forrester keeps saying people can’t afford to buy a house here, yet property values continue to rise. Maybe Doug really doesn’t understand the basic law of supply and demand. There’s no way someone with that lack of basic business acumen made a fortune honestly. How can anyone trust Doug with the State treasury? Anyone who really cares about this state wouldn’t register a business in Washington DC to avoid contributing to the state where all their money is made. Doug uses the same business model as Halliburton. He gets no-bid government contracts and keeps the company headquarters in a remote location to avoid taxes. To paraphrase one of Doug’s supporters: Forrester and Halliburton. perfect together. Or another of Doug’s supporters: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, can’t get fooled again.” And yet another of Doug’s supporters: ” I’ll cut taxes 30%.” Book juggling is a quick fix. New Jersey needs real solutions to real problems. New Jersey needs Jon Corzine.