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The climate crisis is a very real threat to my generation.
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Young Progressive Activists on the march in South Jersey

The more I learn about the upcoming generation of progressives, the more I love what I see. Courier Post reports:

Despite a persistent drizzle, about 200 local high school students, staff and parents took to the streets to promote peace Saturday. Summit Up, an all-day event planned by students of Rancocas Valley Regional High School, started with a peace rally.  Groups departed from locations in each of the school’s five sending districts — Mount Holly, Eastampton, Westampton, Hainesport and Lumberton. The event’s keynote speaker was the Rev. Vernon C. King, nephew of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Said Michelle Caffrey, a junior from Westhampten “To hear from Martin Luther King’s nephew was just amazing.  That was a real moving experience.”

GOP Demands, then Whines About Budget Cuts

The neverending chorus of GOP demands for more and more budget cuts came to a very brief halt yesterday. As part of the many proposed cuts to the state budget, Corzine wants to save $734,000 by shifting the burden of deer carcass removal on local and county roads to local municipalities.

As Fred Snowflack notes, the complaints came from Republicans representing areas that would be affected by the proposal:

Predictably, there were howls of protests from the mostly Republican lawmakers who represent areas, northwest New Jersey comes to mind, where dead deer are likely to be found on local roads.

Queue the whining:

“This is just a redistribution of costs,” said Assemblyman Guy Gregg, R-Morris.

He correctly defined the effects of budget cuts. Someone give this man an economics degree. Interestingly, he only seems to object when the costs are redistributed towards his constituents.

Sunday, April 23, 2006 News Roundup

  • State Republicans, as usual, are trying to attack Governor Corzine , by using the public’s displeasure of his proposed budget to gain support for their party’s candidates. Because Democrats outnumber Republicans in the state by 3 to 2 and the majority of independent voters in NJ vote democratic, it looks like the Republicans are taking any shot they think they can hit to try to turn the state red.
  • Less people are lighting up, so Governor Corzine is going to have a problem if he is trying to solve the state’s budget crisis purely by raising the tax on cigarettes. The Governor is proposing a 35-cent increase in the tax, which would create the total tax on cigarettes to $2.75 per pack. This would make NJ’s cigarette tax the highest in the nation.
  • The State Budget panel is warning DYFS that they wont be receiving any more money for the upcoming fiscal year. DYFS is requesting more money to fund programs such as mental health services, paralegals to help expedite adoptions and hospital services to help physically and mentally treat victims of abuse.
  • Newark mayoral hopeful Cory Booker could be facing a challenge from opponent, Ron Rice. Longtime mayor, Sharpe James, endorsed Rice last week. This endorsement could sway the voters, as Newark residents hold onto James’ opinion like gospel.
  • Speaking of Newark, the race for councilman in the North Ward has been extremely interesting to watch. It’s between current councilman, Hector Corchado, Anibal Ramos Jr and newcomer to Newark politics, Aracelis Sanabria Tejada, however, the ongoing feud between Corchado and Ramos has been dominating the majority of the press on the race.
  • Chatham’s Board of Education approved $19.9 Million in construction contracts. The money appropriated is to help expand the middle school, two elementary schools and the athletic fields as well as field house.
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    Take the poll below.

    Blue Jerseyan’s in NYC?

    If you haven’t heard of the big peace and justice march next weekend in NYC, welcome back to the planet.

    Too much is too wrong in this country. We have a foreign policy that is foreign to our core values, and domestic policies wreaking havoc at home. The times are urgent and we must act!

      –March for Peace Justice and Democray website
    The big march is next Saturday, April 29 in downtown Manhattan and I am wondering which of my blue jersey compadres will be there marchin’ to the beat of their conscience?  I’ll be amongst the masses, too.  I’ll be the one in Guantanamo drag, so I’ll be easy to find.
    Who else is going?
    and do we wanna assemble.
    ( i’d like to)
    If you’re going leave a comment!

    Judge rules NJ congressman does exist

    I swear to God this is a real headline.

    Judge rules NJ congressman does exist
    Challenger to Rep. Scott Garrett plans to appeal


    Michael J. Cino, the lone Republican primary challenger to Rep. Scott Garrett, R-Wantage, said today he will appeal an administrative law judge’s denial of his claim that Garrett is not who he says he is, and should be removed from the June ballots.

    Cino had claimed that “Scott Garrett” does not exist and is not registered to vote at the Wantage address on Garrett’s nominating petition.

    Garrett, a three-term congressman, carries a New Jersey driver’s license in the name of Ernest S. Garrett, and as a 24th District Assemblyman before he ran for Congress in 2002, was known as E. Scott Garrett.

    Administrative Law Judge Thomas Clancy ruled Thursday that Garrett and his attorney Bill Baroni of the state Republican committee presented sufficient evidence to establish Garrett’s identity, to show that he is a registered voter and has been “using the name Scott Garrett for practically his entire life.”


    …Cino’s mother’s signature was challenged in 2004 because she is a registered Democrat.


    I bet Cino tries to sue the judge next.

    Tom Kean Jr. Votes To Raise Taxes

    Tom Kean Jr. has been traveling the state talking about how terrible Jon Corzine is for proposing a budget that includes tax increases.  It’s a calculated gamble, since Junior is not running against Corzine but that’s what it is anyway.

    However, Junior appears to be a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to running as an opponent of higher taxes, since Wally at PoliticsNJ says on Tuesday Tom Kean Jr. voted to increase property taxes in his hometown of Westfield.

    U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and State Senator Thomas Kean, Jr., both say they voted in favor of their local school budgets.

    How much did Junior vote to increase the taxes in Westfield?  Well, here’s the budget they were asked to vote on:

    The budget now goes to voters, who must decide whether to support the proposed $68.2 million local tax levy at the April 18 school board election. The district’s total budget for the next school year, including federal grants and debt service, comes to about $79.5 million.

    The board’s budget would raise the school portion of the tax levy by 14 tax “points,” or cents per $100 of assessed value — the same amount by which it was raised last year after voters rejected the board’s proposed budget and the Town Council slashed about $700,000. The 14-point increase has remained steady since the board first introduced the budget two weeks ago.

    The story says that’s a 3.85 percent increase in taxes for every boy, girl, man and woman in Westfield.  All thanks to Tom Kean Jr. (and about 3,098 other people).

    You can call Tom Kean Jr. at 908-789-2100 and ask him why it’s OK for him to vote to increase taxes in Westfield, but it’s wrong for Corzine to propose a tax increase in Trenton.

    Or you can just ask him if he knows the definition of hypocrite.

    NJ’s Wanker of the Day: EnlightenNJ

    A unique feature of the blogosphere is that it is based upon a meritocracy. Basically, if you’re good enough, and smart enough, gosh darn it, people will like you.

    A while back a blog called Enlighten NJ shot itself in the foot by publishing some cockamamie rumor that someone, somewhere, had a video tape of then gubernatorial candidate Jon Corzine in some sort of “compromising position.”

    This rumor was pushed through the typical right wing media channels and eventually actually made it into some NJ news outfits that were until that day deserving of respect.

    Today makes 177 days since the Corzine porno was promised to us, the viewing public. Too bad. I really wanted to watch this tape. Thank god I didn’t hold my breath.