After more than 24 hours of counting votes in CD3
CD7 flips to Democrats
Tom Malinowski 50.91% - Leonard Lance 47.54%
CD11 flips to Democrats
Mikie Sherrill 56.10% - Jay Webber 42.79%
In a foregone conclusion engineered by South Jersey Dem machine
And bizarrely, Moms Demand Action, Van Drew 52.24% - Grossman 45.91%
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Kellyanne Conway changed her Twitter profile
So BLUE JERSEY did too (and we VOTED HERE)
The night Hillary Clinton lost
For my Hillary sisters. From your Bernie sister.
(And why I’m voting Bob Menendez)
Storm over Congress
2018 midterm issues
If there’s a blue wave coming, what are the issues driving it?

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Bush Plays Approval Numbers Limbo – How Low Can He Go?

An FDU poll has lots of bad news for Bush and anyone that wants to associate themselves with him. Only 26% of registered voters in New Jersey (and just 49% of Republicans) think the country is going in the right direction while 62% think we’re on the wrong track. Bush’s approval numbers continue to plummet. Only 29% rate him “Excellent” (8%) or “Good” (21%) while 70% rate him as “Only fair” (27%) or “Poor” (43%). Compared to his approval numbers last month of 34%-65%, where he had a 31 point deficit, this month that deficit in his approval rating has grown to 41 points.

By 47%-16%, voters approve of the job Corzine is doing as governor. 50% would rate him as “Favorable” or “Somewhat Favorable” while 22% rate him “Somewhat Unfavorable” or “Unfavorable.”

News Round-up for Wednesday, March 8

  • Taxation Director Robert Thompson, Deputy Director Harold Fox and Assistant Director for Compliance David Gavin were suspended (with pay) yesterday, pending the results of an ethics inquiry. The investigation, which includes twelve other Treasury employees who will remain working, concerns gifts of meals, Broadway shows, spa visits and other ammenities given to the officials by OSI Collection Services Inc., who have a state contract to collect delinquent taxes.
  • In an attempt at compromise, Rutgers University President Richard McCormick has proposed structural changes allowing Douglass College to keep elements of its identity but still fold Douglass, Livingston, Rutgers and University colleges into one arts and sciences school. Assemblywoman Linda Stender, who sponsored an Assembly resolution in support of Douglass, called the president’s report “a step in the right direction.”
  • A pilot program testing new container security measures has begun in the ports of Elizabeth and Newark. Black box sensors would be able to determine if containers have been opened and can detect ratation or carbon monoxide. Last year, a record amount of cargo, more than $132 billion, was transported by container to the ports system in New York and New Jersey.
  • Governor Corzine yesterday announced direct appointments for County Board of Elections all across Our Fair State; the list is here.
  • Just when you thought your teenager couldn’t get any more sullen, the High School Proficiency Assessment exams have begun for high school juniors across the state. Good Luck!
  • We’re number five! Kansas research firm Morgan Quito Press has been ranked Our Fair State the fifth most liveable in the US, behind New Hampshire, Minn., Iowa and Vermont, based on its ranking of 44 factors. We also have both the 7th and 8th most weird street name in the US, according to a poll; Unexpected Road in Buena Vista took the higher honor, while Shades of Death Road in Warren County took eighth.

What Would Senator Junior Be Like? Look at Dubai.

We know Tom Kean Jr. is against the Dubai ports deal.  But strangely, his words have had no impact on his President.  Bush hasn’t gotten Kean Jr.’s message.  The President still thinks the Dubai deal is a good thing for New Jersey.

Furthermore, Bill Frist, the man Kean Jr. will vote to make Majority Leader as soon as he enters the Senate chamber, has also chosen to ignore Kean Jr’s input.  He now supports the deal.

It’s not really the Dubai deal I am addressing here: it’s what kind of Senator Kean Jr. would be.

Rep. Saxton still out of touch with voters in NJ-3!

The takeover of terminal operations at some American ports by a Dubai-owned shipping company has generated nearly twenty new bills in Congress. Some are more far-reaching than others, most notably the legistation proposed by my own voice in the House, Rep. Jim Saxton (NJ-3) whose bill is widely regarded as most heavy-handed and would prohibit foreign ownership of any so-called “critical infastructure” in this country. Says Rep. Saxton,

  Americans are less likely to attack the Homeland than perhaps some others are. We know that there’s an ideological divide between some people who live in the eastern, uhhhh, hemisphere and some people who, the rest of us who live in the western, uhhhh, hemisphere. 


As if progressives needed another reason to be dismayed about politics today (see Rodriguez loss), the Patriot Act was renewed in the House last night.

The vote was 280-138, just two more than needed under special rules that required a two-thirds majority.

In the New Jersey delegation, all Republicans voted with the majority. They were joined by Democrats Robert E. Andrews, William J. Pascrell Jr. and Steven R. Rothman. Voting no were Rush Holt and Frank Pallone Jr. Donald Payne did not vote.

You see that? Rothman, whom we thought was turning over a new leaf, voted yes. Andrews and Pascrell Jr. also voted yeah.

Democrats, by voting with Republicans, the already grey line you draw for voters becomes even hazier and more difficult to distinguish.  It is this lack of contrast between both parties that generates losses on election day. How hard would it be to explain to your constituents that this act is a craptacular intrusion on OUR right to privacy?

Please don’t forget to call your Republicrats and thank them for making your next visit to the local library closer to Orwellian experience we all should be looking forward to:

Robert Andrews:

Steve Rothman:

Bill Pascrell (be sure to mention the Sopranos):

And don’t forget your Senator’s who also voted Yeay.

Frank Lautenberg:

Bob Menendez:

Parsippany War Crimes Trial

Our biggest town in Morris County is the subject of a national right-wing campaign to censor liberal minded professors. In this case, an Advanced Placement history professor from Parsippany who is running a mock “War crimes trial” in his classroom, charging Bush with abuse of Prisoners and killing civilian populations. Now the GOP Freeholder board in Morris is entering the fray, deciding to try to pass a resolution to encourage the Parsippany schools to discipline the teacher for holding such a trial. Regardless of how you feel about Bush, it should send shivers down anyone’s spine when there are such great attempts to silence speech. The Republican freeholder board in Morris has benefited for years from being percieved as being “above the fray” They are making a big mistake getting involved with this

Governor Corzine Meets the Public: Asks for Input

I just came from Governor Corzine’s townhall meeting at Montclair State University.  As promised, the meeting was solely about the upcoming 2006 New Jersey budget process.  The Governor stressed two main themes:
First, the NJ Constitution mandates that yearly revenues match yearly expenses.
Second, over the last few decades this was done through a number of “less than responsible” methods, by both Democratic and Republican Administrations, in a way that created a “structural deficit”.  This has become “business as usual” in Trenton – but it is going to stop.

Bars, Restaurants Sue over Smoking Ban Casino Excemption

A coalition of bars, restaurants and bowling alleys is suing the state because of what they consider to be an unconstitutional exemption for casinos in the state’s new smoking ban.

“What’s happening here is that the state of New Jersey is giving an unfair advantage to the Atlantic City casinos,” said Armando Frallicciardi Jr., proprietor of Lorenzo’s Restaurant, a Trenton landmark known for its cigar-friendly atmosphere, and one of the plaintiffs.

State Senator John Adler (D-Camden), who sponsored the original bill, shot back:

“It’s pathetic that these restaurant and bar owners have the gall to try and keep poisoning the bodies of their workers and customers…They should take the money they’re spending on lawyers and lobbyists and put it into health care for their workers.”

Bergen County GOP is Unraveling

And you’ve got a front row seat. Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show…(all of this is cribbed from politicsnj)

“Apparently, the sandbox is not just for three year olds anymore.” – Democratic Mayor of Dumont, Matt McHale

Progressive Faith Bloggers Conference – Coming Soon to New Jersey

Progressive Faith Blog-Con 2006

In case you missed it completely, there was a God Blog-Con last October.  Held at a conservative Christian seminary, with Hugh Hewitt as keynote and “instigator”, it was quickly apparent to many of all faiths that they would be uncomfortable, if not unwelcome.  Such is the state of faith in America today.

But it need not be.  Faith can build bridges and tear down walls as surely as it can do the opposite.  It can teach tolerance as well as fanaticism.  It can teach peace as well as hatred.