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Hillary Clinton to NJ March 29
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Gov. Murphy presented his first state budget last week.
Bill Orr’s latest series digs into the issues, recommendations, and political climate
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The president is wrong. Let us not harden our schools. Instead, let us soften the world. – Kauffman
You should read this piece by Ronen Kauffman. So should Donald Trump.
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Zombie Apocalypse
In the midst of blaring, daily headlines of an unstable White House
We can’t miss the consequences of Trump’s predatory moves on healthcare. There’s trouble ahead.
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Breaking News from CNN.com on Ports Deal

CNN.com is reporting that the United Arab Emirates-owned Dubai Ports World, the company at the center of the ports deal controversy, has agreed to turn over its port operations in the US to a US entity.

That’s a win for NJ Senator Robert Menendez, who joined with Hillary Clinton to lead the Democratic charge to block the ports deal.

VIDEO – Craig Ferguson Lampoons Biondi Internet Bill

So Biondi wants to ban anonymous internet speech because the NJ.com message board is full of wankers. Read the blog for one of the most heated discussions in recent BlueJersey history.

And now the story has found a home where it belongs, on the late night talk shows. Salon.com’s Video Dog posted the video online. So rarely is the question asked (with a Scottish accent, no less): “What’s the point of the internet if it’s not rumor, innuendo and crap?”

Chat With The DCCC

A lot of folks are ticked off at the DCCC for its heavy handedness and apparent abandonment of campaigns — including the last 3 in NJ7 — that it had previously named as targeted races.

Now you have a chance to tell them about it:

So let’s chat. I’ve enjoyed these online chats more every time, and I hope I’m getting better at answering all your questions and concerns.

  What: Online Chat with DCCC Executive Director John Lapp
  Where: www.dccc.org/blog_chat
  When: Friday, March 10th – 10:00 AM

You can start submitting your questions at that url now, or drop by and ask while the chat’s going on. One of the reasons I enjoy these so much is that everybody who comes is so engaged and wise to the political game that we can really get into it.

Submit questions early, and please remember to be courteous and polite.  Even if you have pointed questions to ask, being rude will not accomplish anything or get the DCCC to be very active in the 7th.

3/9/06 News Roundup

Thursday, March 9, 2006 News Roundup.

  • Neptune has become the latest township to grant same sex couples pension benefits.
  • Perth Amboy’s Mayor, Joseph Vas, who is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Senator Menendez’s former congressional seat in the 13th district, has begun airing a commercial in which he disses the party bosses who are supporting his rival in the primary.
  • Sen. Menendez has gotten a boost in the polls after publicly opposing the ports deal proposed by the Bush administration.
  • Speaking of the ports deal, it seems to have hit a major snag after the House Appropriations Committee voted yesterday 62-2 to ban Dubai World Ports from holding leases or contracts at U.S. ports.
  • After posting bail for a Trenton lobbyist, Governor Corzine admits that he made a big mistake , although he had good intentions.
  • Morris County Freeholders Disrespect The Presidency, Undermine the Troops’ Mission

    Last night, the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Morris County voted 6-1 to condemn a mock war crimes trial of the President held in Parsippany High School as “highly inappropriate and inimical to our national interest.”

    While they have the right to make such a statement, I wonder whether it’s appropriate to use their status to make borderline traitorous comments. These freeholders seem to forget that Sept 11, 2001 changed everything. We were attacked by vicious killers intent on changing our way of life. The Commander in Chief responded by sending our brave men and women to fight the terrorists and spread freedom around the world. While our troops die by the thousands, the Freeholders of Morris County sit in their comfy chairs in their air-conditioned room and condemn the expression of the very freedom our troops are commanded to spread and defend.

    There are more appropriate and respectful avenues for addressing concerns over the freedom of speech than by codemning it in a public meeting of the freeholder board during a time of war.

    The actions of these freeholders are harmful to our national interest for the following reasons.

    1. Their statement undermines the office of the Presidency at the very moment our nation is at war.
    2. Their statement undermines the legitimacy of our troops, who currently service in harm’s way at the command of the President of the United States.
    3. Their statement is disrespectful to the young men and women who have paid the ultimate price in this war on terrorism because it suggests they gave their lives for liberties that we reject at home, rather than to defend and spread the freedoms we hold dear.

    Despite their best attempts, the freedom of speech remains. Hopefully our troops won’t hear about what they’ve done. Let the freeholders know how you feel: jgarifo@co.morris.nj.us.

    I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints

    “Here we go again,” said Tom Wilson, the chairman of the state Republican Party. “Sadly, history has shown us that when something smells fishy it usually turns out to be rotten.”

    Thus spoke Tom Wilson, chairman of the New Jersey state GOP, commenting on a story that is so innocent of rottenness on the part of the person he is accusing, it makes me question the state GOP chairman’s judgment and character. So desperate is Mr Wilson, here in this terribly blue state that was named the fifth most livable by the Morgan Quito Press, that he must grasp at any straw and, yes, here we go again, play gutter politics over any little scrap he can find.

    But I’m being kind of cryptic here and not describing the main story, which went from a little state story to the New York Times. Governor Jon Corzine of New Jersey received a phone call that a former campaign staffer of his, someone whose family he knows, was arrested and needed bail money. He checked to make sure that the police didn’t think she was a threat to the community, then fronted her bail money. It turns out she was arrested for “stalking the new chairman of the state Democratic Party”, which the governor did not know when he lent the money.

    Pavlov, puppies, and democratic responses

    I think this is supposed to go into my personal diary, but I am not familiar with the software, so I apologize if it doesn’t.

    Today, slate.com published an article comparing Democratic leadership with the three stooges. This is what I think their response should be.

    “The Democratic leadership is honored at being compared to a group of theatrical performers whose genius has given so much pleasure to generations of Americans; after all, there is no higher achievement for a progressive leadership than a happy America. We appreciate the three stooges as a uniquely American cultural phenomena.”

    However, what I want to write about is the other message in the article, that somehow, not attacking the war in Iraq, (or  the American President) is somehow a failure in leadership.

    This is what I think the response to that should be.

    “The Democratic party is for (and of) America. Whatever its differences with the Republicans, we will never forget that both parties share a common goal, that of a more perfect union. If would be against the basic principles of the Democratic party to attack any policy simply because it was endorsed by Republicans. Republicans represent a significant portion of America, and the Democratic party respects their views and welcomes their input.

    The Democratic leadership rejects any notion that party affiliation has any basis for a decision on America’s future, if we support an end to the war in Iraq, it will be because that is the proper decision given the circumstances.

    That being said, the Democratic party does have a different vision for America than the Republicans, and thats what our leaders are espousing.

    It is not a platform of opposition and hate, but of reuniting America; for far too long now, an America divided has paid far too little attention to the important challenges facing us all.

    America is losing it’s place as the leader in the worlds economy, as the leader of the worlds morals, and we are hard put to even hold on to our vital national assets, or rescue our citizens when disaster strikes, let alone hold onto the jobs that form the basis for the public welfare.

    These issues are what we need to pay attention to.

    Even though President Bush is a Republican, he is still America’s leader, and the Democratic party would have preferred that he had succeeded in leading America. It is our country too, and we want nothing but the best for it, regardless of who gets credit.

    Unfortunately, a leader whose policies can get only a third of his followers to follow him isn’t succeeding at his most basic responsibility.

    More importantly, after many years, Republican policies aren’t producing the results that everyone had hoped for.  It seems like it is time to try a different approach.

    The Democratic party would like a chance to take America in a new direction, one that will restore America to its proper place as the leader of the Free world, and as one country… indivisible.

    All of America, not just those we agree with. The Democratic leadership is not one of Pavlov’s puppies, to react on demand when a progressive bell is rung.

    The Democratic leadership prefers to leave the option of such knee jerk responses to those who feel more comfortable having a canine in their ancestry.

    The Democratic platform will not have simplistic answers to complex questions, we have more respect for Americans than that. Issues that affect us all deserve a thorough airing in a public forum, one where everyone can make their views heard.

    The democratic platform will reflect that view, a return to a single America, an America that commands respect, not for our armies, powerful as they may be, but for our character as a people and our accomplishments as a nation.”

    Juan and BlueJersey.net in Star Ledger Article

    The Star Ledger today had a follow-up article on Peter Biondi’s award winning legislation

    The most important part:

    Others in the Internet community had plenty to say.

    “This is overkill. This is just designed to have a chilling effect” on free speech, said Juan Melli, a Princeton graduate student who started the political site BlueJersey.net last fall. Technically, Melli said he had no idea how to verify identities of site users. “It just seems absurd.”

    Way to represent, Juan!

    Morris County Freeholder Meeting Tonight

    For those who are interested, the Freeholder board in Morris County will be meeting at 7:30pm tonight at the Court House on Court Street in Morristown.  They are prepared to vote to Condemn the Parsippany High School “War Crimes Trial of President Bush” and encourage the Parsippany School District to penalize him.  A group is meeting at 6:45 PM at the Dem HQ, 11 Washington Street in Morristown.  If interested email Chiefadvocate@aol.com
      We need people to show up and protest their attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with Bush