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Rumors and the Company they Keep

Earlier, I wrote about the Swiftboat machine that Forrester’s camp is gearing up to smear Jon Corzine.

Please welcome the newest member of the smear machine: Enlighten-NJ. They’re setting the stage for media outlets to pick up on unsubstantiated rumors:

…it’ll make Jim McGreevey look like a Cub Scout compared to Jon Corzine.

The fact that the Forrester camp is using Enlighten to put out this information means they can’t get anyone respectable to bite.

The lies that Enlighten refers to originated on online message boards from anonymous posts and have already been repeated on NJ 101.5 radio. These smears are salacious. (Note: I’ve removed one of the rumors I mentioned here before. They are gross, unsubstantiated smears and don’t even deserve repeating. Also, it appears that the link to the nj.com board is no longer working – the smear appears to have been removed from their site as well.)

Then there are idiots like Michelle Malkin who claim that Jon Corzine has been buying the votes of blacks. Last time I checked, it was the other party that was struggling with support from African Americans.

These people know they’re about to lose, and rather than do it with dignity, they are choosing to smear Jon Corzine’s name with rumors and lies. They aren’t worthy of licking the bottom of his boots.

They are lies, which is why they haven’t been repeated by any reputable news organizations. To the mainstream media – thanks for keeping these nonsensical rumors out of your pages.

Update: In the comments, Frogsdong reminds us that Enlighten is no stranger to smear tactics. In fact, it’s all he knows.

Sniping Corzine? Or Menendez?

The Jersey Journal has an interesting article about the antics of Hudson County Democrats and their part in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The talk of Hudson County the past week has been the trip to Spain by Jersey City Democratic Party leaders, including Councilman and Chairman of the Jersey City Democratic Organization Bill Gaughan, City Council President Mariano Vega and Councilman Peter Brennan.

Their decision to leave the country so close to the November has Hudson County pols giggling.

Yes, rather than staying in Hudson County to help with GOTV efforts for their Democratic nominee, the Hudson County Democratic Committee leadership is apparently trying to sign up a few bulls in Pamplona to vote in Hudson County.

Corzine Appointment Poll

About two weeks out, who will be our best shot against the Repubs & Kean Jr in the ’06 race. If Corzine doesn’t appoint Codey as a placeholder, who should we back? All arguments welcome. Happy polling.

When you do something good, you should get recognition

This is a progressive blog, and I know I should probably take the standard approach: say nothing bad about anyone on your side no matter what they do and say nothing good about anyone on the other side no matter what they do.  However, whatever you may think of Chris “Kip” Bateman, Assemblymember, 16th District, you have to give him credit for his work in Louisiana helping with Katrina relief.  This is a feel good story about a Republican and when I read about him, I thought he deserved an “attaboy”.  You won’t find me saying nice things about Republicans very often, but this merited saying.

We’re growing: 100 users

This site started up less than a month ago with the goal of being NJ progressive’s destination for news, analysis and activism. Today we reached a milestone: the 100th registered user on the site. Our traffic is also building. Today we passed 4000 visits (and 14,000 page views).

If you haven’t yet signed up for an account, we invite you to join us. You can then post your own diaries, or respond to other people’s diaries with comments. This is a collaborative community site that works best when everyone contributes. We look forward to learning from you and hope you learn from us as well.

Turning the Other Cheek on Corruption

One of the factors that influences the flourishing of an illiberal democracy is a “weak rule of law”.  It must be understood that this is referring only to the prosecution of political corruption.  Political corruption can, in fact, operate a machine that viciously attacks certain types of crimes (or crimes in certain neighborhoods or against specific people).  It cannnot, however, flourish in an area where court cases are routinely brought and won against it.

New Jersey is currently at a crossroads in this area.  US Attorney Chris Christie has vigorously investigated and prosecuted corruption – in Republicans as well as Democrats.  Because of this, he may well be as feared as “60 Minutes” was in the 1970’s (when they did real investigative journalism).  I don’t think there’s a politician in New Jersey that wants to hear their secretary say, “Mr. Christi is on the phone.”

Two sides? Doug’s got ’em both.

From Tom Hester’s Monday column in the Times of Trenton:

“Forrester, meanwhile, recently said he’s a fan of both the Eagles and Giants, a stance conflicting with laws of nature. “

There’s Doug playing both sides again. I propose a new tagline for the Forrester campaign:

Saying whatever it takes to get support, regardless of truth. Doug Forrester.

(Cross-posted at the Center of NJ Life)

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me

On the way in to work today I heard a new Forrester ad that said (paraphrased):

With polls showing Doug Forrester surging in the polls, Jon Corzine has resorted to lying.

No poll for two weeks has Forrester closer than six points, and the most recent three have him behind by 7, 7 and 9 points.

Looks like Forrester is the one lying.

Wal-Mart buying influence in NJ

Wal-Mart is a parasite taking advantage of our state. They are spreading their cheap products, low wages and horrible benefits to New Jersey, and passing the buck onto taxpayers. They do it by buying their way in through our elected officials.

According to the Bergen Record, prior to 1999, Wal-Mart had 20 stores in NJ. Up to that point, they had made a total of $6500 in contributions to NJ politicians. Since then, the number of Walmarts in New Jersey have doubled to 40, and there are 7 more being constructed. Oh, and since 2000, by complete coincidence, Wal-Mart has made almost 50 political contributions to NJ politicians – totaling nearly $250,000.

While Wal-Mart has almost exclusively contributed to Republicans, they realized that in order to buy their way into New Jersey, they had to buy out Democrats as well:

The apparent switch in donations from primarily Republican candidates to mostly Democrats in New Jersey occurred in late 2003 or early 2004, soon after Democrats increased their majority in the state Assembly and took control of the Senate in the 2003 election.

NJ Congressmen Mike Ferguson (R) and Bob Menendez (D) have each received $12,500 in contributions from Wal-Mart.

I’m sure this is also just a coincidence:

Ferguson’s and Menendez’s congressional districts, which share a border in northern Middlesex County, are home to six Wal-Mart stores, four of which have opened since Wal-Mart began boosting donations to New Jersey politicians.

Hilary in NJ: stumps for Corzine; coronated by party leaders

New Jerseyans love the Clintons. It’s hard to argue with the prosperity of the 90’s, especially when seen through the lens of the Bush administration’s disasterous reign. 22 million jobs created during Clinton’s 8 years, versus 0 net new private sector jobs created during Bush. Budget surpluses and paying off our debt versus wreckless spending and record budget deficits.

It’s no surprise that Corzine would want to highlight these differences, and at the same time draw the parallels between Forrester and Bush’s economic plans – which both call for irresponsible massive tax reductions, primarily benefiting the wealthiest, which require huge borrowing and debt.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton visited New Jersey to support Jon Corzine and remind voters of the similarity between the Forrester and Bush tax plans. But that’s been covered by the MSM enough, and you can read about it elsewhere.

I’m more concerned with the coronation of Mrs. Clinton that’s taking place in New Jersey. I attended both a fundraiser in East Brunswick and later a rally in Edison, where about 1,500 women gathered in support of Corzine. At both events, party leaders made not so veiled comments hinting that New Jersey is Hillary country as far as the next presidential primary is concerned. At the East Brunswick fundraiser:

Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Roberts (D-Camden) drew long and loud applause when he told the crowd: “Would you please mark on your calendar, Feb. 26, 2008, because that’s the day of the New Jersey presidential primary.”

I wasn’t applauding loud or long. I was, however, horrified.