Just so y’all know.

We have two gutwrenching, highfalootin’, incredibly wonderful podcasts comming up.

Today, Xpatriated Texan is interviewing Rep. Steve Rothman, presumeably at one of his Town Hall Meetings. We will edit the podcast so that it is fully out of context and post it as soon as possible.

Monday, yours truly will be heading over to Linda Stender fundraiser which, ironically, will be held in the same building Dick Cheney was shooting people in the face in. There in the bullet hole laden room, none other than Rep. Rahm Emanuel has agreed to a podcast. This is a great opportunity and we are eternally greatful to the Stender campaign for giving us this chance to interview a high profile national Democratic high roller.

For those who don’t know, Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) was Bill Clinton’s senior political advisor and is currently in charge of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a.k.a. the body responsible for taking back the House this year.

Use this as an open thread for collecting questions you would like to ask both Congressman Rothman and Emanuel.

We’ve Done Enough. We’ve Paid the Price. It’s Time to Bring Our Troops Home.

As one of Congressman Rothman’s constituents, I’ve heard him speak several times.  He has always impressed me as someone who tries to hold himself above the fray of politics.  His demeanor is thoughtful, almost shy sometimes, and when he speaks he weighs each word carefully.  He is about the farthest thing I could imagine from being a partisan hack or a loose cannon.