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NJ Congressmen on Libby indictments

Bob Menendez:

Today’s indictments came because this administration misled the country over the most important issue any president faces, the decision on whether to take the country to war, and then tried to cover up that fact by silencing its critics and, it appears in at least one case, lying to a grand jury.

Bill Pascrell, Jr:

At the heart of this issue is an Administration that will stop at nothing to hide the truth from the American people. The indictment reveals that a top official in the United States government placed politics over national security. The President invaded Iraq under false pretenses; today we have learned that Mr. Libby perjured himself to defend those false pretenses that enabled the President to invade Iraq. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, this Administration has dishonored all Americans.

Andrews’ statement below…

It’s Nice to Have Friends in High Places with no Ethics (Part Two)

From the Jersey Journal:

Hoboken council limits rent rebates, amid controversy
Thursday, October 27, 2005

HOBOKEN – Landlords scored a victory last Wednesday night after the City Council overwhelmingly approved limiting payouts to tenants who were charged above the legal rent.

The standing-room-only meeting felt more like a hotly-contested football game than a routine council meeting, with landlords and tenant advocates cheering and booing each other as they made their cases.

“We are not talking about large property owners, we are talking about mom-and-pop, blue collar, small homeowners,” said one landlord. “They have been good landlords for years, and then some ambulance-chasing attorney comes knocking on a tenants door. Now the landlord has to pay $30,000 to some tenant, who is probably making more than him, and lose his house and savings.”

It’s Good To Have Friends In High Places With No Ethics

A Jersey Journal Editorial:

Beginning of end for rent control?
Friday, October 21, 2005

The Hoboken City Council went ahead and amended an ordinance that would limit landlord payouts to tenants who were charged more than the local rent control law allows. Once the law takes effect, 20 days from the vote, landlords could only be forced to pay back up to two years worth of overcharges.

Wednesday night’s council session was a packed house of landlords and tenants trying to make their case. There is deep suspicion among some that it did not matter what was said during the public portion of the session because the majority on the panel had made up their minds.

Council members Michael Cricco and Theresa Castellano, who have had problems with the rent control rules, rightfully sustained from the vote and were quite silent during the public portion of the debate. Councilman Michael Russo still maintains that his part ownership in a condominium does not subject him to local rent control laws.

What seems to have come out of the public portion of the meeting is the resentment some landlords harbor toward their white-collar tenants because they make more money than the property owners. It is a theme that has been repeated often. The idea is that rent control should make apartments more affordable for residents who are in need of lower rents.

Landlords must remember that in most cases they are being guaranteed a return on their investments. They are not only given rent increases, but they can pass along other expenses to tenants, including tax increases and some capital improvements. Rarely is property ownership in Hoboken a losing proposition. It can be a better deal than investing in the stock market.

Stem Cell Ad

I realize that I will probably get some beef for criticizing the “Carl ad” that was recently released by the Corzine campaign, but hear me out.  I know the papers are already all over this one, I am also aware that Mr. Riccio himself has put out a statement that says he does not feel like a political prop. I am also fully aware that Doug Forrester is a constant flip-flopper on the stem cell issue, first being for only adult stem cell research, then changing his mind in the recent debate to being for stem cell research, and finally leaving it up to his trusty assistant Sylvester the cat to tout his position is that he doesn’t want any funding for any stem cell research.

I wont qualify myself any further.  If you are a regular reader you know where my politics lie.

However, I have to agree with David Rebovich:

When I say leaf in the wind, I ain’t just whistlin’ “Dixie”

According to today’s Star-Ledger, Doug Forrester was against it before he was for it.  In other words, Doug Forrester is now strongly in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

In an attempt to blunt the force of an issue that put him on the wrong side of the majority of New Jersey voters and also made his claims of being a pro-choice candidate sound false, Doug Forrester now says:

“I’ve made my position very clear, that, full-speed ahead with embryonic and adult stem-cell research,” Forrester said during a news conference on the front lawn of the home of a Republican committeeman in Paramus. “The ethical reservations have been surpassed by science. God bless the medical scientists.”

Weeks ago, in a radio-only debate between Republican candidate Doug Forrester and Democratic candidate Jon Corzine, Senator Corzine pressed Forrester to state specifically whether he supported embryonic stem cell research; Forrester simply would not say the word “embryonic”.

Sy Hersh’s visit to Rutgers: Recapped on Kos

This is a superb diary. It’s more than a recap. It’s a wide ranging exposition.

Hersh: “We’ve got serious problems folks”
by missreporter [Subscribe]
Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 08:20:35 AM PDT

When I heard Seymour Hersh would be in New Jersey, I got so excited. I subscribed to the New Yorker solely for Hersh’s reportage on the military and national security. With the confluence of events this week – approaching the deadly 2,000 fatality milestone in Iraq, Fitzmas, and the general unraveling of the Bush administration – I knew that Hersh’s talk would be something special.

I was wrong. It was more than special. It was transformative.

Polls and bringing NJ politics into the 20th century

If Corzine has to make an appointment of someone to his senate seat, I see the interim appointment  as a great chance to give an opportunity to someone who isn’t an established politician and to reach out to women and/or minorities.

Are progressives happy with the fact that there are no women in the congressional delegation or holding statewide office?  Polls of which congressman is preferred for the seat are useful, but I’d like to also consider ‘none of the above.’

Is anyone else for nudging state politics into the 20th century?

Based on the earlier poll having only congressmen on it, here’s my companion poll question:

Give or Go?

Being involved in politics, I am usually not suprised when I hear stories of people asking for support, but reading this by Wally Edge on Politics NJ suprises and dissapoints even me. This is part of a letter by the Vice Chair of the Chery Hill Republican Committee 

As you should all know, we will be holding a cocktail reception in honor of our Council candidates next Monday, October 24 from 6:30 ? 8:30 p.m. at Olive Restaurant with special guest, Congressman Jim Saxton. Every Committee member is expected to attend and bring a check for $100 made payable to CHRO. At a minimum, I expect that if you cannot attend, your contribution to CHRO will be forthcoming, if you have not already contributed. If not, I would expect that your resignation from the County Committee would be forthcoming in its place, allowing us to appoint new members willing to more actively take up our cause for better government in Cherry Hill Township.

Should you chose to do neither, you can be assured that you will not be recommended for re-election to the County Committee when we re-organize next spring.

So let me see if i get this right. You arent working for good government by just doing the hard work for the local party and the people you serve. You’re ideas are important, but if you dont put money behind that support, your not worth holding a position? Below is the full text of the email for you to judge yourself.

Miers Withdraws!

Beleaguered by conservative critics, White House Counsel Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination today for a Supreme Court seat.

Now who’s W going to come with?

If I were Sandra Day O’Connor, I would be pretty upset right now.  I wonder if she’s going to end up serving the whole term.  Does anybody else think like my conspiracy-minded friends, that W picked Miers on purpose, knowing she wouldn’t make it to the court?

Tom Kean Jr to be challenged from the right?

Tom Kean Jr is seen as the Republican frontrunner to challenge for Corzine’s Senate seat in 2006. A recent Zogby poll shows him beating both Congressmen Menendez and Andrews, although he would lose to Governor Codey. Now it looks like Kean might be challenged from the right.

Many New Jersey conservatives are angry that Forrester has betrayed them by tacking to the left on issues like abortion and gun control. In fact, Kean’s father – former governor Thomas H. Kean, was featured in an ad supporting Forrester and touting his support of a woman’s right to choose. These conservatives feel like they are being taken for granted by their party and might welcome a challenge from the right. From the subscription-only Hotline:

Politifax New Jersey reports: “There’s a strong rumor” that ’04 NJ-12 nominee Bill Spadea (R) will challenge state Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R) “from the right.” Of course, Spadea “could just be setting himself up for a run” for Mercer Co. Exec. (10/26).