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Blue 7th PAC calls on Congressman Ferguson to Condemn Robertson’s Anti-Sharon and Anti-Rabin Stateme

Blue 7th PAC is calling on Congressman Mike Ferguson to immediately condemn recent hateful statements by leading conservative and former Republican Presidential candidate Rev. Pat Robertson.

Speaking on the “700 Club” on Thursday, January 5, Robertson suggested that the massive, life-threatening stroke and cerebral hemorrhage Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered last week was punishment by God for dividing Israel, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Robertson went on to say the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was also God’s will for the same action.

“Leadership means standing up for what is right, even when it is difficult to do so,” said Nathan Rudy, chair of Blue 7th PAC.  “By not standing up to Reverend Robertson’s misguided and ignorant statements about Prime Minister Sharon’s health and Israeli politics, Ferguson shows himself once again he lacks the leadership we need in Congress.”

New Jersey legislature passes Smoke-Free Act

The New Jersey State Assembly just voted 64-12 with 2 abstentions to pass Loretta Weinberg and Reed Gusciora’s bill which would enact a ban on smoking in all public places, except for casinos. Once it is signed by Codey, New Jersey will become the 10th state to enact such a ban.

“This is probably the most important legislation that I have worked on in the past 10 years,” said Gusciora. “Today we take a major step in promoting health care in New Jersey.”

Reed cited a ban enacted in Helena, MT which resulted in a 58% drop in heart attacks. The state of Montana later repealed the law and heart attacks soared.

Assemblyman Merck spoke against the ban citing economic concerns from small business and restaurant owners, though Gusciora said that study after study of states with smoking bans have shown no demonstrated ill economic effects.

Ingle Parrots Me?

In his latest blabbering published throughout the Gannett Empire of News Outlets, Bob Ingle rehashes a bunch of things I have already lavished upon yee BlueJersey.net readers in this post (written over a week ago).

In Ingle’s bashing of Peter Harvey, he highlights the criminality of some of the invitees to the Gangsta Sendoff. He also touches on wether or not the Vote or Die campaign actually worked.

As much as I like to think that some of the crap I put on the internets actually makes sense enough to get aped by “real” columnists, I would prefer someone other than Bob Ingle doing it.

However, I must give it up for Bob giving us this little nugget:

One of Harvey’s odd traits is he doesn’t realize what a clown he is. This guy is so arrogant and full of himself, he actually thinks people respect him.

Which begs the question, would this statement still be operative if you swapped Ingle’s name for Harvey’s?

torpedo alito bandito!

Last night’s so called ‘Justice Sunday’ event was the latest attempt by the radical rightwing to impose their fundamentalist religious views onto the judicairy. With Sam Alito’s Supreme Court comfirmation hearings scheduled to begin today in Washington DC, the Bush Administration is attempting to get a head start on the debate. Last night’s event at an evangelical Baptist church in North Philly was the latest example of the right wing of the Republican Party trying to formulate its domestic agenda based on their fundamentalist religious ideologies. I should add that the service was broadcast to evangelical churches nationwide. So if you think the fundamentalists aren’t deadly serious about imposing their morals on the rest of us, THINK AGAIN! Judging by what I saw, the rightwingers can try all the want to cast Alito is a positive light, but all their efforts prove is that it’s impossible to polish a turd.

Rep. Rush Holt’s scathing letter to NSA director

As previously mentioned by Matt Langer, Rep. Rush Holt wrote a very strong letter to NSA director Keith B. Alexander claiming he was actively misled about the government’s eavesdropping. Some excerpts from his letter (emphasis mine):

You will no doubt understand my considerable anger upon reading about the NSA domestic spying program in the New York Times…a program that you failed to reveal to me during my December 6 visit.

Again, in your letter to me, you asked whether all my questions had been answered. With respect to you, sir, that question is disingenuous.

Your responses make a mockery of Congressional oversight.

I request that you order any programs similar to those reported (of warrant-less surveillance) to be suspended until a full and thorough Congressional review of this matter is completed…

The full letter in the extended section.

Atlantic County: Another one bites the dust

Democrats picked up a seat on the Atlantic County freeholder board in November of 2004 when Joe Kelly defeated incumbent John Risley. In September of 2005, Republican Freeholder James Carney switched parties. He then ran for and won the County Surrogate seat for the Democrats just two months later. Democrats also defeated a Republican incumbent freeholder. After losing an incumbent Assembly seat in November’s election, the Atlantic County GOP continues to fall apart.

Today, they get more bad news. According to politicsnj, “former GOP Assemblyman Paul D’Amato is expected to switch parties today.”

…local Democrats are touting the ex-Republican legislator as a possible candidate in 2007, either against Gormley or for Atlantic County Executive.

From his press release:

He stated that the Republican leadership in Atlantic County is a closed shop that discourages individuality, discussion and openness. New people are not welcomed and new ideas are not seriously considered.

Today I am asking all disenfranchised republicans sick of the present republican leadership to join me in changing their affiliation with a party that will care about you and will care about your ideas.

A message from Garden State Equality

Garden State Equality is encouraging supporters of Lt. Laurel Hester to come out for what will prove to be a very emotional Ocean County freeholders meeting:

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 4 pm.  Activists attend the Ocean County Freeholders meeting to support Lt. Laurel Hester, featuring a heartwrenching video of Lt. Hester just made by Garden State Equality.  The video, which we will show to the Freeholders at the meeting, will be her last direct appeal to them.  Lt. Hester’s cancer has spread to her brain and she has become too weak to leave her home.  Lt. Hester and her partner Stacie have personally asked us to ask you to attend this meeting on their behalf.  Location: Ocean County Administration Building, 101 Hooper Avenue, Toms River.”

I hear that “heartwrenching” doesn’t even come close to describing the video.

Screaming Carrot Award Winners

Thanks to everyone who voted and to all ten of the nominated blogs. There is so much good talent out there that it was difficult to pick just one.

After a week of voting, the New Jersey blogosphere has spoken and we are proud to announce the winner of the highly coveted and prestigious Screaming Carrot Award for Best NJ Blog of 2005:

The Opinion Mill by Steven Hart

Asked for comment, Hart said “I promise to use this carrot only for good, never for evil. Well . . . hardly ever. Maybe once in a while, but not as a regular thing, no way, no how, nope.”

We’re all relieved.

Not far behind, three other blogs were closely packed together, and to recognize their work, we salute them as honorable mention candidates for the 2005 Best NJ Blog Award:

Blanton’s and Ashton’s

Dump Mike

The Center of NJ Life

When asked his thoughts on the results, DBK — writer of Blanton’s and Ashton’s — responded, “No comment”, and then covered his face with his overcoat to avoid photographs.

We look forward to seeing all of these blogs grow in the next year and witnessing the creation of many new blogs that will compete for this most respected title next year.

Check out our press release at politicsnj.com for more wonderful Steven Hart quotes.