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Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti
The Fluffer.
“Welcome to Herointown
NJ’s Opioid Crisis
Who’s got the best ideas?
Democracy is not for sale
Midterm Elections
“Money ... Money"
Moms Demand Action logo
How did Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense” group end up looking like they back the same guy the NRA does?
Good question.
Jeff Van Drew & NRA logo
DCCC pre-selects Jeff Van Drew - passing over the Black woman, Tanzie Youngblood, who DIDN’T wait for Lo Biondo’s retirement announcement
NRA: “A” rating. Marriage Equality: Voted No. Pro abortion limits. Pro pipeline. Awful enviro record. DINO.
Bob Menendez
To nobody’s surprise, Bob Menendez is running for re-election
Who do you talk about when you’re still under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee? Somebody whose ethics are worse ... Trump.
Let Us Be Part of the American Dream
Immigration Yesterday Today Tomorrow
There is nothing new in U. S. history about Trump’s anti-immigration policies.
Republican NJ Rep. Chris Smith
DCCC now has all 5 NJ Republican seats targeted for take-down
Chris Smith’s held his seat for 37 years. Dems now intend to take it away.

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Laughing Liberally

From the same people who brought you Drinking Liberally, Laughing Liberally – “saving democracy one laugh at a time” – is back in New York tomorrow night after a successful first show in February.

Like blogs and Drinking Liberally, this is another critical component in building a progressive social network, though this one has a bit less alcohol, no dark dive bars, and is much funnier. The show will be in Town Hall tomorrow night in New York, and tickets are still available.

It will feature comics from Air America, Comedy Central & from the Town Hall debut, music by Jamie Jackson and Elizabeth June and a video with Janeane Garofalo & Sam Seder.

Friday, May 19th @ 8:30pm
Town Hall – W 43rd St between Broadway & 6th
Buy tix now: www.laughingliberally.com

When checking out, use code: BLUE to support Blue Jersey.

Here’s some clips from their first show:

News Round-up for Thursday, May 18

  • The Schools Construction Corp. transition and reform panel has eliminated a program to fast-track building of schools, sometimes on contaminated sites. The full series of reforms are due “shortly.” The complete management overhaul is needed before the corporation can handle any new money to finish its projects, according to a report issued yesterday by the panel.
  • The annual report on the Public Employees Retirement System, which supplies pensions for state and local government employees, was released yesterday and- surprize suprize!- it’s way short of money. $8.7 Billion short, to be exact. Using actuarial formulas, the state portion is 79% funded, local is 89%. Years of increasing benefits, suspending contributions and a volitaile stock market will do that.
  • Now that we’ve mentioned the pension problem, let’s head toward the layoffs. 326 non-union layoffs so far for the Corzine administration, which hopes to cut another 1000 via attrition. (Apparently they’re not looking at early-retirement packages as a way to cut employees- they got the pension report, too. ) The state employee unions are heartily against layoffs and are urging their members to support the proposed sales tax increase; the $1Billion+ raised by it could save as many as twenty thousand jobs.
  • Wang Wenyi, the woman who made headlines for heckling Bush and Chinese president Hu at the White House about human rights, spoke to a rally outside the state house yesterday, urging Corzine to make humanitarian issues a focus of his upcoming six-day trade trip to Asia. 
  • Bear #3 died yesterday in Short Hills under the no-tollerence policy. The bear was tranquilized, removed from the area, and shot.
  • More news on solar power! New Jersey plans to have solar supply 2% of our energy needs by 2020. Have you set up your solar system yet?
  • AccuWeather is predicting six major storms to hit the Eastern US this hurricane season, with three at category 3 or higher. The East Coast has a high risk of being struck this year, although New Jersey may be somewhat protected due to the shape of the Eastern coastline. The best advice- Be Prepared.

Vas Rips Sires

A recent poll conducted on behalf of Joe Vas’ campaign (take with grain of salt) showed him leading Albio Sires by 26%-24%. In October, the poll, with a 3% margin of error, showed Sires ahead by 30%-22%. Vas’ name recognition is also up to 36% (from 15% in the October poll) – almost matching Sires’ 38%.

According to a statement from Vas’ campaign, Joe Vas held a press conference outside of Sires’ office Wednesday morning, but they were ordered to leave by a city employee. Vas’ responded with a scathing statement, even comparing Sires to George W Bush:

Albio Sires seems to have no problem spreading his hateful rhetoric and lies but at the same time refuses to say it to Joe Vas… face to face.

Albio Sires is a coward. He goes around spreading lies about Joe Vas but refuses to debate Joe Vas.

Albio Sires and George Bush have a lot in common. They are both liars. They are both dedicated Republicans. They are both pro-life, pro-war, pro-NRA, anti-environmental politicians. In fact, Albio Sires at one time supported and voted for George Bush. This was around the same time he campaigned with Newt Gingrich and Christie Whitman.

The statement then went on to list 12 “lies of Albio Sires”. The full statement is below.

NJ Correspondents Club Annual Show

Tonight was the NJ Legislative Correspondents Club Annual Show – where the NJ media gets to roast New Jersey’s politicians. My table was a pretty interesting bunch – Newark mayor-elect Cory Booker, CWA President Carla Katz and Assemblyman Bill Baroni, among others – all of whom were easy targets and took the roasting in stride.

One of my favorite skits was a song sung by reporter Robert Schwaneberg of the Star Ledger. The song, titled “In the Book,” is his take on what we can expect to find in former Governor Jim McGreevey’s new book. If you’re subscribed to our podcast, it should download automatically for you. If not, you can use the player below to listen (it may take a little while to load before it plays). My best attempt at transcribing the lyrics is below the fold.



(I’ll post more audio tomorrow…)

You Won’t Recognize This Man

Nor, unless you, too, are from Texas, should you.  After today, though, you probably will want to.

His name is Lloyd Doggett, and he is the single most liberal member of Congress from Texas (he represents the Austin area).  Below the fold is a quote lifted from his response to Texas blogger PinkDome on the COPE act, concerning net neutrality and the state of Congress.

I urge you to quote it freely as you contact your elected Represenatives about this issue.

Standing Up To Big Oil

(Cross-posted at MyDD and Daily Kos.)

In my first official post as a Menendez for Senate staffer, I’m really excited to announce the launch of StandUpToBigOil.com. As many of you have probably heard by now, Senator Menendez is fighting back against Big Oil and their allies in the Republican Congress. The Menendez plan will force Big Oil to foot the bill for a 60-day suspension of the federal gas tax to ease the burden of outrageous prices at the pump. Senator Reid and the DSCC have been touting the Menendez plan for a few weeks now, and it really seems to be gaining traction.

Here’s the proposal, in a nutshell. As both retail gas prices trend upward with no relief in site, the federal gas tax — currently $0.184 per gallon — would be suspended for 60 days, ideally during the traditionally high-priced summer driving months. This tax holiday would be revenue neutral, however, as it’s paid for by a repeal of the tax breaks and corporate welfare Republicans have made sure to protect for their cronies in Big Oil. Even though word of the Menendez proposal has made its way around the netroots, this is an important point that’s been too often overlooked. Senator Menendez is going to stand up to Big Oil and make them pay for real relief at the pump.

Kerry’s Got Stender’s Back

The Hotline (subscription firewall) reports that John Kerry contacted supporters today asking them to help out Linda Stender’s campaign:

Sen. John Kerry (D) writes to his Keeping America’s Promise e-mail list that he’s “focusing” this week on a “handful of races across the nation” that are “absolutely critical to the environment.” Kerry: “Yesterday, we helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for three critical House challengers”: Ron Klein in FL 22, Francine Busby in CA 50 and Darcy Burner in WA 08. “Today, we’ve added a new candidate to the list — Linda Stender who is running in” NJ 07. Linda is not only a strong environmental candidate, she has also fought to protect the right to privacy and she has been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration’s failed policies in Iraq.” More Kerry: “We have these anti-environment Republicans on the run. Let’s keep it that way. Help build an unstoppable momentum for our environmental slate of candidates. Donate to one or more of our candidates right now. Let’s give them the strong support they need to win”

The momentum keeps building for Linda with endorsements from EMILY’s list, DFA, John Kerry and more

The Winter of Lynch’s Discontent

It used to be that when John Lynch hung out at a place like the East Brunswick Hilton, it was behind a phalanx of Democratic Party operatives. You could feel his influence in the room, but to find him you had to know where to look.

Now the fading kingpin — former master of Middlesex County, onetime grand poobah of New Jersey power politics — is, in the words of columnist Tom Moran, “sitting in a hotel lobby, swatting at imaginary demons.”

Lynch is in full King Lear mode, storming across the Middlesex fells and the moors of Monmouth, crying out that he is a man more sinned against than sinning — or, as Lynch puts it, a mere facilitator accused of being a puppet master. Tom Moran gives us a glimpse of the former monarch as he is now, still snarling at enemies but inwardly quailing as U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie prepares to add his Brylcreem’d scalp to those of the other New Jersey politicians already hanging on his belt.