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An ex-wife and an 8-year-old

    It’s a sign of a desperate and failing campaign that he would inject family matters into a political context.

      Ivette Mendez
      Corzine campaign spokeswoman

Joanne Corzine had some unflattering remarks about her ex-husband that were published in the today’s Star Ledger. No surprisingly, the Forrester campaign quickly latched on to her comments. It seems more than a little desparate to me

Is a candidate’s ex-wife really a source you should be touting? Is anyone surprised that Joanne Corzine has a negative opinion of her ex-husband? In a 2003 statement she blamed politics in part for their break-up. Why wouldn’t she say he compromised his political ideals? She’s been hearing about his ex-girlfriend and the loan he forgave couldn’t have helped. She specifically mentions the ad Andrea Forrester praising her husband. Of course she thinks Jon Corzine let his family down.

For the record, in Corzine has always said the divorce was his fault, but the Republicans don’t like to mention that because it demostrates honesty and personal responsibility. Forrester went on record holding her comments up as more proof, “that Jon Corzine is wedded to the political bosses.” (Clever little play on words there, Doug.)

Why would I expect anything else from Forrester. After all, his is the same campaign proclaiming that “Even Kids Don’t Trust Corzine.” I guess they’ve decided eight-year-old Gavin Rozzi speaks for every kid in NJ. That’s one of the front-page items on the Forrester web site, by the way. Man, they really are desperate.

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NJ GOP cries about “Scalito”

In a press release put out this morning, the Bergen County GOP pretends to be filled with outrage over the “ethnic assault” on Bush’s latest Supreme Court nominee.

A. Kenneth Ciongoli, Chairman of the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) on Monday demanded an apology for the media’s frequent references to the judge’s Italian heritage and the use of the term “Scalito” to describe him as a clone of Justice Antonin Scalia.

This is too funny. The right wing was shooting flames out their ears because Bush failed to make good on his campaign pledge to nominate a judge in the mold of Thomas or Scalia. They demanded that Miers’ nomination be retracted. Now they finally get what they want – a Scalia clone, and they’re crying about it. The truth is, they want a Scalia and they know they have one as a nominee, but they’re ashamed of having the rest of the country find out just how extreme their views really are because they know the country would not accept another Scalia on the court if his views were known. So they fein outrage that anyone would refer to him as “Scalito“. They love having a Scalito and what he stands for – what they’re really ouraged about is the possibility of the country realizing it.

Senator Corzine Is The Right Man for New Jersey

This is it, New Jersey. This is our time, and our chance, New Jersey, to show the entire country that the agenda of the Neocons in Washington DC is not wanted in our state. We have a man who can change the course of New Jersey for the better in that vein. It is rare when you have the right man in place at the right time. Let’s take full advantage of it now…

As a Princeton student, Scalito defended gay rights

Bush nominated a Catholic that supports sodomy? Say it ain’t so!

Three decades before the Supreme Court decriminalized gay sex, Alito declared on behalf of his group of fellow Princeton students that “no private sexual act between consenting adults should be forbidden.” Alito also called for an end to discrimination against homosexuals in hiring.

What will we tell the children?

Forrester replacing conservatives with paid supporters?

Recent poll internals show Forrester’s support among Republicans nearly the same as Corzine’s support among Democrats, but some are speculating that Forrester’s recent change of heart on positions like stem cell research and abortion may cost him some critical votes:

Conservative Republican Dave Pawson agrees with GOP candidate Doug Forrester on most issues in the New Jersey governor’s race. But when Pawson goes into the voting booth next Tuesday, he won’t pull the lever for Forrester _ or for the other guy, either.

I don’t think I buy it. Conservatives are historically good at holding their noses and voting for lesser of two evils. I doubt there are many who won’t actually vote for Forrester. What’s more likely to happen is that these same supporters – the ones who usually help out with door knocking, stamp licking and rally attending, will be so disillusioned and uninspired, that they will refuse to help out the campaign:

Pawson said that when he heard the Kean ad while driving to work, his first thought was, “Well, that’s the end of the Forrester campaign.” Conservatives who had signed up to man phone banks, hand out literature and put up lawn signs for Forrester suddenly “unvolunteered,” he said.

This could translate into a lack of volunteers on election day, which will hurt his turnout. He’ll have to replace those volunteers with paid workers. Maybe that’s why he’s already resorted to paying people to cheer for him at events.

Doherty & Reilly for Assembly

SOOO…these amazing guys, Matt Doherty and Jim Reilly are running for assembly in LD-11. On their site they have this wicked cool “Full Disclosure” section. There they list all their donors and the amount of money donated. I think that’s such a great idea cuz this way you can tell who’s legitimate and where their campaign funds are comming from.

check it out:

Rumors running rampant?

Last week a rumor was started about some damaging information which will surface for Jon Corzine. A popular NJ conservative blogger has gone out of his way to push the rumor, insisting that a tape would surface within 48 hours.

That was last Thursday. Nothing has surfaced, of course. It’s a last ditch effort to slam a decent, leading candidate. The blog in question is being called on it.

Rumormongering is the lowest form of negative campaigning. With negative ads, both print and broadcast, some reference is put into it. It can be substantial or really, really vauge and spun like crazy, but there has to be some event or statement for referral or it’s libel and legal action is possible. Rumors, however, can be started by just about anyone about just about anything. Substance is unnecessary, and if no element is demonstrable, the rumor morphs into a cover-up!

A whisper campaign is deplorable in such an important race. If there is something big to show, out with it. If you think there’s something to show, research it and get back to us. But to start a negative rumor this late in the campaign is a desperate attempt to change a losing outcome, and I believe the voters in Our Fair State are smarter than this.

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Kean Jr claims he’ll start campaigning for senate on Nov 9

From the Hill:

New Jersey state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R) said yesterday that he would begin running in earnest for the Senate seat starting the day after Election Day, which will involve stepping up his fundraising efforts and his public profile.

His third qtr. FEC filing lists him as having $767,935 on hand as of Sept 30.

Kean anticipates that the race will cost between $12 million and $15 million.

Looks like we’re not going to get much of a break in campaign season.