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An update on LGBTI hero Gina Genovese and Garden State Equality’s next town meeting

Following is an e-mail that I received from Steven Goldstein, chair of Garden State Equality, the primary LGBTI advocacy organization in the state.  It is because of the situation described in this e-mail that it is vital for straight progressives to come to Garden State Equality’s next town meeting on

Thursday, November 10 at 7:00pm
at the Unitarian Church (67 Church Street) in Montclair.

The focus of this town meeting is straight supporters of marriage equality and it will be the best opportunity we will have to prove that people like George Dengler are simply a loud and obnoxious, but extremely small minority in our state. Please join me at this event. I look forward to seeing you there.

The Two Faces of Doug Forrester

Doug Forrester received, and accepted, the endorsement of Republican Majority for Choice yesterday. The result was a lot of flack for the Republican candidate. According to the Trenton Times:

Yesterday’s endorsement by Republican Majority for Choice was promoted as moderate support for Forrester, but it elicited concern from leading national abortion foe U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-Hamilton, who seemed surprised his fellow Republican accepted high-profile abortion rights support.

Smith said he talked to Forrester – who once frequently declared himself conservative but has lately tried to paint himself moderate – and thought Forrester would work to limit abortion rights.

Forrester has indicated his pro-life position by opposing embryonic stem cell research. Now he is trying to claim he is pro-choice and accepting an endorsement from a pro-choice group. On which side of the issue does Doug Forrester stand? Apparently, it’s both sides at once.

New polls: Corzine huge lead among women. Overwhelming support for Lieutenant Governor amendment

A SurveyUSA poll of likely voters has Corzine leading Forrester 50-41. Two weeks ago, Corzine led 49-41.

Corzine has a 20 point lead among women (55-35), while Forrester leads by 2 points among men (44-46). Independent voters support Corzine over Forrester by 3:2. Corzine leads 85-10 among blacks. Any rumors that Corzine needs to buy the black vote are beyond ridiculous. A summary of recent polls is below the fold.

Also, a Monmouth University/Gannet NJ poll shows overwhelming support for a Constitutional Amendment that would create the office of Lieutenant Governor (Yes: 75% No: 12%). Strangely, 8 in 10 voters didn’t even know that this question would be on the ballot in November. The director of the Monmouth Univ polling institute says that “this may say more about New Jersey’s predisposition to approve ballot measures than anything else.” A recent post at ChangeNJ makes a strong case for why we need the LG position.

Seymour Hersh 10/26 appearance at RU

I guess there isn’t a calendar function, and I don’t see this at a quick glance at the front page, so I’ll just pass on that Seymour Hersh will give a talk at 8 pm Wednesday, October 26, at 8 pm.  He will speak at the Student Center Multi-purpose room on College Avenue.  Topic, “From 9/11 to Abu Gharab.”  Q&A period to follow.

If there are indictments announced tomorrow, could be VERY interesting.

Samples from the Rumor-Swill is whispering that Corzine is supressing a huge scandal, “this is a big one” they say. PoliPundit does the same, this time it’s a stage whisper. They link back to EnlightenNJ:

What [damaging revelation] could make Corzine into the next McGreevey? Our source says, “Stay tuned.”

The comments are begging for hints “so we can help spread the rumor.” leaps aboard the whisper campaign, Post title: “Spreading rumors… Some rumors are to kewl not to spread.

I wonder what the rumor is. Is it this or this, maybe this? So much anonymous slime, so little time.

Afterall, as the man said “it’s politics.” Right?

The Gender Gap

The Star Ledger‘s Deborah Howlett reported the results of an StarLedger/Eagleton poll showing that Corzine is ahead with women:

The poll showed likely women voters supporting Corzine over Forrester by a margin of 17 percentage points, 50 percent to 33 percent

and Forrester is ahead with men:

while men favored Forrester 42 percent to 37 percent

I’ve been wondering especially since Corzine is no longer showing a 20 point lead, who would support Forrester? With that tired request of Corzine to take a “no new taxes” pledge, lack of experience, etc, I just couldn’t see it. I thought people might stay home, but I couldn’t see supporting Forrester.