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Mike Ferguson’s Whites Only Website

A Blue 7th PAC member was wandering around Mike Ferguson’s website looking for information when she noticed something very interesting.  On page after page there were pictures of Mike Ferguson meeting with the people, with seniors, kids, soldiers, veterans, and other everyday folks.

And every single one of them was white.  Not just the one-on-one pics, but all the people in the crowd photos and the classroom photos.  There is not one single minority on the whole website. 

We decided to check this out, and so we downloaded every single photograph from the website and checked them out.  We enlarged them, looked at little arms sticking into a picture and legs walking out of them.  We’re pretty sure there are only white people on Mike Ferguson’s campaign web site.  It’s at if you want to take a look, and all the pictures are after the jump.

According to the Census, the current 7th district had 15.414 Asian households, 11,405 Hispanic households, and 8,684 African American Households in 2000.  Where are they in Mike’s world?

Below the jump are all the pictures from the Ferguson for Congress web site.  You can click on any one of them to see the picture taken off the Ferguson for Congress site without any alteration or photoshopping. 

Desecrating the Flag

The proposed Constitutional Amendment didn’t go far enough. All it banned was burning the flag. It did not prohibit politicians from wrapping themselves in the flag claiming patriotism when acting to enrich themselves and their friends at the taxpayers’ expense. Or  misrepresenting the facts to beat the drum for a costly and disastrous war.  It did not prohibit as criminal negligence failure to provide soldiers with weapons, body armor, medical supplies and medical care.

The proposed Amendment said nothing about blithely ignoring science and evidence of far reaching phenomena such as climate change because the facts don’t fit their beliefs. 

It did not define as gross malpractice standing incompetantly amidst a disaster of epic propertions and saying ‘my good buddy did a great job, as good as he could do, what do you expect – big government is inherently incompetant, and hey, it was an act of God, but I am a super patriot, and there’s a war going on and we were attacked by cowardly terrorists and I’m a war hero and don’t I look good on camera?

The proposed Amendment said nothing about claiming a monopoly on patriotism, claiming ‘no patriot could dissent or disagree, and therefore anyone who disagrees is not a patriot.’

The Amendment should ban shredding the Constitution or burying it in with illegal torture, illegal wiretaps and improper ‘Signings’ while waving the flag.

Junior Seems “Junior”

Even Chuck Todd of Hotline has taken to calling Senator Kean “junior”.  However, he is not using it as a nickname rather he is using it as an adjective. 

In an analysis of the rankings of the state senate races Todd had this to say about New Jersey:

Our gut tells us we have this race ranked too high. Our head says it’s too low. So for now, it stays where it is. Menendez is the type of aggressive incumbent that rarely loses… and yet, he could. Thomas H. Kean Jr. seems more “junior” than “Kean” right now, and until that changes, we’re always going to lean toward Menendez.

Drawing a False Equivalence

In this day and age of he said/he said reporting, it’s all too common for reporters and pundits to draw false equivalences between candidates, declaring a pox on both of their houses. We’ve seen it most prominently of late in reference to Jack Abramoff, with reporters failing to draw a distinction between Republicans taking Abramoff’s money and Democrats taking money from the Indian tribes who Abramoff has worked for. It’s created a story where none previously existed.

Well, even though I think New Jersey’s reporters tend to be better than that (you know… home team bias), the same dynamic can be found in this morning’s Star Ledger editorial on the Senate race. The Ledger’s editorial board, in asking the two major party candidates to ‘try the high road,’ draws a clearly false equivalence between the conduct of the Kean and Menendez campaigns.

Could Ferguson be Redistricted Out?

Wally Edge asks if Ferguson could be redistricted out of his job:

The U.S. Supreme Court today upheld a challenge to the reapportionment of congresional districts in Texas, and ruled that State Legislatures can draw new maps at their own discretion, rather than be limited to once a decade. Does that mean that New Jersey Democrats — if they can put their current budget squabbles behind them — might consider new House districts for the 2008 elections?

They should. Republicans in Texas gerrymandered districts to eliminate five House Democrats and they’ll do it again every opportunity they get. They want to break and rewrite the rules – let’s play by the new rules and stop rolling over as if we owe them something.

No Gimmicks Left

The Jersey Journal‘s Ronald Lier has the sad story:

One partner in a joint venture designated to build 1,700 apartments at the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor has bolted, leaving the city with an $11 million deficit in the current fiscal year’s budget.

But state officials are giving Bayonne officials an extra year to come up with the cash, taking the unusual step of allowing the city to operate with a deficit.

Unusual?  How about “illegal”?

The problem stems from Bayonne banking entirely upon D.R. Horton and Trammel Crow Residential to fill their budget deficit.  It seems that D.R. Horton doesn’t have the chutzpah necessary to pony up that kind of money to the City.

So Bayonne goes broke.

Except – someone is playing fast and light with the law.

Basically, the state has said that Bayonne can borrow from next year’s budget and still say this year’s budget is balanced.

Someone call Trenton!  We’ve found the answer to Jon Corzine’s prayers!

Or, alternately, once again Hudson County is pulling the wool over its own eyes.

I think it’s more of the latter than the former.

X-posted from NJ Tammany.

News Roundup, Wednesday June 28

  • Do you like politics? Do you like beer? If you answered yes to the beer question, join us tonight at New Brunswick’s Drinking Liberally. Assemblyman Gusciora is the special guest. Doll’s Place, 101 Paterson St at 7:00pm. Be there.
  • Check out the netroots endorsement of Linda Stender at MyDD written up by Matt Stoller. Great summary of the race and why they’re backing Stender.
  • Tom Moran says that even though Tom Kean Jr has been a friend of the environment, a vote for Kean Jr is still a vote for “Bush, a guy who can’t see a wilderness area without thinking about the logging opportunities” and for “Sen. James Inhofe…chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee…who calls global warming a “hoax,” even as the polar ice caps melt.”
  • George Norcross is turning up the heat, flexing his muscles and pulling strings with South Jersey Democrats. The selfishness some are displaying is embarrassing. Joe Roberts insists that he won’t consider the sales tax increase unless it’s used only for property tax rebates. First district Assemblyman and part-time physical trainer Nelson Albano is opposing the gym tax, backed by fellow Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew. The assembly has come up with it’s own version of the budget, but Corzine said yesterday that he would veto it. “I don’t see any room for compromise based on what has been proposed.”
  • If things don’t work out, Corzine is making preparations to shut the government down.
  • Rather than being sent to the floor for a vote, a bill that would mandate prison sentences for corrupt public officials was routed to the budget committee, which is chaired by Sen Wayne Bryant who just happens to currently be under investigation by the US Attorney.
  • According to yesterday’s Rasumussen poll, Governor Corzine has a 50%-46% approval/disapproval rating.
  • New Jersey is the 7th best place to raise children in the US, a drop from 4th place last year which was due mainly to increasing child poverty rate – now at 12%.
  • The Lower Township school district in Cape May County still refuses to grant domestic partner benefits to the partner of Roberto Deane, who has taught in the district for over 20 years:

    Deane argued that the issue should not be settled in negotiations because then it is like “trading or bartering” his rights.

    “Herb and I are human beings. Can anybody here imagine what it’s like being a bargaining chip? Of course you don’t, because you’re not gay. You’re the privileged,” Deane said.

  • Senator Lautenberg stands up against desecrating the Constitution:

    Lautenberg FlagI went to Europe as a young man in World War II.  The first time I was out of the country, I put on a uniform to defend the honor and the freedoms that this country represents.  And now we talk about the actions of a few who dared burn our flag.

    It’s a repulsive, ugly act and we never want to see it, but do we take away their right to dissent and say America is a country that can’t stand dissent?


    Mr. President, one’s patriotism may be another person’s desecration.  I use this poster not at all to degrade the President of the United States, but that is the hand of the President of the United States using a magic marker to write on this flag.

    Is that desecration, I ask you?

  • Dick Cheney will be in town for a fundraiser for Rep Garrett. The Aronsohn campaign put out a statement blasting Garrett’s votes on oil, homeland security, Iraq, Halliburton and port security saying “It’s like Scott Garrett is a Representative from the State of Dick Cheney and not the State of New Jersey.”
  • Guy Talarico, the ineffective Bergen County Republican chairman, was reelected last night after not allowing his opponent to run.
  • The second quarter ends on Friday and candidates will be judged based on how much they raise and their cash on hand. Chip in through our ActBlue page.