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How did Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense” group end up looking like they back the same guy the NRA does?
Good question.
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DCCC pre-selects Jeff Van Drew - passing over the Black woman, Tanzie Youngblood, who DIDN’T wait for Lo Biondo’s retirement announcement
NRA: “A” rating. Marriage Equality: Voted No. Pro abortion limits. Pro pipeline. Awful enviro record. DINO.
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To nobody’s surprise, Bob Menendez is running for re-election
Who do you talk about when you’re still under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee? Somebody whose ethics are worse ... Trump.
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There is nothing new in U. S. history about Trump’s anti-immigration policies.
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DCCC now has all 5 NJ Republican seats targeted for take-down
Chris Smith’s held his seat for 37 years. Dems now intend to take it away.

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Rep. Ferguson donates Cunningham’s dirty money

According to the Inside Edge, Congressman Mike Ferguson (R-NJ) has agreed to donate to charity $1,000 which he received from Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA), who yesterday resigned while admitting to accepting millions of dollars worth of bribes. This happened less than a day after Blue 7th PAC demanded that Ferguson return the money:

Congressman Michael Ferguson plans to contribute the $1,000 campaign contribution he received from corrupt ex-Congressman Duke Cunningham to an in-district charity. Cunningham resigned his House seat yesterday after admitting that he took $2.4 million in bribes. Blue 7th PAC, a group that is seeking to oust Ferguson next year, called for the return of the Cunningham contribution yesterday.

But Blue 7th says Ferguson isn’t done yet

So, This is What a Recount Looks Like?

On election night, when all the votes were tallied, the race for 4th Ward Council in the Republican bastion of Westfield, NJ was razor thin. Once provisional ballots were reviewed and counted, Democrat Tom Bigosinski led Republican Eric Leuthold by one vote.

At Leuthold’s request, a Judge ordered a recount, which took place yesterday. Before the recount, the results were as follows:

Democrat Bigosinski received a total of 1,469 votes: 1,391 counted on voting machines, 76 absentee ballots and two provisional ballots.

Republican Leuthold received a total of 1,468 votes: 1,409 counted on voting machines, 56 absentee ballots and three provisional ballots.

So, guess what happened at the “recount?”

Heads up: Codey on The Daily Show tonight

Hotline’s Last Call says that Dick Codey will be on the Daily Show tonight:

“Peggy Noonan and NJ Acting Gov. Dick Codey (D) on “The Daily Show” (Comedy Central, 11 pm).”

but the Daily Show’s website says:

TONIGHT: Author of “John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father,” Peggy Noonan! Plus, Jason Jones on “New Jersey Slogan!”

I think Jason Jones is just doing a segment which will feature Codey, so it won’t be a live interview with Jon. Most likely they’ll splice together content completely out of context to make him look ridiculous. Those are the best segments.

Did Corzine Tip His Hand?

The Inside Edge has a scoop:

In August, Governor-elect Jon Corzine contributed $2,600 to Albio Sires’ campaign for Congress — a campaign that only takes place if Corzine appoints Bob Menendez to the United States Senate. Corzine gave Sires $500 on August 7th and then another $2,100 eleven days later.

Could mean nothing, but could be telling.


Update: Thinking on this, it seems sort of odd.  If this contribution had been public prior to the election it would have set off all kinds of firestorms.  The Republicans would have gone nuts, saying Corzine had made up his mind and refused to be honest with the public.  Also, it would have played into their “Boss of Bosses” theme.

Southern NJ Democrats would have gone nuts that Corzine was hiding this from them just to keep their support, and maybe have stayed home/withheld support on election day.  Progressives would have had the same sort of pique because Payne, Pallone and Holt were blown off.

It just made no sense for him to tip his hand that early.  There was too much risk.

However, why else make the contribution unless to make the point that Menendez was his guy?  That money would have been just as helpful to a Congressional run now as it was then.  Sires isn’t spending any cash at this point for Congress.  He didn’t need the money then as opposed to now unless it was a promise.

Making the contribution — unless there are others out there we don’t know about — was pretty risky.  If he picks Menendez now, it will start a new round of weak press releases from GOP chair Tom Wilson.

USA Today pushes for Nia Gill

Like it or not, race and gender tends to be a player in who Gov. Elect Corzine picks to fill his Senate seat.  That doesn’t mean Corzine is racist or sexist, it just means that its the reality of the situation. It is shameful to think that someone will be appointed to any political position to pander to some gender or racial segment of the voting population. However, it is equally shameful that only 5 African Americans have served in the United States Senate, only one of which was a woman.

DeWayne Wickham of USA Today makes the case for appointing State Senator Nia Gill. He mentions how Gill was the co-chair of Corzine’s campaign.  Which to me means that she knows how to run a campaign. In simpler terms, this means she can win an election.  

Wickham also makes an excellent point regarding the loss of black votes to Republicans.  He notes that this has occured in the past and that the recent appointments of Condi Rice and Colin Powell have played a role in the Republican gains in the black community.

Hey Assembly Speaker Roberts, we’re mad as hell (aren’t we?)

OK kids, what does a crooked congressman in CA remind you of?

(CNN) — Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham said Monday he is resigning from Congress after pleading guilty to taking more than $2 million in bribes in a criminal conspiracy involving at least three defense contractors.

Hint: look in the mirror

(NJ Times 11/11/05) “Whatever we do [about proposed campaign finance legislation] has to be constitutionally sound, and when you talk about restraining the ability of citizens to make legal political contributions, like it or not, that’s affecting their First Amendment rights, and I think it’s irresponsible for members of the Legislature to advocate a position that is constitutionally unsound,” Roberts said.

Another hint: compare the above with George Bush and Orrin Hatch on McCain Feingold

BUSH [to Hatch]: I believe the McCain Feingold bill will hurt the Republican Party and hurt conservative causes.

HATCH: [The] bill is unconstitutional. [It] leaves all the first amendment rights for the public interest groups to speak and do whatever they want to and raise any kind of moneys they want to and takes away the first amendment rights from the two political parties…

Blue 7th Calls On Ferguson to Return Dirty Money

Blue 7th PAC called today for Congressman Mike Ferguson (NJ7) to return a $1,000 contribution he received from convicted felon Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Cunningham pled guilty today to conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud, and tax evasion for underreporting his income in 2004. Cunningham also resigned his Congressional seat in disgrace.

Ferguson is tied financially with the three main criminal corruption probes currently facing the Congress.  He has:

  • Received $54,403 over seven years from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), indicted for money laundering and conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws;
  • Contributed $27,000 in 2004 to House candidates from Texas supported by Tom DeLay;
  • Received $1000 from Randy Cunningham in 2004, who pled guilty today;
  • Received $132,000 in 2001 from a Retaining Our Majority Program fundraiser coordinated by Jim Ellis, Tom DeLay’s treasurer and co-defended for money laundering and conspiracy to violate Texas campaign finance laws;
  • Received $1000 in 2001 from Jack Abramoff, indicted for wire fraud and conspiracy in a case involving mob-style executions and floating casinos;
  • Received $1000 in 2001 from Adam Kidan, indicted with Jack Abramoff for wire fraud and conspiracy.

In late September Abby Bird, Ferguson’s spokeswoman, was quoted in The Express Times saying that Ferguson refused to return the DeLay money.  Bird was also quoted in an August Asbury Park Press article that Ferguson would keep the Abramoff contributions, as well.

Corzine to make interim appointment?

I think this it’s unlikely that Corzine would decide to appoint a caretaker, but that’s what some are suggesting, according to politicsnj:

Some Democratic insiders are increasingly coming to believe that Governor-elect Jon Corzine might be better off making an interim appointment to fill his United States Senate seat and allowing Democrats to nominate their own Senate candidate in the June primary, two Democratic County Chairmen told today. One Chairman noted that Corzine is having an “impossible time” trying to please his allies — many of whom have very different views about his potential choice.

Menendez – The New Jersey GOP’s Best Pick to Replace Corzine

First, the good news for Pope Bobbie – his name has been in lots of newspapers lately speculating on his chances to replace Jon Corzine as US Senator.

Now, the bad news – reality.  Very little of the publicity is positive at all.  

The folks over at Red State has the facts boiled down tightly.  Menendez has money, otherwise he wouldn’t be considered at all.  He isn’t well-known in New Jersey (at least not until the last month or so) and among those that know him, he isn’t well-liked.  Part of this has to do with the fact that he is far too liberal for conservatives and his vote for the bankruptcy reform bill has sunk his reputation among liberals.

Consolidation of Your Energy

The latest hand dealt in the famous “free market” shell game, leaves New Jersey energy consumers with an unfair deal.

NJPIRG is fighting a good fight and they need our help.

In February of 2005, Exelon Corporation, an energy giant based in Chicago, submitted applications to state and federal regulators to takeover PSEG–the last state-based utility in New Jersey. If this deal is approved, Exelon will be the largest, most powerful utility in the nation, with over $79 billion in assets and 9 million electric and gas customers. But when it comes to meeting the needs of New Jersey’s ratepayers, bigger has nothing to do with being better.

New Jersey ratepayers are already captive to their electricity bills-consumers have incredibly little choice when it comes to the company that provides their electricity service. And the problem is getting worse-in the past two years, the number of companies selling electricity in New Jersey declined by two-thirds, while prices shot up nineteen percent.

If Exelon is allowed to takeover PSEG, they will have enough market power to establish a near monopoly over electricity prices. Over time, New Jersey’s ratepayers will be forced to pay billions more in utility bills to keep the lights on.

According to the NJPIRG report, there are many reasons to oppose such a merger including poorer service, higher rates, and less safety at Oyster Creek.