Advice to women in the 4th – hold on to ‘the pill’ (Help!)

Any advice from the grassroots about how to tell, oh let’s say, 65,000 to 100,000 women in the 4th district in the next two weeks that their congressman wants to take away their birth control pills & funding for them and thinks its ok to fund religious groups in Africa that refuse to discuss condoms? 

As explanation, he opposes interfering with a fertilized egg, and since birth control pills may do that (mostly they stop ovulation, but it might prevent implantation) and IUD’s do, it’s condoms or nothing. I haven’t figured out yet how the Africa stance fits in with the condoms are ok view, except if he’s defending Catholic and other religious groups working in Africa who do oppose condoms.

The papers will not cover this, considering the Star Ledger and Phil. Inquirer endorsements over the weekend, relying on Smith propaganda that he is a moral person etc and his ‘principled’ demotion from the veterans affairs committee (hey, he stood up to DeLay once – he won’t call for Hastert and Boehner’s resignation now, even though he was on Foley’s Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus and wants life imprisonment for what he calls ‘child sex offenders’). Some women’s group understand the threat, and their DC offices worry about it, but want to back viable races when it comes to their PAC’s, or are just now getting around to considering the 4th. 

We need boots (or whatever the latest fashionable walking shoe is) on the ground, $$, progressives, women and anyone else who is closer to the 4th than the 7th to get out the word out.

Honestly, when these two weeks are over – I go back to the 6th in my peri-menopausal state, so as people like to say regarding Iraq, I don’t really have ‘skin in the game,’ except my desire to live in a state where science is not rejected for ideological reasons and one where we’ve regained ground lost for women in politics, if not broken the glass ceiling.


Pinky gets it wrong, anybody ready to write an LTE?

For all of you who were in PA in ’04, getting the 85% Philly turnout for Kerry and helping keep the state blue (and those who live in the circulation area) – the Inquirer has just back the wrong horse in NJ’s 4th:

When Smith takes a stand, be it on opposing abortion, increasing benefits for military veterans, or ending human trafficking and other abuses around the globe, he fights for it no matter the consequences. His dogged efforts on behalf of veterans cost him the chairmanship of the House Veterans Committee in 2005. While often tackling international issues, Smith has a good record of addressing constituents’ concerns at home.

Can we get over the fact that DeLay kicked him of the Veterans Affairs Committee???  He learned his lesson and has voted for plenty of legislation denying vets the help they need, not getting troops the equipment they need and getting us into the quagmire in Iraq.

Throw us a bone:

The Case for Gay

Gay is a longtime labor activist and is strongly pro-choice on abortion. She is most passionate about her opposition to the war in Iraq and favors withdrawing U.S. troops as soon as possible.

Smith opposes any form of CONTRACEPTION except condoms and abstinence.  They like to mention “pro-choice on abortion,” without getting that the fundamentalist movement is now about denying contraception and stopping embryonic stem cell research!  Smith has also gone into bills to make sure that US funding was allowed for AIDS groups in Africa that refuse to offer condoms on religious grounds.

And then this gem:

Character / Ethics

Smith has supported several campaign reform bills; Gay supports public financing of campaigns. Smith’s devotion to veterans and human rights around the world speaks highly of his personal integrity.

Personal integrity would be calling for the RESIGNATIONS of the House leadership as Carol has done.  Standing up to the leadership that has been indicted, jailed, investigated by the FBI, and at the end of the “Dubya proclaimed ‘National Character Counts'” week, calling for his party’s leaders to step down since they refused to protect the exploited teenage pages he professes to care so much about as a member of Foley’s Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus.

Carol Gay Criticizes Smith’s Vote for Torture

Today Democratic Congressional Challenger Carol Gay issued a press release criticizing Rep. Smith for supporting torture.

“Chris Smith’s voted to undercut the Geneva Conventions,” Gay said.  “Smith claims to be one of the strongest supporters of human rights in Congress, but he is voting to undercut the oldest and most widely respected human rights agreements in the world.

“It outrages me that my Congressman voted for this bill, which not only legalizes torture but also deprives so-called detainees of the right of habeas corpus, thereby permitting them to be held for any amount of time without any charges having been made against them and without any review by any authority outside of the Executive Branch.  This sort tyrannical treatment of human beings has been illegal under our legal traditions, but now Chris Smith says its okay.”

I wish every New Jersey Democrat had the guts to stand up for what’s right, bravo Carol !

Something good at the DSC Conference

Carol Gay, the Democratic candidate running against Chris Smith in CD4, was a big hit wherever she went at the Democratic State Conference–no surprise for those who know her!

She was enthusiastically acknowledged from the podium and vigorously applauded by the crowd every time the  Congressional candidates running against incumbent Repugs were recognized.  Phone banks are going, coordinated with the Menendez campaign–contact Carol’s website (www.carolgayforcongress@yahoo.com) to volunteer. 

Carol was great at the Progressive Caucus and at the LGBTI caucus and picked up lots of support; she went to the Women’s Caucus, and probably got great support there too–after all, Smith is one of the most ardent anti-choice members of Congress.  Garden State Equality threatens to do a “Gays for Gay” event–I can’t wait!

Carol is amazing!  Everywhere she went she impressed people–she is really the energizer bunny, and I think that even if she doesn’t win, she will probably do better against Chris Smith than any previous candidate.

Attention bowlers:  There’s a special event on Saturday–Bowl-A-Thon with Democrats 2000. TEAM CAROL GAY FOR CONGRESS needs volunteers to join the team.  If you are available and interested in bowling on Team Carol Gay for Congress, please respond to carolgayforcongress@yahoo.com.

Event Details:  Saturday, September 16, 5:30pm,
Mid State Lanes, Route 18 N, East Brunswick.


And some day soon she’ll be on the Colbert Report–watch for the announcement!

Memo to Carol Gay: Send Mr. Smith Home From Washington


To:  Carol Gay
From:  Sister to Sister
Re:  Mr. Smith needs to come home from Washington & You can do it!
Date:  Labor Day

Carol, the rest of those ladies and gentlemen who ran against Chris Smith (R-NJ4) were pansies!  They actually thought they could run on the “issues” and win.  Ha.  They tried to run positive, issue orientated campaigns and appeal to voters on a grass roots level. After all, who couldn’t beat a 20+ year incumbent with little accomplished and no Chairmanship to show for?  Unfortunately, Smith just sits back in his plush arm chair by the fireplace; snug in his Virginia home, resting his feet comfortably on an ottoman with an embroidered American eagle personally designed by Nancy Reagan. 

Smith knows the opposition can drive back and forth on I-195 all day, seven days a week until Election Day, and not get through to anybody beyond the highway exits … the district is inpenetrable.  With four counties, five major daily newspapers, gated Senior communities that don’t let pesky politicians in, multiple cable systems, and competing NY / Philly networks, — You’d need a million dollars to get above 15% in a voter recognition survey!  Also, no need to contact the brain trust at the DCCC, who achieved an Enron monopoly on losing campaign strategies and support.  They won’t invest a nickel’s worth in the 4th District race.  Their consultants are $o needy, they can only blow their load in a few places and only where the con$ultant$ tell them.  No, Smith could put his feet up sipping lemonade drinks with his friend, Jerry Falwell, because all he needs is his trusty pen to sign away the “franking privilege” on all his letters.  This allows him to mail to his constituents for free all his campaign literature  disguised as “official” duties.

Flight attendant to Repugs

I was once at a screening of a doc about the Israeli Defense Forces’ paratroopers by the guy who made ‘Shoah,’ Claude Lanzmann.  It was at Cornell.  After the screening, a woman got up and asked indignantly how he could have overlooked the fact that the IDF is one of the few militaries that includes women.  Lanzmann’s reply was that women were only allowed to go on jumps with the paratroopers if they volunteered to fold the parachutes!  I was the only person in the room who found his reply hilarious (for at least three reasons, one of which is that Lanzmann is a pompous ass).

I’m put in mind of this by the Asbury Park Press story, Barnegat-girl-makes-good in the Air Force.  She ends up as a flight attendant to Repugs on Air Force II.  And she has been able to serve drinks to none other than Mike Ferguson and Chris Smith.  Fasten you seatbelts for more trenchant APP reporting during the upcoming election season…

Fan Favorite $5 Friday!

UPDATE IV: Stuart Rothenberg is now predicting a Democratic takeover of the House. He says:

Our latest race-by-race review of Congressional districts around the country convinces us that a Democratic wave is building and that the party is poised to take control of the House of Representatives in the fall. The only question now is the size of the November wave.

Let’s help grow that wave. We need just 1 more donor for Paul Aronsohn, 1 for Rich Sexton and 4 for Tom Wyka.

UPDATE III: Blue Jerseyans have raised $3,785.27 — that’s almost four grand to take on incumbent right wingers this year. Come on, let’s get that extra $214.73 to make it an even $4K!

With the election less than three months away, now is the time to support
your favorite candidates and make sure they have the resources needed to compete
during the home stretch. Everyone can help out. If you can afford it, use
our ActBlue page to give your
favorite candidate or two $5
. Or $25, $50 or any other amount up to
$2,100, if you want.

We’re looking to get each House candidate 10 contributors from Blue Jersey, so
please help out with just a donation or two. When we all combine our efforts,
it’ll pay off for the candidates and show what Blue Jerseyans can do!

Update: We’re a little closer to 10 for everyone. Come on, folks. Join in the fun!

Update II — A couple more folks joined in. Let’s get to 10 today for everyone and set a new goal next week!

Linda Stender 26
Carol Gay 16
Richard Sexton 9
Paul Aronsohn 9
Tom Wyka 6

And if you can’t decide who to support, or you’d like to support all of them, you can use this form to divide your contribution equally among everyone:


Nobody should contribute financially if they can’t afford to, but everyone can help out by volunteering. Sign up to help one (or more) of these campaigns today: