Blue 7th PAC calls on Congressman Ferguson to Condemn Robertson’s Anti-Sharon and Anti-Rabin Stateme

Blue 7th PAC is calling on Congressman Mike Ferguson to immediately condemn recent hateful statements by leading conservative and former Republican Presidential candidate Rev. Pat Robertson.

Speaking on the “700 Club” on Thursday, January 5, Robertson suggested that the massive, life-threatening stroke and cerebral hemorrhage Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered last week was punishment by God for dividing Israel, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Robertson went on to say the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was also God’s will for the same action.

“Leadership means standing up for what is right, even when it is difficult to do so,” said Nathan Rudy, chair of Blue 7th PAC.  “By not standing up to Reverend Robertson’s misguided and ignorant statements about Prime Minister Sharon’s health and Israeli politics, Ferguson shows himself once again he lacks the leadership we need in Congress.”

Mike Ferguson Continues to Mislead Constituents on ANWR

On December 19, 2005 Congressman Mike Ferguson voted for a budget bill that included a provision opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for petroleum.  It was the fourth time he has voted for bills including this provision in five years, despite Ferguson’s repeatedly claiming that he opposes oil drilling in ANWR and pointing to it as a sign of his independence from the Bush administration.

But more troubling than Ferguson’s hypocricy in calling keeping ANWR oil rig free a “national priority” yet voting to approve drilling is that he repeatedly omits his true voting record when writing to his constituents.  Twice before — here and here — we’ve published letters from Ferguson touting his three votes for failed amendments against drilling but conveniently leaving out his votes for approving drilling in successful bills.

And now he has done it again. In an e-mail dated January 4, 2006 Ferguson brags:

I have voted three times – in 2001, 2003 and 2005 – to prohibit drilling in ANRW.

This e-mail — published in full after the jump — was sent just 16 days after he voted to approve drilling in the budget bill.  While it lays out excellent arguments against drilling in ANWR in order to portray Ferguson as an environmentalist, it fails to note he voted twice for drilling in 2005 and once each in 2001 and 2003.

The only way to stop Ferguson from continuing to mislead his constituents is to make his intentional mendacity public.  Please write letters to the editor about this issue, and Ferguson’s consistent inability to tell the truth about his voting record.

The Courier News is at letters@c-n.com, the Home News Tribune at letters@thnt.com, the Star Ledger at eletters@starledger.com, or the New York Times at letters@nytimes.com.

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Ferguson, Abramoff and Kidan

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Congressman Mike Ferguson’s spokeswoman Abby Bird said this in the August 18, 2005 Asbury Park Press:

Two other New Jersey politicians and the New Jersey Republican State Committee also received contributions from Abramoff since 2000.

Republican Rep. Mike Ferguson is not going to give back the $1,000 he received in 2001, according to his spokeswoman Abby Bird.

But in today’s Star Ledger, this is reported:

Ferguson said he received a $1,000 contribution from Abramoff and another $1,000 from Abramoff business associate Adam Kidan, and in August donated the $2,000 to Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation in Mountainside. He said another $1,000 donation from a casino connected to Abramoff was donated last month to the Center for Hope Hospice in Scotch Plains.

“Abramoff’s actions were outrageous and wrong, and illustrate clearly why Congress needs to enact serious and meaningful reforms now,” said Ferguson.

Going through his FEC records, there was a $2000 contribution made to the Children’s Specialized Hospital on August 22, 2005.  New reports are being filed soon, and we will check then about the last contribution. A quick survey of FEC reports back into 2003 did not find any additional contributions of this sort from Ferguson.

If he did donate the money as a way to get rid of money from Abramoff and Kidan, good for him.  It was the right thing to do.  It does seem odd that just four days after his spokeswoman said they would not be giving up the money that they would do it without notifying the media, however.

Blue 7th PAC calls on Congressman Mike Ferguson to Give Back Campaign Contributions From Corrupt Sup

Blue 7th PAC called today for Congressman Mike Ferguson (NJ7) to immediately return or donate to charity the thousands of dollars he has received from his supporters Jack Abramoff and Adam Kidan.  Both Abramoff and Kidan have plead guilty to multiple criminal counts related to a $147 million casino deal gone bad.

“The more we learn about the number of political criminals who financially and politically support Congressman Ferguson’s political career, the more shocking it gets,” said Nathan Rudy, chair of Blue 7th PAC.  “Each time we learn more about the culture of corruption in Washington D.C., we find a connection to Congressman Ferguson.”

Ferguson is the only member of New Jersey’s Hosue delegation to continue to keep contributions from Abramoff.  Reps. Frank LoBiondo and Jim Saxton, the other two New Jersey members of Congress who received money from Abramoff, agreed to return the contributions after the indictment.


This is a quote from Congressman Mike Ferguson from the Express Times:

“We saw both challenges and incredible successes in Iraq. We had elections, and continuing terrorist activity there, and deaths and injuries to U.S. personnel. We saw a lot of successes as well and great strides forward,” said Ferguson, R-Hunterdon.

Incredible successes and great strides forward?  Wow.

Save Social Security, Dump Mike Ferguson

It looks like seniors are pulling away from the Republican Congress:

The results can be seen in Americans’ attitudes toward Congress 11 months before Election Day 2006. By a 65%-19% margin, Americans age 65 and above disapprove of the performance of Congress; those under 65 are also negative but less lopsidedly, 58%-27%. Moreover, senior citizens say by 47%-37% that they want Democrats rather than Republicans to win control of Capitol Hill. Those under 65 prefer a Democratic victory by a narrower 45%-39% margin.

That disparity, like some other political differences between older and younger Americans, is relatively slight. But it has big implications for the 2006 campaign for two reasons.

The attempt to change Social Security, and the ham-handedness people like Congressman Mike Ferguson in pushing the plan, has really hurt the Republicans with seniors. 

If you want a bumper sticker with the slogan, “Save Social Security, dumpmike.com.” send an e-mail to info@blue7th.com with your name and address and we’ll send you one.  Please use it, preferably on a car, because they cost money!

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Research Mike Ferguson’s Contributors

One of the most effective tools we have is the public record of Congressman Mike Ferguson’s contributions. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) publishes the names and addresses of everyone who contributes more than $2000 to any federal candidate.

Blue 7th PAC has put together a series of links based on these names to various research points on the web: Open Secrets (FEC data); Google, Google News and Google Blog Search; Yahoo! and Yahoo! News; Technorati; and Frundrace.

Since there are close to 3,000 individual contributors in the past six years, we need your help to check them all out. You can take your time, doing just a few names a week to see if they have been indicted, are associated with corrupt politicians like Tom DeLay or Jack Abramoff; serve on the boards of racist or violent organizations; or advocate radical positions.

If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to info@blue7th.com indicating so and we will send you a section to start working on. It’s work, but it is worth it. Of course, if you just want to select random people or check out if someone contributed to Ferguson you can work on your own, too!

If you want to get started on you own, there are links to all the names after the jump.  Also some tips on searching the Internet for info.

Did Ferguson cheat his way into office?

That’s what the FEC says (via Dump Mike):

The Federal Election Committee announced today that Congressman Mike Ferguson received illegal help from the ironically named Accountability Project of the “Council for Responsible Government, Inc.” during his 2000 primary race in a case brought against them by current Republican Senate candidate Tom Kean, Jr. The below excerpt from the FEC finding has emphasis added:

The complainant alleged that the Council made prohibited corporate contributions which were coordinated with Kean’s opponent [Ferguson] and that the Council should be registered and reporting as a political committee. . . In considering this matter on remand, the Commission concluded that there was reason to believe a violation occurred because the brochures distributed by the Council contain express advocacy, and that the Council made a prohibited corporate independent expenditure.

The Council was fined $5,500 for the illegal support they coordinated with the Ferguson campaign.

Linda Stender to challenge Ferguson (NJ-7)

The Star Ledger reports that Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Union) from the 22nd legislative district will challenge Matt Linfante and Joe Tricarico for the Democratic nomination to run against Rep. Mike Ferguson (R) in the 7th district.

The mayor of Fanwood from 1992 to 1995 and a Union County freeholder from 1994 to 2000, Stender has served in the Assembly since 2002. She faces a primary battle with Democrat Joe Tricarico, the former mayor of Hillsborough, who has already announced he’ll run.

Blue 7th PAC and Dump Mike have been working to unseat Ferguson, so go check them out.

Wal-Mart buying influence in NJ

Wal-Mart is a parasite taking advantage of our state. They are spreading their cheap products, low wages and horrible benefits to New Jersey, and passing the buck onto taxpayers. They do it by buying their way in through our elected officials.

According to the Bergen Record, prior to 1999, Wal-Mart had 20 stores in NJ. Up to that point, they had made a total of $6500 in contributions to NJ politicians. Since then, the number of Walmarts in New Jersey have doubled to 40, and there are 7 more being constructed. Oh, and since 2000, by complete coincidence, Wal-Mart has made almost 50 political contributions to NJ politicians – totaling nearly $250,000.

While Wal-Mart has almost exclusively contributed to Republicans, they realized that in order to buy their way into New Jersey, they had to buy out Democrats as well:

The apparent switch in donations from primarily Republican candidates to mostly Democrats in New Jersey occurred in late 2003 or early 2004, soon after Democrats increased their majority in the state Assembly and took control of the Senate in the 2003 election.

NJ Congressmen Mike Ferguson (R) and Bob Menendez (D) have each received $12,500 in contributions from Wal-Mart.

I’m sure this is also just a coincidence:

Ferguson’s and Menendez’s congressional districts, which share a border in northern Middlesex County, are home to six Wal-Mart stores, four of which have opened since Wal-Mart began boosting donations to New Jersey politicians.