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Republican challengers trained to disenfranchise voters

From Democratic State Committee spokesman Rich McGrath:

“Today, attorneys for the Corzine for Governor Campaign and the State Democratic Party challenged an apparent statewide effort by the Republican State Committee to train its Election Day workers to challenge voters based on signature comparisons. Responding to numerous complaints received by the Democratic campaigns, the Attorney General issued the following directive making clear that such challenges violate New Jersey election laws and informing Election Board officials statewide to prevent the reoccurrence of these practices anywhere in New Jersey.”

An excerpt from the Attorney General Memo (11/08/05):

As you further know, in terms of the signature comparison process, it is the exclusive duty of the district board workers to compare signatures. This process must be done openly and in the full view of the challengers, but the challengers cannot engage in this process.

The videotape – coming soon

Rob from Laughing at the Pieces:

Some New Jersey bloggers have been hinting around about a videotape that will “dramatically change the direction of this race,”meaning the NJ governor’s race. It should be showing up any time now, since it was promised in “the next 48 hours.” Of course, that was almost two weeks ago. It’s apparent that this was just a weaselly tactic to put an inkling of doubt into supporters of Jon Corzine. Maybe the blogger pushing the tape’s existence was taken for a ride by his source, or maybe he was intentionally putting out disinformation to help his candidate win. At the moment, it doesn’t really matter.

Nonetheless, this morning I’ve got to say he’s proably right. . In the next 48 hours — hell, in the next 24 — a videotape will emerge that will dramatically change the nature of this race.

And I, for one, will enjoy watching Doug Forrester’s concession speech when it airs.

Exit Polls Show Decisive Corzine Win/Corzine to Appoint Codey

NOTE: there are NO exit polls being conducted for this race -jmelli

The Huffington Post is reporting that exit polls predict a decisive Corzine win!  The article goes on to say that he is ready to tap Codey to fill his Senate slot:

Exit polls for the New Jersey governors’ race show democratic Senator Jon Corzine is the decisive winner over Republican businessman Doug Forrester.

The Huffington Post has learned that Senator Corzine wants to appoint acting New Jersey Governor Richard Codey to fill his Senate seat.

Significant Election Day News

Finally, politicsnj.com’s Steve Konracki has broken through the noise to report something significant today:

Corzine strategist Tom Shea reports that his candidate’s favorite rock band is The Band. “Although we are rockin’ some Cream,” he adds.

As a fan of The Band (I lean towards Leon Helm, the real talent, and not Robby Robertson), that’s good news to me.

Local Report

Turnout is slightly better than usual for a non-presidential election, according to long-time poll workers in Princeton Borough District 8.  The identified Corzine voters were showing up reliably — by the time I left at 2:30 about 30% (super rough estimate) had voted.

I’ll report more specifically at 5:30 when the list will be dropped off at my house and we start making calls to get out the rest of the Corzine voters.

Voters didn’t reveal much and I couldn’t talk about politics with them, but I heard snippets here and there.  They are turned off by the personal attacks, although they seem to blame both candidates for Forrester’s using Corzine’s ex wife.  

Vote with pride!

    Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.

      John Quincy Adams

Get out and vote. That’s what I have to say here. Get out and vote. The only people responsible for voter apathy and low turnout are the ones who don’t vote. Short of a medical emergency, there is no excuse for not voting. I don’t care who you vote for, just vote.

I traded comments with Rob at Usdin.net, debating his reasons for choosing Matt Thieke. Liberal as I may be, I cannot support Matt Thieke because his platform lacks detail, and I don’t think he ever explained how he’ll accomplish what he proposes. Rob felt that Corzine didn’t need to attack Forrester as much as he did. I thought Corzine attacks were justified as they stuck to the issues. But I support Rob’s choice because he made it.

I think Sluggo is misguided when he says he is willing to let pass the personal attacks by the Forrester campaign. In comments to Rob’s post, he said he would be casting his vote “holding their nose.” I cannot disagree more with his choice and rationale. I think Forrester will be bad for New Jersey in more ways than I have room explain here. But Sluggo has made one decision I support wholeheartedly: he is voting.

Over at BlueJersey, DBK makes his case. If I had any doubts about Corzine, they’d be gone after reading his. I was at his house when Rush Holt explained why Corzine is the right choice. I believe in Corzine too. He also voted for Whitman, an admission he notes might make his fellow Democrats angry. I, for one, am not. Why? He voted.

I voted today, and I did so with pride. I chose Jon Corzine for governor, a candidate I for whom I have great confidence and high hopes. I think he’s going to win, and I will be really bitter if he doesn’t. But I’ll have fulfilled the most important obligations of every citizen. I will have voted.

Forrester energizes his base

Meanwhile, the GOP is panicking that their base won’t turn out.

“Turnout numbers SEEM to be much higher in Democratic areas than Republican. This should not be the case at this point in the day. GOP vote is an early vote, Dem votes are later in the day. Republicans are starting to worry about a blowout.”

Maybe they shouldn’t rely on banking votes from dead people so much.