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Falling Like Dominos: Atlantic County to pass DP Benefits Tonight

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson (R) has introduce a proposal to the board of chosen freeholders to grant domestic partner benefits to county employees. Although a county employee’s request prompted him to make the recommendation, he also noted that he “couldn’t help but be moved by the plight” of Laurel Hester. The freeholder board, which is dominated by Republicans, is expected to pass the resolution.

Eminent Domain in Camden County? Not yet!

The battle over use of Eminent Domain to redevelop a section of Camden took another twist yesterday. A Superior Court judge invalidated the city’s redevelopment plan for the Cramer Hill neighborhood of Camden on a technicality.  According to today’s Courier Post: 

The ruling by Superior Court Judge Michael J. Kassel invalidated both the planning board resolution establishing Cramer Hill as an area in need of redevelopment and City Council’s ordinance creating a redevelopment plan for the neighborhood.

It marked the third time a judge found fault with the way city officials proceeded with the plan, which would require the relocation of about 700 families to make way for 5,000 new housing units, 500,000 square feet of commercial space and a golf course.  Kassel’s ruling leaves Cherokee Investment Partners of Raleigh, N.C., as the entity with a contract to carry off the $1.2 billion redevelopment plan but without a designated community in which to work.  (Additionally, the ruling) kept intact a court order that bars the purchase of properties through condemnation proceedings in the neighborhood.

Field Clears for Menendez

Inside Edge:

Congressman Frank Pallone will announce today that he will not be a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006, and will endorse Bob Menendez for the Democratic nomination. Pallone joins Congressmen Rob Andrews and Rush Holt in saying that he will not challenge Menendez, who has now effectively cleared the field.

It’s Menendez vs. Kean, Jr.  Poll after the jump on your level of support.

UPDATE: Pallone Endorses Menendez

While not a shocker, Frank Pallone has not only dropped out but also endorsed Bob Menendez for Senate.

“Over the past year, I have traveled to every part of our state listening to the concerns of New Jerseyans. They feel their everyday concerns are ignored by both the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress in Washington. It’s time that their voices are heard, and the only way that will happen is if we unite as a party in an effort to elect a Democratic majority.

“For the last ten years I’ve been fighting for a Democratic majority. Today, I join Bob Menendez to announce that we will go into November’s elections unified with the goal of building that majority. Today, I endorse Bob Menendez for Senate and pledge to work on his behalf to ensure the voices of hard working New Jerseyans are heard in Washington.”

Who Does Joe Tricarico Think He’s Kidding?

Being a supporter of Assemblywoman Linda Stender’s Congressional campaign, I know that I am going to be accused of being nitpicky on this one at best and biased at worst, but I just found the caption from the Campaign Events page on his website, which accompanies photos of Joe with Howard Dean, Frank Pallone, and Rush Holt to be silly at best and disingenous at worst.

The caption says the following:

November 5, 2005
Joe met with DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and Congressmen Rush Holt and Frank Pallone at a Corzine For Governor meeting in Franklin.

Anyone who was at this event knows that Dean, Pallone, and Holt spoke for a few minutes, shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, posed for photos, and then left for their next campaign stop.

Joe probably had as extensive a meeting with Howard Dean, Frank Pallone, and Rush Holt at the Franklin event as I did, only I didn’t bother to waste time posing for pictures.

I know that things like this are always part of campaign websites and most people don’t give them a second thought.

However, considering the reverence with which New Jersey progressives view Howard Dean, Frank Pallone, and Rush Holt, I would hope that most would be smart enough to not confuse photos and misleading captions with endorsements.

This is especially true when you consider the fact that Linda Stender was amongst a group of four New Jersey elected officials (Assemblymen Reed Gusciora, Pat Diegnan, and John Wisniewski being the others) who were the very first to endorse Howard Dean’s Presidential campaign, early in 2003.

Is New Jersey Rick Santorum’s ATM?

The New Jersey Jewish News had an interesting article last week about a fundraiser held in Englewood for arch-conservative Senator Rick Santorum.

After reading the article, I called a contact of mine on Robert Casey’s campaign who also worked on the Dean campaign in 2003 and 2004, asking for his thoughts.

He felt that the NJJN should be deluged with letters, highlighting recent comments that Santorum has made about New Jersey as well as his failure to condemn Pat Robertson’s inflammatory statements about Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, where Robertson claimed that the massive stroke that Sharon recently suffered was divine retribution for his disengagement policy.

You can e-mail the New Jersey Jewish News at

Following are some helpful resources.

Jackson Twp Passes Domestic Partner Benefits

Yet another victory for civil rights can be attributed to Laurel Hester. Jackson Township Republican Committeeman Mark Seda was so moved by Laurel Hester’s situation that he proposed a resolution to extend domestic partner benefits to municipal employees:

From what I can see, I’m only one of millions who’s been touched in a very big way by Lt. Hester’s story. Her dignity and the incredible bravery she’s displayed at the end of her life in wanting to change the world has inspired me to realize that as an elected official I should be standing by her side.

The resolution passed unanimously tonight. His press release is below.

What would you ask your congressman if you could?

I’ll be conducting a half-hour interview with New Jersey’s own Congressman Rush Holt (D-12) this weekend.  What would you ask the congressman if you had the opporunity?  I’ll take the one or two best commenter questions and put them in the interview.  Now that’s what blogging is all about.  Has Chris Matthews ever asked you what you’d like to ask one of his guests?  I didn’t think so.

The interview will be available as a podcast. If you have iTunes on your computer, click the link on this site’s front page to subscribe to the podcast.

This request for questions has also been posted at Blanton’s and Ashton’s.

A Name for Kean — Take the poll!

The last time around, we asked you to pick a more appropriate name for “The Jersey Guys” and you told us: The Cretones! Now, with the U.S. Senate campaign looming on the horizon, it’s time for The Opinion Mill to step into the fray with a new, even more urgent question.

Tom Kean Jr., the presumptive Republican challenger in the upcoming race with newly seated Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, plans to drop “Junior” from his name and run as Tom Kean. Since Tom Kean Jr. was his nom de voyage when running for the Congress, state Assembly and state Senate, we can only assume that he’s hoping voters will confuse him with his father, the much respected ex-governor Tom Kean.

Since Kean fils is clearly suffering from a mid-life identity crisis, we ask you, our teeming mass of readers, to select a more appropriate name for Tom the Younger. Just head for the poll near the top of our links list and let the world know what you think.


Originally posted at The Opinion Mill.

New Beginning for Princeton Democratic Club

Last night I was elected president of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization. It was a contested election, with the other candidate being the “establishment” candidate.  But we campaigned hard and won, 156 – 59, on a platform of activism, expansion, inclusiveness and openness. Juan Melli also got elected to the executive board.

UpdateJanuary 23, 2006 at 11:33:39 EST by jmelli Wally Edge:

A new generation offers a leader

There was a changing of the guard among liberals in Princeton last night in a race for President of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, a group of Democrats from Princeton Borough and Princeton Township. Jenny Crumiller, a fundraiser for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign and a Democracy for America member, defeated Dick Bergman, who got his start in politics working for Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern, by 156-59 margin. Bergman, who worked as a budget analyst for the New Jersey Legislature and spent thre years working in the Carter White House, had been the handpicked candidate of Princeton Township Mayor Phyllis Marchand. With more than 350 members, the PCDO is the largest local Democratic club in Mercer County.