Michael Avenatti
Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti
The Fluffer.
“Welcome to Herointown
NJ’s Opioid Crisis
Who’s got the best ideas?
Democracy is not for sale
Midterm Elections
“Money ... Money"
Moms Demand Action logo
How did Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense” group end up looking like they back the same guy the NRA does?
Good question.
Jeff Van Drew & NRA logo
DCCC pre-selects Jeff Van Drew - passing over the Black woman, Tanzie Youngblood, who DIDN’T wait for Lo Biondo’s retirement announcement
NRA: “A” rating. Marriage Equality: Voted No. Pro abortion limits. Pro pipeline. Awful enviro record. DINO.
Bob Menendez
To nobody’s surprise, Bob Menendez is running for re-election
Who do you talk about when you’re still under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee? Somebody whose ethics are worse ... Trump.
Let Us Be Part of the American Dream
Immigration Yesterday Today Tomorrow
There is nothing new in U. S. history about Trump’s anti-immigration policies.
Republican NJ Rep. Chris Smith
DCCC now has all 5 NJ Republican seats targeted for take-down
Chris Smith’s held his seat for 37 years. Dems now intend to take it away.

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Should We Sell Blue Jersey T-Shirts?

Over the past several months we’ve received a handful of unsolicited requests to sell Blue Jersey T-shirts. We’re thinking about doing it, and they would look similar to the logo on the top left side of the page. The problem is that in order to make the shirts blue, we would need to go through a screen print shop (CafePress only does white, and some black shirts) and pay for all the shirts upfront. We’d like to gauge what the demand is for these shirts, so take the poll below and let us know if you would buy a shirt (or shirts).

If we do this, we’ll also have some kind of slogan contest, so if you have ideas you can let us know in the comments.

Prevention First to Reduce Abortions

Congressman Mike Ferguson is the vice chair of the House Subcommittee on Health, which was referred a bill called the “Prevention First Act’’ [pdf] in January.  So far the bill, which is intended to reduce abortions in the United States, has neither come up for discussion nor a vote.  Rep. Ferguson has so far taken no position on the bill.

Blue 7th PAC is calling on Rep. Ferguson, as vice chair of the committee, to bring this bill up for discussion.  Rep. Ferguson is well-known to be an avid opponent of abortion, going so far as to support a Constitutional Amendment making it illegal.  The “Prevention First Act” should be a common ground where both pro-choice and anti-abortion advocates can find common ground:

The summary of the “Prevention First Act’’ is:

To expand access to preventive health care services that help reduce unintended pregnancy, reduce the number of abortions, and improve access to women’s health care.

To reduce unintended pregnancies and, as a result, reduce abortions the bill would:

  • Allow states to provide family planning and contraceptive services to low-income women and families not eligible for Medicare;
  • Requires health insurers who cover prescription drugs and outpatient services to cover prescription contraceptives and outpatient family planning services;
  • Requires Health and Human Services (HHS) to distribute information on emergency contraceptives to the public and health care providers;
  • Requires hospitals to offer and provide emergency contraceptives to victims of sexual assault;
  • Creates HHS grants for public and private entities to expand teenage pregnancy prevention programs; and
  • Mandates that all information regarding contraception in federally funded educational programs and materials be medically accurate and include health benefits and failure rates.

School Consolidation Plans

Does anyone know what our Govenor’s plans are for school consolidation?  Would it be up to the districts, would it be along county lines, does their need to be a contigious border among the district, etc?
Looking to see if anyone know what this might look like.

News Round-up for Wednesday, April 5

News Round-up for Wednesday, April 5

  • There is concern about the rapid pace of reforms in the child welfare system, according to information given to the Assembly Budget Committee yesterday. The governor’s plan is to form a separate department for children’s welfare, away from the Dept. of Human Services. Lawmakers are also being urged not to cut programs for the disabled. Committe Chairman Louis Greenwald commented that his challenge was to “to balance special needs against the rising costs of living in New Jersey.”
  • Senators Lautenberg and Menendez plan to lift their hold on Bush’s FHA nominee Richard Capka, in exchange for reversing a decision that would have blocked millions in funds for highway projects.
  • In the wake of the UMDNJ investigation, other schools across Our Fair State, including Rowan University, Ramapo College and NJCU are asserting they were not pressured to hire applicants for political reasons.
  • The State Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee is expected to begin deliberations today on yet another proposal to privatize the state’s toll roads. The current proposal by State Sen. William Gormley is to lease out the AC Expressway
  • Be careful out there, part 1: The number of traffic fatalities rose last year, to the highest level since 2002. The majority of these are attributed to reckless driving and to speeding; rural and suburban counties had the highest rates of fatalities due to these. Hudson County is the most dangerous for pedestrians.
  • Be careful out there, part 2: A person was struck and killed on train tracks near the Hamilton station early this morning, causing serious delays of the Northeast Corridor trains.
  • Some may say that a lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math, but that’s not stopping the ticket buyers. No top-prize winning ticket was sold for yesterday’s drawing, so the MegaMillions lottery is up to $162 million for Friday.

Studies in Spinelessness

  Abate for Congress: “A New Spine for Congress.”
  Rights. Reason. Responsibility.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was supposed to commence hearings Monday on Senator Russ Feingold’s censure resolution.  It was not a surprise that the Republicans refused to show up.

It was a surprise that the heavy hitters in the Democratic Party did not appear.

Ted Kennedy, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, and Joe Biden all ducked the hearing, with the predictable result:  there was no hearing.

So much for democracy.  With representatives like this, who needs a democracy?

Actually I should not be surprised.  I’ve been talking about the spinelessness of the Democratic Party (as have all of you) for years now.  Yet still, when something like this happens, I feel a twinge of shock.  Can it really truly be that our elected officials are afraid even to discuss an issue?  Putting aside the question of whether censure is good or bad, right or wrong, a slap on the wrist or too strong a message, can’t we even show up to discuss things anymore?

That sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach no longer stays too long, though — because of this run I am making for Congress.  With all of your help, I am confident that I will make it to Congress, and then we can show them what it means to be a man, or a woman, as opposed to a mouse, or a rat.

Standing up for principles is only scary until you realize that everyone around you is sighing with relief that finally, thank God, there’s someone with a voice.  And then, as has happened to me countless times — as a trustee for my church, or as a committee member in some group, or even just as the member of a captive audience — someone will say, good job, I’m glad somebody had the guts to speak up. 

It’s time to remember the responsibility that comes with democracy — the responsibility to participate, to speak out, to be heard by others, to vote.

Camille Abate

UMDNJ: The Museum of Patronage

We might just be witnessing the beginning of the end for New Jersey’s medical and dental school. The first report came out this week from the federal monitor appointed to untangle the financial mess that is the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and if reports to come are equally as bad — and there’s no reason to expect they won’t be — then surgery to cure the problem may not leave much of the patient intact.

Which do you like better? The fact that UMDNJ probably owes $125 million to the state and federal government instead of the $75 million previously thought? Or that hospital brass dined out with a convicted healthcare racketeer whose partner has ties to the mob? Or that job applicants came with number rankings reflecting the political clout of their mentors? It’s all there in the monitor’s report, and the Star-Ledger is rightly having a field day with it. Sen. Bob Menendez’s staff better be spending some quality time with the document, because he’s one of the many politicos mentioned as treating UMDNJ as a patronage pit, and Kid Kean’s oppo research team would be crazy not to capitalize on this stuff.

April 10th Approaching, Tell Jeff Van Drew to run for Congress (NJ-02)!

Assistant Majority Leader of the Assembly Jeff Van Drew is the best candidate to defeat Frank LoBiondo. He is a former mayor of Dennis Twp and a former Cape May County Freeholder. He was reelected to his 3rd term in 2005 with a landslide and helped defeat GOP incumbent Jack Gibson; Making this the first time the 1st LD was represented by two dems in decades. Van Drew is also a dentist and volunteer firefighter.

The 2nd congressional district has voted for every Democratic presidential nominee since 92′ and voted for Corzine and McGreevey. If you believe in the 50 state solution then this is one seat that must be represented by a strong candidate. If you believe that this is the year for a change then I insist that you call Jeff Van Drew’s office and ask hime to run for Congress.

Office # (856) 293-8353