NJ climate crisis activists lobby Congress
Ananya Singh is 16.
The climate crisis is a very real threat to my generation.
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NJ ranks 12th-highest in income inequality.
And NJ has a budget crisis.
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Green New Deal is PRIORITY.
Where does our new House delegation stand?

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Sy Hersh’s visit to Rutgers: Recapped on Kos

This is a superb diary. It’s more than a recap. It’s a wide ranging exposition.

Hersh: “We’ve got serious problems folks”
by missreporter [Subscribe]
Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 08:20:35 AM PDT

When I heard Seymour Hersh would be in New Jersey, I got so excited. I subscribed to the New Yorker solely for Hersh’s reportage on the military and national security. With the confluence of events this week – approaching the deadly 2,000 fatality milestone in Iraq, Fitzmas, and the general unraveling of the Bush administration – I knew that Hersh’s talk would be something special.

I was wrong. It was more than special. It was transformative.

Polls and bringing NJ politics into the 20th century

If Corzine has to make an appointment of someone to his senate seat, I see the interim appointment  as a great chance to give an opportunity to someone who isn’t an established politician and to reach out to women and/or minorities.

Are progressives happy with the fact that there are no women in the congressional delegation or holding statewide office?  Polls of which congressman is preferred for the seat are useful, but I’d like to also consider ‘none of the above.’

Is anyone else for nudging state politics into the 20th century?

Based on the earlier poll having only congressmen on it, here’s my companion poll question:

Give or Go?

Being involved in politics, I am usually not suprised when I hear stories of people asking for support, but reading this by Wally Edge on Politics NJ suprises and dissapoints even me. This is part of a letter by the Vice Chair of the Chery Hill Republican Committee 

As you should all know, we will be holding a cocktail reception in honor of our Council candidates next Monday, October 24 from 6:30 ? 8:30 p.m. at Olive Restaurant with special guest, Congressman Jim Saxton. Every Committee member is expected to attend and bring a check for $100 made payable to CHRO. At a minimum, I expect that if you cannot attend, your contribution to CHRO will be forthcoming, if you have not already contributed. If not, I would expect that your resignation from the County Committee would be forthcoming in its place, allowing us to appoint new members willing to more actively take up our cause for better government in Cherry Hill Township.

Should you chose to do neither, you can be assured that you will not be recommended for re-election to the County Committee when we re-organize next spring.

So let me see if i get this right. You arent working for good government by just doing the hard work for the local party and the people you serve. You’re ideas are important, but if you dont put money behind that support, your not worth holding a position? Below is the full text of the email for you to judge yourself.

Miers Withdraws!

Beleaguered by conservative critics, White House Counsel Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination today for a Supreme Court seat.

Now who’s W going to come with?

If I were Sandra Day O’Connor, I would be pretty upset right now.  I wonder if she’s going to end up serving the whole term.  Does anybody else think like my conspiracy-minded friends, that W picked Miers on purpose, knowing she wouldn’t make it to the court?

Tom Kean Jr to be challenged from the right?

Tom Kean Jr is seen as the Republican frontrunner to challenge for Corzine’s Senate seat in 2006. A recent Zogby poll shows him beating both Congressmen Menendez and Andrews, although he would lose to Governor Codey. Now it looks like Kean might be challenged from the right.

Many New Jersey conservatives are angry that Forrester has betrayed them by tacking to the left on issues like abortion and gun control. In fact, Kean’s father – former governor Thomas H. Kean, was featured in an ad supporting Forrester and touting his support of a woman’s right to choose. These conservatives feel like they are being taken for granted by their party and might welcome a challenge from the right. From the subscription-only Hotline:

Politifax New Jersey reports: “There’s a strong rumor” that ’04 NJ-12 nominee Bill Spadea (R) will challenge state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R) “from the right.” Of course, Spadea “could just be setting himself up for a run” for Mercer Co. Exec. (10/26).

Rush Holt interested in Senate seat

It hasn’t been reported widely, but it’s been pretty clear that Congressman Rush Holt is interested in Corzine’s soon to be empty Senate seat. A recent email sent out by his campaign pointed out to supporters a politicsnj.com article written about him suggesting that he was quietly wooing Senator Corzine. The email refuted the doubts raised by the article, and even asked supporters to financially support his campaign. Now, there is no doubt of his intentions:

From the GW Hatchet:

Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) said Tuesday night in the Marvin Center that if Sen. Jon Corzine wins the race for New Jersey governor, he might run for the vacant U.S. Senate seat.

Before a crowd of about 50 people in the Marvin Center Amphitheatre, Holt spoke about a variety of issues from the ongoing CIA leak investigation to how to improve national security. Holt said if New Jersey residents elect Corzine, a Democrat, as governor of the Garden State over Republican Doug Forrester, he may run for higher office.

“Corzine knows I’m interested,” Holt said when asked about a possible Democratic successor to a vacant Senate seat. “If I can win the 12th (District), I can win statewide.”

In 1998, Holt defeated incumbent Republican Rep. Michael Pappas by 3 percentage points to become the state’s 12th district congressman, representing an area that encompasses five counties in central New Jersey.

Holt would be a great Senator – he’s already proven to be a leader on important issues like verified voting. Congressman Holt will be live blogging here on Sunday afternoon. Stop by around 3:00pm!

Name Change

This is to announce that I am now blogging under the name “DBK”.  One is not taken seriously using a name like “G. D. Frogsdong”.  In any case, that joke was played out long ago.  I still like a good laugh, though, so don’t expect me to stop being, what, droll?  Playful?  Fond of delivering the needle?

I’ll need to get the administrator to change the display name from “frogsdonggd”.

Bearded solidarity

Leave the razor home:

Jon Corzine — the bearded U.S. Senator — might be starting a trend. At a Jersey City diner yesterday morning, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy sported his own salt-and-pepper beard as he campaigned with the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

“It’s great to see the mayor didn’t shave this morning either. I’ve got a twin here,” Corzine told the crowd.

Healy later explained that he began growing some stubble during a vacation over Labor Day weekend and decided to stick with it as a sign of solidarity with Corzine, his fellow Democrat.

“I’m not shaving until he gets elected,” Healy said.

Stacked For Corruption

From the Union City Reporter:

As mayor of Union City, Stack has prided himself on being accessible to all the citizens of his municipality. He has continued to maintain that same approach to his role as Assemblyman, and has been able to utilize his offices in Union City Municipal Hall, which is a public building, as center for all his constituents.

“Since taking office, I have made it a point to ensure my office is open and accessible to every resident of the 33rd Legislative District no matter where they live,” said Stack.


I don’t live in the 33rd District, but I have tried to contact Stack via his email service at the State Assembly website.  You can read about my efforts to get our leaders on the record about supporting anti-corruption measures.

As of this point, over two months later, Mr. Stack has not replied whatsoever. I can only surmise by his silence that he is not willing to support anti-corruption charges and is, by default, a pro-corruption candidate.

How silly of me to try and contact an Assemblyperson through his official website. I should have realized that I needed to go up to Union City. After all, voters agreed to send Mr. Stack to Union City and not to Trenton, right?

Superfund State Part 3

In this third and final installment (see one and two) I will first highlight the severity of the situation in Ringwood, then touch upon the disparity between Corzine and Forrester in terms of how they would rather handle the situation. But first, let us remind ourselves just why Ringwood should be an issue.  The Bergen Record does a fine job of cataloguing the attrocious nature of how Ringwood and the surrounding communities became the exemplar of toxic waste dumps Superfund sites that it is today: