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Fran Wood urges Corzine to pick a woman

Fran Wood at the Star Ledger makes the case for a female replacement for Corzine’s seat and mentions State Senators Nia Gill and Barbara Buono as well as Zulima Farber and Blair MacInnes as possibilities. It’s a good article with interesting background information on all four women. Perhaps trumping all other considerations though, Fran thinks any of them could win:

And as for running against Kean, I think any of the Democratic male contenders would have his hands full in that campaign.

And I think any one of these women could win. Not that I expect the Democratic Boys Club to see it that way. But perhaps Corzine, who bucked the Bergen Democrats to push Loretta Weinberg for a state Senate seat, will prove to be more open-minded.

I don’t think it’s fair to make the accusation that Corzine is closed-minded if he doesn’t select a woman. Being open-minded means giving all alternatives thoughtful consideration, and given his past actions and statements, I’m confident Corzine will do just that.

Rutgers Panel on the Military, ‘Demanding Truth and Social Justice’

Nov 17th, Youth and Student Day of Action!!

Demanding Truth and Social Justice in the Military

Jim Talib from Iraq Veterans Against the War.  
Ellen Whitt from Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War
Bernadette Ellorin from Bagong Alyansang Macabayan USA

When:  Thursday, Nov 17, 9pm,

Where: Rutgers College Ave Campus, Murray Hall, Room 112.  Murray Hall is in the Voorhees Mall between Seminary Place and Hamilton Ave off of George St.


Those of you who are regular readers will remember my post election entry.  Which floated the then radical idea that Forrester’s loss was due to Forrester’s weaknesses and Corzine’s strengths.

The idea seems to be gathering steam here and, here and even here.

It seems the post mortems are revealing that the Forrester campaign handled itself poorly when it continuously lied, flip-flopped, and basically ran a terrible campaign with a terrible candidate.  
Sound familiar?

A Thought Experiment in Campaign Financing

John Rawls theorized social justice from what he called the original position.  The idea is to pretend you don’t know what position you are actually in, then pretend like there is an equal chance of you being thrown into any possible position.  The idea is that a person would naturally create a system that would tend to be the least punitive to everyone and of most benefit to all.

So, if we apply this to campaign financing, we would have to consider ourselves equally likely to be a candidate and a voter.  There are others, but these are the two primary people involved in elections.

The Freeping of the Senate Preference Poll

I asked nicely that people not ‘freep’ the Senate preference poll. The purpose of this poll was not to prove how many times one person could vote for their preferred candidate, nor how many friends you could get to vote for your candidate. But the poll has obviously been freeped, with the numbers skyrocketing for one candidate who incidentally doesn’t garner many second, third, or fourth choice votes, as do the other top performers. (Note to the freepers — learn how to freep an IRV poll so as to A) not make it so damned obvious, and B) be more successful.)

All of that said, I’m going to leave the poll up. Without honest answers though, it’s of questionable value at best. I really was hoping to use this as a tool to gauge the level of support for various candidates. But someone thought it was more important to win our little poll than to figure out where our hearts and heads lie. C’est la internet….

Next time, even though I can check all of the IP addresses on this one, expect a poll that goes one step further to require registration.

The Case for Donald Payne

With all the mouth-foamin’ goin’ on about who gets to warm Jon Corzine’s Senate seat until the election, I was a bit surprised that almost no one has mentioned Congressman Donald Payne.  Since I didn’t know much about the Congressman, I hunted around a bit to see what kind of person he is – and what kind of Representative he is.

Want someone with experience?  Congressman Payne is currently serving his ninth term in Congress.  That’s eighteen years of serving the people of New Jersey in D.C.!  He was first elected to Congress in 1988, becoming the first Black Congressman from the State of New Jersey.

The Case Against Senator Menendez

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am going on the record to say that if Congressman Robert Menendez is appointed to the United States Senate and nobody steps forward to oppose him in this June’s primary, I am going to do it.

Personal stories are nice, but irrelevant.  If his vote on the recent bankruptcy bill is a testament to what motivates Bob Menendez, then it has nothing to do with his upbringing.  When he cast that vote, was he fighting for average New Jerseyans or credit card companies and their lobbyists?

Money in the bank is a nice thing to have, especially going into a Senatorial election, but where that money comes from matters.  In the spirit of full disclosure, why not create a page on Bob Menendez’s campaign website and list all of his campaign’s contributors who have maxed out and what votes they were able to influence?

With the New Jersey State Supreme Court about to rule on the right of same-sex couples to marry in the next few months, it is important to revisit the passage of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.  When Bob Menendez voted in favor of this law, which average New Jerseyans were he fighting for?  

New Jersey Politics 101 (we want your input)

Within a few days or weeks, we’ll be releasing an addition to Blue Jersey which we tentatively have named “New Jersey Politics 101”. The idea is to create a simple guide similar to the “for Dummies” series that will quickly bring someone up to speed on the workings of New Jersey government, politics and the big issues affecting the state. It’s not intended to be a very detailed source, and it probably won’t answer all of your questions, but it should be enough to make you feel comfortable reading, discussing and learning about the issues affecting New Jersey.

Since this guide is intended for our community members, we’d like your suggestions on what you think should go in it. What issues are confusing to you? What aspects of government do you wish you could understand better? Or if you feel comfortable with your grasp of everything NJ-related, which topics do you think are the most important and should be addressed in our guide? Use this thread to share your thoughts and ideas.

Move On Demonstrations tomorrow against GOP Budget

Speak out Against the Reverse Robin Hood Budget demonstrations are being organized in front of congressional offices across the state for Wednesday at noon.  The offices include:  Ferguson, Garrett, Frelinghuysen and Lobiondo, as well as in Hoboken on the City Hall Steps.  Click here for more info and to sign up.

The Lobiondo event isn’t listed on the MoveOn site, but you can email juanita@njcitizenaction.org for more info.

Indoor smoking ban: it’s time

A study released today finds that indoor air quality in public buildings that allow smoking is on average 15 times worse than in similar building that don’t allow smoking. In some cases, it’s much worse:

“In one restaurant bar, the air pollution level reached a level more than 30 times as high as the pollution on the busy streets outside the restaurant where cars sat idling, waiting for passengers from a busy rail station at evening rush hour,” Carlson said. “The highest level of pollution, in one bar, was 160 times as high as the average level of pollution in smoke-free sites.”

Some argue that smoking should remain legal in bars because like smoking, drinking is also potentially harmful behavior. The obvious difference is that nobody is forcing anyone to share someone else’s drink, whereas we don’t get a choice when it comes to sharing the smoke-polluted air. If you want to smoke, be my guest – but don’t force it on me. This is a public health issue not only for employees, who are most at risk, but for patrons as well.

Luckily, we have leaders like Dick Codey and Jon Corzine committed to joining the 9 other states in banning smoking from public places. Codey has pledged to put the legislation up for a vote in the Senate before Corzine takes over. The proposed legislation, “would ban smoking in all restaurants, diners, bars, casinos, country clubs, bowling alleys and veterans’ halls. Cigar bars would be exempted.”