Lance Offers Dross, No Real Help For Mentally Ill

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Leonard Lance has toed the line in Washington DC, allowing the Tea Party to determine his vote on most of the most pressing issues.  He voted for John Boehner as Speaker of the House, for Paul Ryan’s repeated budgetary plans the gut Social Security and Medicare, to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, to deny a debt ceiling on debts he’d already voted to accrue.

In short, the former Trenton maverick who sued his own party has gone to DC and been little more than a party hack voting in ways his own constituents disagree with.

So what he needs to do is find small things that will look good in the papers.  Like holding a press conference about supporting for a bi-partisan bill providing an extra $2 million in mental health support to each state.

The only problem is Lance held his press conference at the Richard Hall Community Mental Health Center in Bridgewater with a group of Republicans who just cut funding for the facility by $1 million.

Lance Goes Up on TV With Generic GOP Ad — With EXTRA CHRISTIE!

Here’s an ad full of stock images, stock messages, standard evasions and boring platitudes.  It’s a perfect metaphor for Representative Leonard Lance’s career in the House where he has done nothing of note, pretended at independence, and voted the way the Tea Party told John Boehner they wanted Leonard to vote.

It’s really kind of sad because Lance was once a fairly independent guy in the NJ State Senate, which is one of the reasons they ran him for the NJ7 seat — to get him out and free up space for young bucks who would be better at toeing the party line.