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The Blue Jersey interview with Bonnie Watson Coleman
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Sweeney & his allies engaging in petty battles with Gov. Murphy. Useless and in the way of progress.
Upside down US Capitol
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Good riddance. Let this be a turning point.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
“Who knew the 21st century version of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington would be played by a young Latino woman?”
Green New Deal. And AOC. Cory. BWC. And Pallone.
The night Hillary Clinton lost
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DFA 7th Congressional District Candidate Forum

The Agenda for the Forum is as follows:

  • Welcome to Raritan Valley Community College
    –Karren Gaffney, Instructor and Advisor to Social Justice Club and club president Jessica Francis

  • New Jersey for Democracy Welcome

  • Winning in the 7th in 2006 and Beyond
    –Host: Nathan Rudy, Chair, Blue 7th PAC

  • Honored Guest, Rep. Frank Pallone
    –Member of Congress (NJ-6)

  • Honored Guest, Assemblywoman Linda Stender
    –Candidate for United States Congress

  • Questions from the Audience

    the rest of the forum…aka whats going on is after the split.

  • News Roundup for 3/11/06

    Saturday News Roundup

  • The Board of Governors for Rutgers University voted yesterday to restructure the university . Provisions of the restructuring include creating a single admissions standard and establishing a smaller version of Douglass College called the Douglass Residential College.
  • The owners of the Jets and Giants absolutely refuse to put a roof on the new stadium.
  • Senator Menendez is asking for $1 BILLION  increase to the federal budget for technology to help scan cargo entering from our ports.
  • A Phillipsburg man after being ticketed for parking illegally is accusing the town of being run by Nazis and is posting signs with swastikas in front of his home as a result. NOT COOL. On both parts.
  • Alloway Township’s budget is calling for a 3% tax hike to help cover both the school and county budgets.
  • Red Bull, the new owners of the Metrostars has been asked by Senator Lautenberg to keep New Jersey in the team’s name.
  • Thank you Bob Geiger. Check out his blog.

    Peace. Love. And all that good stuff.

  • All We Want, Mr. Ferguson, Is An Up or Down Vote on Plan B

    Congressman Ferguson’s office continues to refuse to answer questions regarding the over the counter sale of Plan B, the emergency contraceptive.  Now, instead of answering a different question they are saying they don’t comment unless issues come up before the house.  From kwilkinson:

    No position forthcoming.  He’ll only say something if it comes up in front of the House, which it won’t, because it’s being held up indefinitely by the FDA politicos, according to Marcus.

    This is pretty selective, and intended to avoid answering direct questions from his constituents.  It’s also based upon a pretty big falsehood.  See, contrary to what Marcus said there is a bill in front of the House regarding Plan B and the FDA.  Ferguson’s people just don’t want you to know it.

    H. R. 4229 [pdf] is sponsored by Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY14) and has 61 cosponsors.  Here’s the summary:

    To require the Commissioner of Food and Drugs to determine whether to allow the marketing of Plan B as a prescription drug for women 15 years of age or younger and a nonprescription drug for women 16 years of age or older, and for other purposes.

    This bill, which goes directly to the question Ferguson’s staff refuses to asnwer, was referred on February 17, 2006 to the “Subcommittee on Health” which is part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    Congressman Mike Ferguson sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

    Congressman Mike Ferguson sits on the House Subcommittee on Health.

    One of two things happened in that call regarding Plan B: either Ferguson’s office intentionally lied to a constituent regarding bills and issues pending in front of a committee Ferguson sits on, or Ferguson’s office is unaware of the bills and issues pending in front of a committee Ferguson sits on.  They are lying or incompetent.

    News Roundup for 3/10/06

    Friday, March 10, 2006 News Roundup

  • Assemblyman Biondi is considering dropping his bill to ban anonymous online speech.
  • Plainfield is starting to concider domestic partner benefits.
  • Facing a sizeable budget deficit, Governor Corzine is considering an increase tax on alcohol sales.
  • After being condemned by the Morris County Freeholders, students defended their teacher and the mock trial of the President they held.
  • NJ’s lawmakers are happy that the Dubai ports debacle is on hold but want an assurance that our ports will be safe.
  • The GOP is calling for an ethics investigation into Governor Corzine’s bailout of Assemblyman Cryan’s stalker.
  • Blairstown, in an attempt to save some money, has cut the police force.
  • Because of overcrowding in Westfield schools, 50 kindergarten students will be put in different schools.

    It’s so pretty out!!! Go outside and enjoy it while it lasts!!!

  • Polls Trending Towards Menendez

    A Strategic Vision (R) poll released today has Tom Kean Jr leading Bob Menendez by 32%-30%. Their previous poll a month ago had Kean Jr with a 33%-27% lead. This poll contradicts an FDU poll released yesterday showing Menendez with a 42%-37% lead. In January, that same poll showed Kean Jr with an 11 point lead. Both polls show a positive trend for Menendez.

    Interestingly, the Strategic Vision poll also shows that Senator Lautenberg’s approval rating in the state is 50%-33%, which seems to contradict other polls showing him with a worse approval rating.

    Bush’s numbers in the poll are abysmal. On his handling of Iraq, only 33% approve and 60% disapprove. The state is nearly split on his signature issue, the handling of the war on terror: 44%-46%. A plurality of 44% want to withdraw troops from Iraq within 6 months; 41% do not. 87% think a UAE owned company should not have control of our ports.

    Ferguson’s Opposition To Contraceptives

    A number of people have called or written Congressman Mike Ferguson’s office about the emergency contraceptive called Plan B to determine his position on whether it should be sold over the counter without a prescription.  Plan B is made of the same stuff as the contraceptive known as the pill in higher concentrations, and has been approved by the FDA as an emergency contraceptive for use within days of unprotected sex to prevent conception.  It is not an abortion pill.

    To date his office has not answered the question once, though they do have a new tactic: answering a different question.  A few weeks ago the following question was sent to Ferguson’s office via his official on-line form:

    What is your position on Plan B? Do you think it should be made available?

    The answer that came back [after the jump] was about H.R.1652, the Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act, a bill that requires pharmacies to fill medical prescriptions even if the pharmacist has a moral objection to the drug.  Interestingly, not only is this not an answer to the question Ferguson was asked but he also refused to take a position on this bill.

    Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R.1652, the Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act.  I appreciate hearing from you and having the benefit of your views. …

    H.R.1652 was referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Should this legislation come to the House floor for a vote, I will reflect further on your well-stated views.

    Ferguson sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, yet will only “reflect further” if the committee reads the bill out to the entire house.  He would not say whether he believes the committee should approve the bill, or if he will vote against it.  Of course, he doesn’t have to because it is sponsored by a Democrat and has no chance of coming to a vote in the committee, much less for the entire house.

    Koufax Award Nomination

    Blue Jersey has been nominated for two Koufax awards : Best State and Local Blog and Best Blog Community. I’m not to proud too beg for votes, and everyone else seems to be doing it, so if you think we’re the best State/Local blog – vote for us. You just have to leave a comment that says “Blue Jersey”. The voting is open through midnight, March 12th.

    Alternatively, you can send an email to with your vote. Just say you want to vote for Blue Jersey for best State/Local Blog.