Open Letter to Cory Booker - from Take Back NJ
Why do you go to political bosses George Norcross & Joe D to raise money for your 2020 campaign?
pride flag
Teaneck Council refuses to fly the Pride flag.
NJ climate crisis activists lobby Congress
Ananya Singh is 16.
The climate crisis is a very real threat to my generation.
Soak the Rich graphic in yellow
NJ ranks 12th-highest in income inequality.
And NJ has a budget crisis.
Green New Deal House protest
Green New Deal is PRIORITY.
Where does our new House delegation stand?

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Another Recount Winner

As reported in today’s Star Ledger Edison Mayor-Elect Jun Choi has increased his margin of victory by one vote in the official recount, and has been recertified the winner of the November election. Thrilled for Jun – still not quite understanding what these “recounts” are supposed to be proving.

Air America Names Nia Gill as Likely NJ Senator

The 3:00 news update from Air America radio mentioned State Senator Nia Gill as a likely successor for Jon Corzine’s US Senate seat.

Fox News is also running with Gill, who would become NJ’s first black and first woman Senator. Fox is running the same AP article we mentioned earlier, but with a different title. Does Fox know something we don’t?

Gill has historically been on the outs with the Essex County Democratic Organization (actually being dropped from the official county ticket – but winning her seat anyway), which would burnish Corzine’s image as someone who won’t bow to the Party powerbrokers.

At this point, it’s all just a rumor. However, any day that both Air America and FOX agrees – it’s worth noting.

Hersh on how to stop the war; & the NJ delegation

Hersh believes that the only way to stop the war is for Congress to cut the funding, which he’s not holding out much hope for.  There is a bill in the House by McGovern (D-MA), H.R.4232, which Rush Holt told me during the campaign that he wouldn’t support, though he supports the idea in principle of stopping the funding, he doesn’t want it to be ‘cold turkey’ or too precipitous.  Donald Payne cosponsored McGovern’s bill on Nov 4. No other NJ reps are cosponsors.

AIDS and Needle Exchange Program

Happy World AIDS Day everybody. Every minute of every day 5 people die from AIDS/HIV. There is no cure but there are rather expensive drugs for treating the disease. As a result, prevention continues to be the preferred method of combating the disease.

Where do NJ AIDS statistics stand?:

In NJ nearly half of all new HIV cases in the state are related to injection drug use, nearly twice the national average, New Jersey is one of only five states that require a prescription to purchase a syringe and, along with neighboring Delaware, one of only two states that have not passed laws explicitly allowing needle exchange programs (NEPs).

CONGRATULATIONS! We are in the minority and presumably some really “red states” are included in the 45 and 48 other states that have agreed that statistics on Needle Exchange are pretty solid.

Lautenberg keeps heat on Oil Execs

As I was speaking with Juan earlier about the amazing price difference for gas depending on where you live in NJ (A low of $1.77 in Magnolia to a high of @2.39 in Rutherford), I came across this on Raw Story

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) called on both Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Thursday to join him in pressing the Attorney General for an investigation into whether top oil executives made false statements during a recent Senate hearing when they said they did not meet with Vice President Dick Cheney about energy policy. His call was subsequently joined by Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

It’s Diebold Day

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign Rush Holt’s petition in support of H.R. 550 – a bill that calls for a voter-verifiable paper ballot on all voting machines. The bill has bipartisan support and 159 sponsors, but is being held up in committee by Ohio Republican Congressman Bob Ney.

Go to Blanton’s and Ashton’s to read more about Diebold – a maker of electronic voting machines – that would rather stop selling their machines than reveal the source code they use. What are they hiding and why are they so afraid of revealing their secret code? All they’re doing is adding numbers….right?

Nia Gill is interested (YADACSP)

Obligatory warning: This is Yet Another Diary About Corzine’s Senate Pick (YADACSP). Luckily, this will only go on for another week or so.

We’ve mentioned before that Corzine has suggested State Senator Nia Gill as a possibile appointee to his Senate seat and has called her “extraordinarily capable woman”. Yesterday, Gill said that not only is she interested, but she’s also worthy of the job:

“I have the qualifications,” she told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “If I am chosen by Jon, I am more than qualified to rise to the occasion.”

House Replacements

Soft Warning: This is only sortof another story related to Jon Corzine’s decision on who will take his place in the US Senate.

When the good Governor-Elect does make his decision (and he will soon), and if he chooses a congressman (which remains the most likely scenario), NJ will very suddenly have an open house seat – in a decidedly democratic congressional district.

So, why isn’t anyone talking about Congresswoman Barbara Buono or Congresswoman Watson-Coleman or Congressman Steve Fulop or ….?