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Ron Rice, Jr. gets national DFA endorsement

Next Wednesday night, when Ron Rice, Jr. walks into Essex County DFA’s Candidates Forum, he’ll be walking in the door as a nationally-endorsed DFA candidate.

In an announcement entitled “Six Rising Stars,” and sent across the country this morning, national Democracy for America Chairman Jim Dean, wrote this about Rice, a candidate for Newark City Council in the West Ward:

In 2002 he ran for councilman-at-large and received more votes than any previous first-time candidate in the history of Newark. His campaign is about changing the culture of city politics, empowering residents through education, and community control of all city development.

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Budget Woes: Wait and See

The Quinnipiac poll numbers from yesterday show that we’re worried about the budget: 54% see very serious problems in our budget, 38% see somewhat serious ones. In general, we’d rather see services cut than our taxes raised, 57% to 28%. And we absolutely don’t want a gas tax, even if it’s to fix up the roads: 69% oppose that (increased 12 points from the same time last year.)

So, what are we gonna do about it?

Fair and Balanced

We here at Blue Jersey like to call’em as we see’em.

As such we have high and strict standards of excellent bloggership. Most of the front pagers here are open about their partisanship and/or their progressive politics. This should be obvious to all readers.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with news outlets. The average reader/viewer/listener cannot always distinguish between an opinion thinly veiled with the look and feel of “journalism”.

Marie DeNoia’s body of work is vast and for the most part good.

Why she would risk her good name by donating $300 to a political party is beyond me.

NJN and the local newspapers are about the only components of the ever shrinking “Mainstream Media” machine we have in this state. It does not help the ethical journalists per news outlet ratio when a reporter/anchor participates in such partisan activity.

Then again, maybe she’s jockeying for a position in the National Mainstream Media.

UPDATE: Marie did not donate money to this fundraiser. Correction as posted here.

We’re Up For A Koufax!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Koufax Awards, they are given to the best of the lefty blogs (hence the name).

Okay, for those of you unfamiliar with Sandy Koufax, he was a great left-handed pitcher for the Dodgers in the late 1950s and the 1960s.

Bluejersey.net has been nominated for a 2005 Koufax in the category of Best State and Local Blogs.  Voting has not yet been opened, but you can go over there and check out the other blogs that have been nominated. (Just be sure to vote for Bluejersey.net when the time comes.)

News Roundup

  • Corzine will push the legislature to create a needle exchange program: “We’re losing lives every day we don’t act.” New Jersey is one of two states that does not provide access to clean needles.
  • A report by Corzine’s Budget and Reengineering Government Transition Policy Group suggests “cutting state spending and barring the use of one-time revenue sources…to balance spending; expanding the 6 percent state sales tax to items such as tanning, massages, limousine services and cable television; lobbying Congress to make it easier to tax purchases through the Internet; implementing a temporary income tax rate surcharge if the other measures don’t help; increasing the retirement age from 55 to 60 and considering a 401(k) retirement plan, rather than a pension, for all new state hires….requiring state departments to cut budgets, freeze work-force levels, slice salaries of nonunion employees, mandate a week off without pay for state workers and prepare layoff plans.”
  • Most New Jerseyans prefer to have services cut than taxes raised.
  • There will not be a special election to fill the seat left open after Menendez was promoted to the Senate.
  • Leaders in Princeton borough want to consolidate their police force with Princeton Township’s in order to cut costs.
  • “We’ll add Junior’s call to the list”

    Menendez’ Senate challenger Tom Kean Jr yesterday said that “if we can’t count on our two senators to fight for New Jersey and a highly qualified judicial appointment, who can we count on to fight for us?”

    Menendez spokesperson Matthew Miller said the office has received 918 calls against confirming Alito and 190 in favor. Miller: “We take the opinions of all of our constituents very seriously. … We’ll add Junior’s call to the list, and that will make it 191.

    Update: Senator Kerry is supporting a filibuster of Alito. Call Menendez and Lautenberg and urge them to join the filibuster.
    Sen. Bob Menendez: (202) 224-4744
    Sen. Frank Lautenberg: (202) 224-3224

    A Bit of Bright News

    Since I spend so much time talking about how the government around here seems to screw up everything they touch, I thought I’d take a minute to point out where they are doing something right.  According to the Jersey Journal, the Kearny School District is in the process of expanding its solar-powered-school project.

    Ocean County grants domestic partner benefits

    “A gleeful yet heartbreaking afternoon” is how one attendee described the day.

    As expected, the Ocean County freeholders today unanimously voted to grant pension benefits to Laurel Hester. The vote was 4-0, with freeholder Kelly absent.

    Against the recommendations of her doctor, Laurel showed up with her partner Stacie to thank the freeholders. Due to her deteriorating health, she had to arrive in her wheelchair, with an oxygen tether, surgical gloves and mask.

    When she arrived, the 80 supporters in the room greeted her with cheers. After the vote, Laurel thanked the freeholders and said that it “was democracy at its best.”

    Email the freeholders at CountyConnection@co.ocean.nj.us to thank them for doing the right thing.

    Buddy, Could You Spare a (thousand) Dime(s)?

    Here’s a bit of disturbing news from the Star-Ledger:

    The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in New Jersey has climbed to $1,085 per month, leaving the state’s rental market far too expensive for low-income households, according to a report planned for release today by a nonprofit housing coalition.

    If no income tax is witheld, that means that a person working for $6 an hour (and I remember when that was me) would have to work 180 to make that much.  That’s 22 full 8-hour days just to pay rent.