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Forrester’s Future

The Daily Journal provides future relief from Forresteritis (a rare disease that infects political campaigns with negative ads, falsehoods, and empty promises).

Doug Forrester’s loss Tuesday spells the end of his ability to run as a statewide candidate, political analysts said.

“I think that his future in terms of elective statewide politics is over,” said Carl Golden, a top adviser to two former Republican governors, Tom Kean and Christie Whitman.

“This is the second time he won a contested primary of his party and the second time he lost statewide,” Golden said. “It would be very difficult to come back and run for statewide office. And there is an economic element: How much more of his own money would he be willing to spend on yet another statewide race?”

Opting out of the state’s public financing program, which provides taxpayer aid to candidates who agree to cap spending in gubernatorial races, Forrester, 52, a West Windsor businessman, spent over $30 million from his own pocket to run for governor.

The self-funding of his gubernatorial bid came three years after he spent $7.5 million on an unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2002, when Democrat U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli was replaced late in the race by Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

In addition, Forrester spent $1.4 million on advertising last year through a political action committee that primarily bashed then-CBS anchor Dan Rather, plus over $780,000 more in political donations to federal and state GOP campaign accounts.

David Rebovich, a political scientist at Rider University, said Forrester is not likely to find support inside his own party for another statewide run — which, in New Jersey, means running for governor or U.S. Senate.

Forrester’s only experience in elected office was nearly two decades ago. He was on the West Windsor township committee for four years, including two years as mayor in 1981 and 1982.

(Updated) Panter loses in 12th – Dems net +1 in Assembly

UPDATE: It looks like O’Scanlon is ahead of Panter once again.

Democratic incumbent Assemblyman Michael Panter narrowly held on to his seat, after a judge ordered previously uncounted votes to be included:

Superior Court Judge Lawrence Lawson issued an order to the Monmouth County Board of Elections today, instructing the Board to open a Marlboro Township voting machine which failed to report votes cast for Assemblyman Michael J. Panter in yesterday’s election. The final vote tally resulted in Assemblyman Panter’s re-election to a second term in the General Assembly.

In total, Democrats picked up 3 seats and lost one two, for a net 2 +1 gain. Democrats went into the election with a 47-33 majority and increased it to 49-31 48-32. The Assembly seats that changed party:

(+D) District 1: Nelson Albano (D) defeated Jack Gibson (R) (i)
(+D) District 2: Jim Whelan (D) defeated Kirk Conover (R) (i)
(+D) District 36: Gary Schaer (D) replaces Paul DiGaetano (R)
(+R) District 12: Jennifer Beck (R) defeated Bob Morgan (D)
(+R) District 12: Declan O’Scanlon (R) defeated Michael Panter (D)

UPDATE (from lilybar in the comments): The Asbury Park Press is reporting that there won’t be any official results in the 12th until next week when provisional ballots will be counted.

Princeton Students Start Campaign to End Tax Cuts for the Rich

The One Nation Campaign was launched today by students and young researchers at Princeton University. The fundraising campaign asks Americans to support victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita & Wilma by returning the tax savings they received in 2002-4 from recent tax cut legislation. By giving, you will be helping your neighbors in the Gulf and making a powerful statement demanding the repeal of tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

We are asking supporters to donate directly to a select group of established non-profit charities providing disaster relief in the Gulf regions. The One Nation Campaign aims to raise $1 million for charity and in so doing, support legislative efforts to repeal the tax cuts to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. Please explore to find out how to join the campaign.  More info below the fold.

The One Nation Campaign @ Princeton University

Corzine for prez?

According to Hotline (subscription only), Jon Corzine is already thinking about moving out of Drumthwacket before he even moves in. Don’t unpack your bags yet:

Jon Corzine will run for President if Hillary Clinton doesn’t. And he will be formidable: great battle-tested team, excellent fundraising and ability to seed his own campaign, powerful governorship.”

That’s a big IF, and it’s unlikely that Hillary would not run, but hopefully there will be enough serious challengers that the Hillary coronation party will be cancelled.

Who Will Be the Next Senator From the State of New Jersey?

There has been a lot of speculation about who will be named to Senator Corzine’s seat in the US Senate when he becomes Governor Corzine.  A great deal has been written about the Zogby poll results in which the only Democrat who beat Republican Tom Kean, Jr. was Acting Governor Richard Codey.  A great deal has been written about Governor Codey’s statements that he wasn’t interested in the job in the Senate and would have to be talked into taking it.

Without speaking to the question of who would be the best Senator for New Jersey or whether Acting Governor Codey is feigning disinterest (okay, I’ll speak to that last one…I don’t think he is), way too much has been made of the poll results.

New Jersey Votes “YES!” on Separation of Powers

Yesterday, while electing Senator Jon Corzine as the 52nd Governor of the State of New Jersey, citizens of New Jersey also approved a measure that would authorize a Constitutional Amendment to create the office of Lieutenant Governor.  It’s important to understand that we don’t have a Lt. Governor yet, we’ve only authorized the State Lege to act on the matter.

This is important for two reasons: First, we have to understand that no one is waiting in the wings to take the position – so lay off the favoritism charges on this one.  Second, the criticism that the ballot measure did not spell out the responsibilities of the Lt. Governor is simply unfounded.  New Jersey will have to approve the actual Amendment in a future election after the State Lege nails down the exact description of the position.  

Why I Felt Good Voting for Jon Corzine

In the words of Steven Colbert:

“The man has Balls”

It took balls to pull Goldman Sachs out of a problem he was sort of involved in creating, and still make his company money in the process.  

This demonstrates enormous problem solving talents,and the humility to fix one’s own mistakes.  We all know that Jersey has its share of problems that need solving.  We also know that accountability seems to be missing in today’s political landscape.

It took balls to vote against the Iraq war.  He was one of 23 Senators who didn’t trust what the President and Ahmed Chalabi was telling him.  If anything this demonstrates that he knows a lie when he sees it.

It also took balls to help out Loretta Weinberg in Bergen county.  This demonstrated the greatest use of his testicular fortitude.  For this demonstrates that he is willing to change the political structure and culture of New Jersey.  A willingness to stand up to Democrat bosses that have corrupted our great state’s political process.

Perhaps his greatest move should he be elected would be to stand up to yet another party boss that has lost all credibility (and seemingly accountability) in the district he represents in the United States Congress.  Hopefully, the balls Senator Corzine has shown throughout his political life, will once more be utilized in making the gutsy decision to NOT appoint Bob Menendez to his Senate seat.  As a constituent of Congressman Menendez, I have seen many reasons to oppose him, and very few to support him occupying the seat the Senator Corzine used to do so much good over the past five years.

Governor Elect Jon Corzine, I for one am looking forward to your 4 years in office, may the testicular fortitude you have shown throughout your life, guide you through the tough challenge ahead.  

Remember when 2.9% was a man-date?

If Bush got a man-date, then today, New Jerseyans demanded a polygamous man wedding.

Not only did Jon Corzine trounce Forrester by 9 points, but the Democrats also managed to gain a net 2 seats in the State Assembly, bringing their advantage to 49-31. Democrats won mayoral races in Edison, Atlantic City, Dumont, Brick, Parsippany and Morristown, ousting several GOP incumbents. Despite all the baggage that some state Democrats carry, the citizens of New Jersey (briefly) considered the alternative – an ethically bankrupt party of hate and smearmongering – and forcefully rejected it.

At his acceptance speech, Jon Corzine committed to fulfilling his promise to clean up corruption in New Jersey. The voters have provided him with the political capital to bring about this much needed reform, and he shouldn’t hesistate to spend it.

Franklin Township Town Council

Okay, so this is very local election news, but then local politics is a big a part of what this web log is about, or at least what I hope it will be about.  Five town council seats were up for grabs in Franklin Township today and all five Democratic incumbents were returned to office, though Theresa Danile in the 2nd Ward won by only the slimmest of margins.

In District 17, both Upendra Chivukula and Joseph Egan retained their Assembly seats rather easily.