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Who I Am Voting For And Why

I should have posted this a week ago.

My other web log gets a lot of traffic from people searching for information on Doug Forrester.  Those people probably get the impression I am very partisan.  I am, to an extent, very partisan, but it is a partisanship borne of my beliefs in good government and who will do the better job of governing and with what results.  I have taken the time to meet candidates and politicians personally, examine their positions, think about their positions and, to some extent, consider their campaigning styles.  Those experiences have pushed me in the direction I have taken.  I have never been so partisan that I wouldn’t give a candidate from any party a fair shake.  I have voted for third party candidates several times in presidential elections, including being one of about 230,000 people who voted for Barry Commoner in 1980.  He didn’t win, in case you were wondering.

Election Day Eve poll: Corzine up by 11


A poll of 600 likely voters conducted on Sunday and Monday by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Roberts gives Jon Corzine an eleven point lead — 49%-38%. “Forrester has failed to gain traction over the past week while Corzine maintains advantages in electoral support and personal standing,” the poll memo said.

Smearing for the Sake of Smearing

New Jersey’s own Mr. Snitch wants to point out that New Jersey liberals have been silent on the riots in France.

Thank you. The public service you provide with this information is, indeed, of the highest order.

For what it’s worth – it’s true. But then, I’d also like to point out the total lack of comment from the right on the irresponsible actions of Enlighten NJ in rumor-mongering and outright lies concerning the personal life of Senator Corzine.

Instead, Snitch prefers to spin idiocy as fast as possible. Watch as he exposes the evil of a self-funded campaign – that it let Senator Corzine escape the patronage mill of Hudson County politics.  OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!! Corzine doesn’t owe his position to the Hudson County Dems!!!! What a tragedy!!!!

Somehow, Michael Bloomberg “buying an election” in Manhattan is good, but Senator Corzine doing the same in Jersey is bad. The evidence that Corzine is in cahoots with Hudson County Dems?  Why, the fact that they aren’t helping him at all, of course!

Be on the watch for how quickly our thin-skinned snitch retaliates for this post.

If this is the best Republicans in New Jersey can do, it’s no wonder they’re a second-rate Party.

Dead voters in heavily Republican county

According to the Inside Edge, Forrester’s campaign manager Rick England claims that 1,000 out of 6,000 absentee ballots cast in Ocean County have been flagged as coming from dead voters, implying that Democrats are trying to steal the election. Rick England has already been outed as a liar who spread rumors about Corzine, so I’m not sure why anything he says is being taken seriously by anyone.

Regardless, his claim is laughable. It’s well known that Ocean County is not a base county for Democrats, and thus was not a target of the Corzine campaign. In 2004, Bush carried the county by roughly 60%-40% against Kerry. It’s surprising that England would draw attention to the fact that many dead voters are casting votes in a heavily Republican county, considering most of them are probably voting for his boss.


Polls are open tomorrow from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PMNew Jersey County Map

Not sure where to vote?
Your polling place is printed on the sample ballot that should have been mailed to you last week. Click on your county in the map on the right to find your polling location (blatantly stolen from the NJ Division of Elections).

Or, use this nifty tool from the Corzine Connection which will display all polling locations in your municipality.

What if my registration is missing from the ledger at my polling place?
The board member at the polling place will telephone the Commissioner of Registration. If you are registered, an emergency voting order is issued. If there are other problems, you may go to Superior Court, where a judge is sitting (presiding) each election day. If it is warranted, the judge can grant a court order permitting you to vote.
(From the League of Women Voters of NJ)

Warren County Passaic County Sussex County Bergen County Union County Somerset County Morris Conuty Middlesex County  

Hudson County Hunterdon Burlington County


Camden County  

Gloucester County Monmouth County Cumberland county Mercer County Atlantic County Cape May County Salem County Essex County Ocean County

Senate statistics on minorities and women

Out of 100 senators,

Sitting senators:
African american:  1
Asian american:  2
Hispanic american: 2
Native american:  0

African american:  4
Asian american:  3
Hispanic american: 3
Native american:  3

There are 14 sitting women senators, 33 throughout history including now.

Here are there names and dates of service, from the Senate’s Minorities page:

No surprise that the number from New Jersey is zero!!!

African Americans:

Hiram R. Revels (R-Mississippi), 1870-71
Blanche K. Bruce (R-Mississippi), 1875-1881
Edward W. Brooke (R-Massachusetts), 1967-1979
Carol Moseley-Braun (D-Illinois), 1993-1999
Barack Obama (D-Illinois), 2005-

Asian Americans:

Hiram L. Fong (R-Hawaii), 1959-1977
Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii), 1963-
Samuel I. Hayakawa (R-California), 1977-1983
Spark M. Matsunaga (D-Hawaii), 1977-1990
Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii), 1990-

Hispanic Americans:

Octaviano Larrazolo (R-New Mexico), 1928-29
Dennis Chavez (D-New Mexico), 1935-1962
Joseph M. Montoya (D-New Mexico), 1964-77
Ken L. Salazar (D-Colorado), 2005-
Melquiades R. Martinez (R-Florida), 2005-

Native American Indian:

Charles Curtis (R-Kansas), 1907-13; 1915-29 (Kaw)
Robert Owen (D-Oklahoma), 1907-1925 (Cherokee)
Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colorado), 1993-2005 (Northern Cheyenne)

and from the page on women:

Rebecca Latimer Felton (D-Georgia), 1922
Hattie Wyatt Caraway (D-Arkansas), 1931-1945
Rose McConnell Long (D-Louisiana), 1936-1937
Dixie Bibb Graves (D-Alabama), 1937-1938
Gladys Pyle (R-South Dakota), 1938-1939
Vera Cahalan Bushfield (R-South Dakota), 1948
Margaret Chase Smith (R-Maine), 1949-1973
Eva Kelley Bowring (R-Nebraska), 1954
Hazel Hempel Abel (R-Nebraska), 1954
Maurine Brown Neuberger (D-Oregon), 1960-1967
Elaine S. Edwards (D-Louisiana), 1972
Muriel Humphrey (D-Minnesota), 1978
Maryon Allen (D-Alabama), 1978
Nancy Landon Kassebaum (R-Kansas), 1978-1997
Paula Hawkins (R-Florida), 1981-1987
Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland), 1987-
Jocelyn Burdick (D-North Dakota), 1992
Dianne Feinstein (D-California), 1993-
Barbara Boxer (D-California), 1993-
Carol Moseley-Braun (D-Illinois), 1993-1999
Patty Murray (D-Washington), 1993-
Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), 1993-
Olympia Jean Snowe (R-Maine), 1995-
Sheila Frahm (R-Kansas), 1996
Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana), 1997-
Susan Collins (R-Maine), 1997-
Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas), 1999-
Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York), 2001-
Deborah Stabenow (D-Michigan), 2001-
Maria E. Cantwell (D-Washington), 2001-
Jean Carnahan (D-Missouri), 2001- 2002
Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), 2002-
Elizabeth Dole (R-North Carolina), 2003-

This is a pretty sorry state of affairs, and New Jersey’s is sorrier than most.  For everyone who says to me, just be patient or minorities and women need to start at the bottom and work their way up,  I say how much longer, 4 years, 8 years, 10 years???  We have a glass ceiling for women at the state senate level (at least for Democrats). The time for waiting is over.  If Corzine has the chance to appoint a progressive woman or minority, that will be an opportunity to put right the injustices of the past.  To my friends who are running scared of Thomas Kean Jr., I say have confidence that we will have a winning candidate in ’06 and encourage Corzine to practice the ‘politics of inclusion’.

Zogby & SUSA polls on Governor & Senate races

A Zogby/Wall Street Journal Interactive poll out today has Corzine leading Forrester by 11 points: 50.6 to 39.6. The margin of error was 3.6%, but this is an online poll which hasn’t been proven to be reliable yet, so take it with a grain of salt.

A Survey USA poll has the race tighter with independents breaking towards Forrester:

         11/7  10/25
Corzine   50   (50)
Forrester 44   (41)

For the Senate seat currently occupied by Corzine, several matchups were polled by Zogby. Tom Kean Jr, son of the former governor, beats Congressmen Rob Andrews and Rush Holt, but not by much, and that’s due in large part to their relatively low name recognition in the state and the fact that many people don’t realize that Kean is not the former governor. Codey, the most popular Democrat in the state, even breaks 50% in this poll.

Holt (D)     38.8
Kean Jr (R)  42.0

Andrews (D)  37.1
Kean Jr (R)  41.1

Codey (D)    50.0
Kean Jr (R)  38.8