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Protecting and Defending the Constitution

Abate for Congress:  “Rights.  Reason.  Responsibility.”

When the United States Supreme Court hears arguments this week in a landmark dispute over executive power, the Bush administration will be outnumbered, if not outgunned.

More than three dozen of the nation’s top law firms have signed and filed briefs against the government and in support of a Guantanomo Bay detainee who allegedly served as a chauffeur to Osama bin Laden.  Only a handful of briefs have been filed by lawyers in support of the government, backing the administration’s expansive view of executive authority.

The briefs against the government argue that the military tribunals established by George W. Bush through an executive order are illegal.  The New York Law Journal quoted Paul Saunders, a partner for Cravath, Swaine and Moore:  “This has nothing to do with 9/11 or supporting terrorism.  This case raises [a] fundamental issue … whether the president has the power to create a parallel system of courts that is self executing.”

These top, blue chip law firms are nothing if not conservative.  Yet they have rallied to this case because it is a defining issue for the basic American principle that we are a country of laws, and not of men.  A parallel system of courts which is not subject to the Constitution should be every American’s nightmare.  As one lawyer told the New York Law Journal, “The government has gone too far.”

The Supreme Court can rule the military tribunals unconstitutional, just as it ruled unconstitutional the denial of judicial review for detainees who have not been charged with a crime but continue to be imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

One of the prime reasons we need to replace most of the current crop of Congressional representatives is because right after the Court ruled that detainees must have the right to petition the courts for an independent review, Congress in its infinite wisdom passed the Detainee Treatment Act, which stripped the Supreme Court of jurisdiction over Guantanamo Bay cases.  The Act was sponsored by Senator Carl Levin, D-Mich, and Senators Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

This belief that the White House has far reaching powers outside the Constitution, and that Congress has the power to legislate out of our government the system of checks and balances, is at the heart of what persuaded me to run in the first place.  For true Americans, there can be no such thing as being moderately in favor of the Constitution.

Camille Abate

Buzz and Breaking News over at Stender HQ

UPDATE: As of 3:15 PM, they are only $12,875 $10,975 short of their goal.

So far, our Act Blue fundraising page has 9 contributions totalling $1275.18.

There’s suddenly a lot of buzz coming out of the Linda
Stender for Congress
office. She’s having a really great week and her fundraising, which has always been solid, is suddenly just…taking off. A huge goal is suddenly in reach. And she needs our help.

Incredibly, with just 48 hours left before the filing, Stender is just $15,000 from crossing the March 31 Viability Threshold; that’s the number (and it’s big) set by national organizations like DCCC and Emily’s List to consider you viable for funding on a national level. This is huge; we need 15 seats to Take Back Congress, and one of them could be the first woman in the NJ Congressional Delegation in years.

If you’ve been thinking about giving to Stender, this is the moment. Every dollar you give now is effectively multiplied if Stender’s growing national-profile results in added resouces from national groups pouring into New Jersey to turn the reddish 7th CD bright blue.

Stender needs to raise $15,000 by Friday. Blue Jersey has set up a netroots ActBlue page to track how much the netroots can raise. You can contribute directly through this form:

Linda Stender (NJ-07)$

Stender’s got the stuff: She’s already raised $300,000, more than the 2004 & 2002 Dem candidates combined raised by March 31. And the lady can win an election: She’s been a Mayor, a Freeholder and is now Deputy Speaker in the Assembly. This candidate is worth your bucks.
Help the netroots effort to launch Linda Stender national.

Pallone Calls Out Rubber Stamp Republicans

Congressman Pallone spoke today about the GOP’s failure to make us safe by ignoring the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. Pallone called on Republicans to reject the 2007 budget which underfunds key homeland security programs, but he’s not hopeful:

“Unfortunately I’m concerned Republicans will once again pay lip service to these critical security needs and will instead once again rubber stamp a Bush budget that leaves us vulnerable to those who wish us harm.”

Crooks and Liars has the whole video.

Kean vs. Kean

So it is no mystery by now that D.C. Repugnicans were PISSED OFF that Kean Jr. snubbed the almighty Dick.

Now it seems that Kean Sr. is getting in on the act of taking issues away from his son’s campaign. Sen. Frank Lautenberg sort of trapped the ex-Govna in a recent subcommittee hearing on Homeland Security.

Thanks to Wally we get this tidbit:

During the subcommittee hearing, Democratic U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg asked Kean whether he supported a proposal to add $1 billion for port security to the next federal budget. Kean said he was, although he may not have known that the plan, which was rejected by the full Senate last week, was sponsored by his son’s opponent, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez. The Menendez amendment would have required 100% screening of all cargo going through the ports.

Use the comments to be creative about possible campaign ads that Bob Menendez can run after this snafu.

My entry:

Even Tom Kean Jr.’s father knows that port security is paramount in any discussion on National Security and the War on Terror.

Tom Kean Jr.’s own father would have supported Bob Menendez’s measure to increase port security.

Tom Kean Jr., you can’t be a Rubber Stamp and a Reformer at the same time.

News Roundup for Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I’m ba-a-a-ack!  Your regular Wednesday roundup reporter, Sharon GR, is unavailable today, so I am doing the roundup again.  I thought of just reprinting yesterday’s roundup, but what the heck, something new must have happened since yesterday, right?

  • In an attempt to force a release of funding that had already been budgeted for New Jersey, Senators Menendez and Lautenberg invoked a little-used Senate rule called a “hold” to block voting on the appointment of J. Richard Capka as head of the Federal Highway Administration.  At stake are $150 million, according to New Jersey Transportation Commissioner Kris Kolluri.  The core issue in the dispute is the method of funding, although the same method is being used in other states without conflict.
  • At a time when Exelon Corporation is attempting to take over PSE&G and become the largest utility company in the country, this story appears:

    In an article published last week in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Health Services, a researcher claims to have found a correlation between radiation in the areas surrounding nuclear power plants and childhood cancer rates. The company that runs Oyster Creek says the study is flawed.

    What’s the relevance to Exelon?  Exelon owns the Oyster Creek facility.  The Exelon takeover of PSE&G has also been accused by the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group of being a danger to NJ residents.  According NJPIRG, the takeover will also increase monthly utility bills by $45 per residence.

  • Governor Corzine’s proposed budget, with its significant cuts in assistance for college education, could result in a 30 percent increase in tuition costs according to higher-education officials.
  • Lisa Jackson, New Jersey’s new Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, is seeking a compromise that could allow both preservation and development of Petty’s Island in Pennsauken.
  • Finally, the book that none of you were waiting for is coming.  A spokesperson for former Governor Jim McGreevey confirmed that he has written a “tell-all” memoir, titled The Confession, about his life as a closeted gay politician.  The book is scheduled for release on September 19.  We suggest that each copy come with its own grain of salt.
  • UPDATE: Smith (NJ-4) to Get a Serious Challenger

    We’re hearing that there is a candidate from the 4th district hailing from Ocean County that is willing to commit “significant” personal resources to challenge Congressman Chris Smith.

    This would be a major change whereas in recent years Democrats put up only a nominal fight in the 4th. The candidate may be unveiled as early as Saturday at the Mercer County Convention.

    UPDATE: The candidate’s name is Gary Schiavone, who on Sunday was endorsed by the Ocean County Democratic County Committee. Schiavone works at the Paratransit Division of NYC Transit.

    Happy (half) Birthday To Us

    Six months ago today, Blue Jersey was born. We’re nearing 430 users, and our traffic has continually grown ever since. We now get about 800 unique visits and sometimes 2000 page views per day. We were also welcomed into the Liberal Blog Advertising Network today. During the past few months, we’ve seen the progressive NJ blogosphere grow with a bunch of new local blogs coming online to keep tabs on the state. If you haven’t joined us yet, sign up for an account and join the fun. We won’t bite.

    Just ‘Cause You Say It Doesn’t Make It So

    Proving they don’t have the intelligence to use a scroll bar, the right-wing site Enlighten NJ ( today accused of being in the pocket of Assemblywoman and Congressional candidate Linda Stender and the NJ Democrats.

    You might remember the other day Politics NJ had an article by Bill Albers that began “Stender takes gloves off in race against Ferguson”. What happened to the article?

    The Albers piece quoting Stender has disappeared from the Politics NJ website and it’s obvious to us why this has happened. Politics NJ published the message Stender wanted to send to the Dump Mike and other extremist groups throughout New Jersey and the country. This “first thing I’ll do if elected message” is great for fund raising and whipping up support from those outside the congressional district. Two, now that the message has been received loud and clear by the target audience, Politics NJ has removed the article at Stender’s request. In other words, Politics NJ is helping Stender have it both ways.

    Politics New is actively working to help Linda Stender and the Democrat Party in New Jersey.

    In fact, the entire article is still there. Can you find it? Hint: It’s located right in between the article published before it and the one published after it. I bet it was put in that order at the behest of the Stender campaign to throw everyone off.

    We’ve known for a while that these smear-mongers have zero credibility and spread lies to suit their political purposes. Now we learn they’re crazy conspiracy nuts who also make up their own lies to suit their political purposes. They also lack basic computer and fact-checking skills.

    Either that, or they’re desperate for a distraction.

    UPDATE: The Enlighten folks have added an update to their story:

    Update: The Politics NJ article by Bill Albers “Stender takes gloves off in race against Ferguson” is now on the website.

    The Enlighten people are trying to hide the fact that they got the story wrong, and parsing language to get it done. The story is “now” on the website is true, but implies it was off at one point. The thing is, the story never left PoliticsNJ. It was always there.

    Instead of just admitting they got it wrong and attacked for no reason other than their own inability to use a scroll-bar, they are pretending that their sluething forced Wally Edge to repost a story he was hiding.

    What a bunch of …

    FINAL push for paper ballot voting reform HR 550

    Crucial actions planned next week

    We’re into the final two weeks pushing to get Rep. Rush Holt’s (yay!) bill, HR550, onto the House floor. HR550 will protect the integrity of elections by requiring a voter-verified auditable paper record of every vote, and mandatory random hand-counted audits to verify the accuracy of electronic tallies — the only way to ever ensure a trustworthy audit. The bill also prohibits use of secret software and wireless communication devices in voting machines.

    A recent change in leadership of the Committee on House Administration has created a new opportunity for passage of this vital election integrity measure. Last year’s constituent meetings in June and August, 2005, were a huge success, generating 24 new co-sponsors on the bill from both parties. As of now, 27 states have passed voter-verified paper record requirements.

    YOU CAN HELP IN THREE WAYS — lobby in person in Washington, D.C., or lobby in your home district … and/or sign the petition:




    Please take action NOW, so we can be sure in future elections that all votes are counted and all victories that are supposed to be ours, are.