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AP reporting announcement Thurs

Tomorrow Corzine will announce his pick according to

New Jersey Gov.-elect Jon Corzine will announce his choice to fill the remaining year of his U.S. Senate term on Thursday, and Democratic congressional sources close to Corzine said he strongly favors tapping Democratic Rep. Robert Menendez.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity.

Princeton students overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage

The Princeton University Undergraduate Student Government (USG) recently held a referendum on whether or not the USG should sign on to an amicus brief from the Princeton Justice Project (PJP) on behalf of seven gay and lesbian couples who want to get married in New Jersey who have a case before the NJ Supreme Court (Lewis v Harris).

The referendum asked two questions: whether students supported same-sex marriage and whether they believe  that the USG should sign onto the amicuss brief submitted by the PJP. While support for same-sex marriage was very strong, some supporters thought it was inappropriate for the USG to speak on behalf of all students about such politically-charged issues. Still, both referendum items passed. The results:

As a student of Princeton University, do you support the right of all consenting adult couples to marry, regardless of sexual orientation?

73%  Yes
27%  No

Shall the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) be directed to sign on the amicus brief submitted by Princeton Justice Project (PJP) on behalf of the plaintiffs in Lewis vs. Harris, same-sex couples seeking to marry in New Jersey?

51.6% Yes
48.4% No

It’s encouraging that tomorrow’s leaders are way ahead of the general population when it comes to civil rights.

CNN: Multiple NJ Sources point to Menendez

CNN just posted a new article claiming that multiple sources in NJ have confirmed that Menendez will be Corzine’s pick to serve out his remaining Senate term:

“I think it is a good move,” said one Democratic source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He has the statewide infrastructure in place. He has got the money, the fire in the belly — and he will win.”

Personally, I would have preferred the more symbolic pick of Nia Gill, though there have been claims that Corzine wished to avoid a primary battle.  However, as pointed out here on bluejersey, Andrews and Menendez have both stated they would run no matter whom Corzine chose, thus guaranteeing a primary.  One could argue, that if this were Corzine’s true motive, that ‘annointing’ Menendez and allowing him to build up a Senate record, albeit a short one, would make the primary a lesser battle. 

If Menendez is the pick, what are your thoughts?

BREAKING?! Senator Menendez!?

CNN is calling it:

New Jersey Gov.-elect Jon Corzine will name Rep. Robert Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Caucus, as his successor in the U.S. Senate, multiple New Jersey Democratic sources told CNN Wednesday.

Menendez will serve the remaining year of Corzine’s Senate term in 2006 while launching his own campaign for a full six-year term, the sources said.

Menendez was chosen over a handful of other Democrats being considered for the appointment, including Rep. Robert Andrews and Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., the sources said.

“I think it is a good move,” said one Democratic source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He has the statewide infrastructure in place. He has got the money, the fire in the belly — and he will win.”

Mendez denies it:

A Corzine spokeswoman, Ivette Mendez, described any discussion of the appointment as “speculative” and noted that “your sources do not speak for Jon Corzine.”

A Menendez spokesman refused comment.

Put NJ First!

Last night I was honored to be a witness to the first annual Epicenter Conference hosted by Public Policy Center of New Jersey at Montclair State University.  The event took the form of a fictional meeting between Senator and Governor-elect Jon Corzine (played by Michael Aaron) with a “dream team” “kitchen cabinet” of former Governor and USEPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, former State Supreme Court Justice James Coleman, State Senator and Mayor of Bayonne Joseph Doria, and former State Senate President and former acting-Governor John O. Bennett, III.

The idea was to provide insights from people who have served in all three branches of government in Trenton (and both sides of the Lege) on what our new Governor can expect.  There was nothing earth-shattering mentioned, though a strong consensus emerged rather quickly that Corzine has already made a major mis-step by dragging his feet on appointing his successor. 

“Serving political purposes” & Counter recruitment rally Saturday 2pm New Brunswick

Rutgers Against the War, Rutgers Graduate Students for Peace and Justice, the Central Jersey Coalition  the Student and Educational Workers Union (SEWU, IWW 620), the Catholic Peace Fellowship, Radigals, Anti-Racist Action, and others will be rallying outside the Marine Corps Recruiting office at 303 George St, (George and New St) in New Brunswick, Saturday at 2pm.

I’ve posted it on the events calendar and mentioned it in a previous diary where I discussed last week’s CR action on campus.  As I think about the comments of the Rutgers staff from the lg lab, I really can’t believe it.  She (Carolyn Burger) said to the Daily Targum about inviting the Army in to recruit students in the language lab, “We don’t serve political purposes.”  Given the nature of the Iraq War and the fact that we are AT WAR, I don’t see how it could not be “political.”


Did Ferguson cheat his way into office?

That’s what the FEC says (via Dump Mike):

The Federal Election Committee announced today that Congressman Mike Ferguson received illegal help from the ironically named Accountability Project of the “Council for Responsible Government, Inc.” during his 2000 primary race in a case brought against them by current Republican Senate candidate Tom Kean, Jr. The below excerpt from the FEC finding has emphasis added:

The complainant alleged that the Council made prohibited corporate contributions which were coordinated with Kean’s opponent [Ferguson] and that the Council should be registered and reporting as a political committee. . . In considering this matter on remand, the Commission concluded that there was reason to believe a violation occurred because the brochures distributed by the Council contain express advocacy, and that the Council made a prohibited corporate independent expenditure.

The Council was fined $5,500 for the illegal support they coordinated with the Ferguson campaign.