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Day of SSM Decision Events

Peter Frycki, owner/operator of OUT IN JERSEY, NJ’s own statewide magazine for LBGTI people, has released this news alert which handily recaps events that are scheduled for the day the NJ Supreme Court announces its decision on same-sex marriage.

Blue Jersey and everyone is of course very, very welcome to join the Trenton Gay and Lesbian Civic Asociation in Trenton at the Justice Hughes Complex the day the decision is announced (see below):

Washington State Supreme Court denies same-sex couples the freedom to marry.

Today’s decision in Washington State by the Supreme court was another blow to marriage equality for same-sex couples. But local
analysts say it is no indication of how the New Jersey Supreme Court might rule on marriage for
same-sex couples being as the Washington State ruling was based on that states costitution which is very different from New Jersey’s state
constitution. The decision in Washington State also was based on a Defense of Marriage Act that was passed by the legislature awhile back.

Analysts are expecting a decision in New Jersey by the Supreme court any day now, although it could come as late as October. Many activists and
organizations working within the gay community believe the New Jersey court decision will be very different. Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality (GSE) said “On LGBT rights as well as on other social issues, New Jersey law has long been different from the laws of other states.
Additionally, New Jersey courts have been among the most fair-minded in the country.”

The Trenton Gay & Lesbian Civic Association (TGLCA)in association with The New Jersey Lesbian and Gay Coalition ( and GSE will hold a rally at the Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton the afternoon the decision is announced. Everyone who can attend is encouraged to be at the State Supreme Court Hughes Justice Complex by 11 AM if possible but no later than noon. The Complex is located just off of Route 29 on Market Street in Trenton. The TGLCA phone machine will be updated the morning of the decision with details. The number is 609-396-9788. Get in the habit of listening to a New Jersey news program on TV or radio during breakfast. Also, check morning emails early.  “Those will probably be the best ways to find out if “today’s the day.” says TGLCA president Marc Fleidner.

This has been a news update from Out In Jersey

Out IN Jersey magazine
743 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, NJ 08629

Bayonne’s Modest Proposal

From the Jersey Journal‘s Editorial page:

The Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority has an interest in using modern windmills to harness the winds off the Upper New York Bay to provide power to operate the Oak Street pump station.

An interesting proposal, and one that could have far reaching consequences for all of Hudson County.  Any measure that cuts the levels of air pollution in Hudson County are welcomed.  But the devil is always in the details, as we find out here:

A proposal by Alternity Power of South Plainfield for installing a 150-foot-tall, three-blade wind turbine to run the station has piqued the BMUA’s interest and the agency has its engineers and lawyers reviewing the proposal. The windmill could generate 1,314,200 kilowatt hours a year or about 75 percent of what the BMUA needs for the station. The rest would be supplied by the PSE&G power grid.

The Same-Sex Marriage Countdown Starts Now

The State of Washington’s higest court is expected to announce itd decision in that state’s same-sex marriage lawsuit today. Click here for the story.

I certainly hope they decide for marriage equality.

But what does it all mean to New Jersey? Well, it ratchets up attention on our fair state’s Supreme Court, which is now issuing decisions on the various cases it heard over the winter of 2005 and the sping to 2006.

Will this speed up their decision in Lewis v. Harris? I dunno … maybe. I can speculate with the best of them, but that’s all it is. I still think the decision will come down closer to the end of October, but that is sheer conjecture on  my part, based on it being the end of Judge Deborah Poritz’s tenure on the bench. I wold want to go out with a big bang.

If the court knew it was holding bad news, I think maybe … maybe … if Washington State goes against fairness, then New Jersey’s Supreme Court might dump its own load of excuses very quickly thereafter.

And remember, folks: there will be a rally in front of the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, beginning as soon as people can show up, the day of the decision, win, lose or draw. BRING YOUR PRIDE FLAGS. And you straight people can come and burn your marriage certificate or something (hey, I love straight people. My parents were straight.)

News Round-up & Open Thread, Wednesday July 26, 2006

  • Following Monday’s Social Security press conference in Trenton, Junior tells the Star Ledger he opposes privatization, but Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo says his record begs to differ.
  • Gov. Corzine says the state should consider Video Lottery Terminals.  You want to talk about an issue that divides North & South Jersey.  Asm. Whelan and Sen Sweeney sent him a letter opposing the idea.
  • The 3 NJ State Democratic Campaign accounts have $2.8 million cash on hand outpacing the Republicans who have $450,420 on hand.
  • Environmentalists want the Gov. to veto a Pinelands Project which they say is the biggest threat facing the area in 25 years.
  • Sayreville is testing their water for a possible cancer causing chemical used to make Teflon.  That doesn’t sound good.
  • We covered the FBI raids in Monmouth County here yesterday and we also had the big arrests of members of gang suspects all around the state.
  • An audit reveals that BPU executives created an $80 million bank account lacking basic controls or transparency.  This was just one of the many problems cited in the audit.
  • The state Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for an inmate convicted of kidnapping a businessman and then murdering him after getting some of the ransom.
  • The Camden Fire Chief has caused a stir after sending a memo seeking a “white recruitment officer”, yet he said in an interview he wasn’t trying to get more white people to work in the department.

    Just another news day in NJ.  Have a great day!

  • Our New Website

    Hi All,

    I’m happy to announce that our new website is up and running and so far the response has been great.  Thanks to Sidd for his post this morning about it.

    Sorry it took a little while to get up, but as you will see, we think it was worth the wait.  We’ve tried to incorporate all the constructive suggestions we’ve received from the netroots community. 

    So check out and please keep coming back.


    Campaign Manager
    Paul Aronsohn for Congress

    60 gang members arrested with more to come

    In what state police are calling the largest gang sweep in state history, State and Federal authorities arrested members of the Bloods street gang.  The arrests included four gang leaders who were directing operations from inside state prison….

    More than 60 people had been arrested by noon Tuesday, with up to 40 more arrests expected. That represents more than a third of the gang’s total membership in the state, including its “godfather” and several top leaders, four of whom were already behind bars, authorities said.

    These arrests are the result of an 11 month investigation in which law enforcement infiltrated the gang, but wouldnt give more details because it is a continuing operation.

    The NJ League of Municipalities has focused on this issue recently with the League and the Conference of Mayors calling in March for legislative action to help curb gang violence.The Assembly passed a package of 17 bills in May aimed at cutting down on gang violence as well.

    New Jersey New Rules: Pre-Property Tax Special Session Edition

    This Friday marks the kickoff of the “Party of the Summer 2006” – the Property Tax Special Session.  To begin the festivities, the Governor will be holding a spoken word jam in the Assembly Chambers, bringing it to the State Legislature.  But while it may be an endless summer of fun and games under the Gold Dome, please observe the following rules:

    New Rule – Free the sweater vests! Now, I wasn’t a big fan of Jon Corzine sporting a sweater vest every single day when he was new at the job, but now that I haven’t seen one on him in a long time, I have to admit that I kinda miss them.  So, Governor, on Friday, it’s time to free the sweater vests.  Maybe we should even make it the standard uniform for all the Legislators during the special session.

    New Rule – There will be no paper airplane throwing or spitball shooting in the Assembly Chambers during the speech.  So Assembly staffers (you know which ones of you I’m talking to), don’t put bush league propaganda flyers on everyone’s desk.  That will only provide people with the materials to make their paper airplanes.

    New Rule – Remember the three magic numbers – 41, 21, and 1.  There also happen to be 21 counties in New Jersey.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so – it’s just screaming out that county-based consolidation in the way nature wants it!

    New Rule – Shhhhhhhhhh! – That’s a preemptive shhhh for you, Leonard Lance.  We don’t care that you won Lance v. McGreevey or Lance v. Codey.  You know how easy it is to get the NJ Supreme Court to say yes to something? (Very)  How about winning some elections, then you can brag.

    New Rule – Reporters are like relief pitchers – you need to keep them fresh.  This one is aimed at NJN.  We loved your budget coverage, but this time around, don’t work Jim Hooker like a mule.  He’s not the ace of your staff, anyway, and he was looking downright broken by the time the budget was passed.

    New Rule – Huge kegger at Drumthwacket once this is all over!  I heard Reed Gusciora is wicked good at beer pong.  Perhaps a bicameral, bipartisan tournament is in order at the Gov’s house once we have this property tax thing solved (or at least once we’re bored of working on it).  Of course, that begs the question, “Can the State Police shut down a Drum party if it gets too loud?”