Belgard on Higher Education

Clearly, there are differences between the two candidates running for Congress in the Third District. If you’re a regular reader of Blue Jersey, you know about those differences in the areas of health care, support for the middle class, and paycheck fairness. Today, Aimee Belgard held a press conference outlining specific positions on higher education – an area that Tom MacArthur seems to have ignored. Here are her remarks.

Who is Tom MacArthur’s Biggest Contributor?

Tom MacArthur has “loaned” his campaign $5,000,000 (so far). That makes his race the largest self-funded one in the nation.

But as in any campaign, other individual contributors have also given money to MacArthur. As of the latest FEC filing, individuals have given the North Jersey resident a total of $285,000 – not a great sum as congressional races go.

It’s really foolish of these people to give this money to the NJ-3 GOP carpetbagger since they are essentially repaying the loan MacArthur gave himself. Of course, people give to political campaigns for various reasons – ideology, influence, and sometimes quid pro quo. But the reason for individual contributions is not reported in the FEC database, so one can only speculate.

So other than MacArthur himself, who is his biggest individual contributor?

More MacArthur Misinformation

With his almost unlimited funds, Tom MacArthur is now targeting Democratic homes with a somewhat dubious robo-call from “Susan” who claims she’s a Democrat. While she says she’s not voting for Aimee Belgard, she never says she’s voting for Tom MacArthur. Could this be another case where MacArthur uses a Democrat from outside the district (like he did in a recent television ad) because he either couldn’t find one in the district or is so unfamiliar with the territory that he just uses friends or relatives?

And the claim that Belgard does not identify as a Democrat is fallacious. Her website touts her endorsement by the Burlington and Ocean County Democratic parties as well as dozens of local Democratic officials.

Tom MacArthur’s campaign is based almost entirely on negative campaigning and character assassination. This is just another example.

Meet Aimee Belgard for Congress

This morning, Rep. Jon Runyan announced he would not seek re-election for his NJ-3 seat. This, after being hammered for weeks by the DCCC, which whatever else you may think about it, knows how to spot an opponent’s weakness.

Tomorrow, Aimee Belgard, Burlington County Freeholder, formally announces she’s running for Congress at the historic Alice Paul Institute.

Tuesday, the day Barbara Buono was defeated by an old boys network of deal-makers and personal opportunists, was the 141st anniversary of the first time Susan B. Anthony and other women voted for federal office. New Jersey has no women in its congressional delegation, and hasn’t for years. Meet Aimee Belgard.

PPP Survey Says Runyan Approval Under Water

This is diary rescue from the weekend. DCCC has been targeting Runyan, whose obvious unpreparedness for federal office and his votes since make him a big target. Looks like his failures are catching up with him in-district. Promoted by Rosi.

New Jersey Democrats are pretty used to being ignored by folks who do polls.  While states and Congressional districts around the country get checked to see what’s possible, New Jersey gets a internal campaign once in a while but not much more than that.

But Public Policy Polling has changed that with two (count ’em, 2!) Congressional district polls a whole year out from the election.  I’m positively giddy, so am using parentheses and italics.

Jon Runyan (PDF) in NJ3 is underwater with 40 percent disapproval, 39 percent approval for a net -1 rating.  52 percent are of voters in NJ3 less likely to vote for him knowing he voted to shut down the government, which moves Runyan to a 2 point deficit over a generic Democrat.

Frank LoBiondo (PDF) in NJ3 is better in NJ2 with 44 percent approval and 37 percent disapproval for a net +7 rating. 46 percent of voters in NJ2 are less likely to vote for him knowing he voted to shut down the government, which moves LoBiondo to just a 2 lead over a generic Democrat.

Could we please, please, please, please get come high-quality opponents?

And maybe some polls in other districts, PPP?

BTW, there’s LOTS more info in the cross-tabs, so if you’re in NJ2 or NJ3 you can learn a lot.  Have fun on a Sunday!

Gun Control is People Control

Yesterday, a four-year-old boy took a .22 caliber rifle and shot a six-year-old boy in the head from 15-yards away. Today, that six-year-old boy died. He was in first grade. Why did this happen?

It seems unlikely that the shooter is blameworthy; hard to imagine that he should have known better – at four-years-old. Can’t see how the six-year-old could have done anything to provoke it, either. Not likely that he was threatening death or serious bodily injury such that the four-year-old was justified in defending himself. Who, then, gets the blame?

The obvious answer: the parents. Somehow, some way, this four-year-old had access to his father’s .22 caliber rifle. Had the father acted responsibly and made his gun inaccessible to his four-year-old, the needless death of a six-year-old would not have occurred – at least not like this, not then. Pro-gun, pro-gun control, it doesn’t matter; this is, and should be, a “WTF?” moment for everyone.

Why? Because right now, as it currently stands – in one of the least gun friendly states in the union – , the father is potentially guilty of only a mere disorderly persons offense. The same charge one would get for shoplifting something valued less than $200. WTF.

Can we not agree then that this father, this irresponsible gun owner, is a perfect example of why stricter gun laws, at least in some measure, are needed. Has the discourse surrounding guns in this country really come to a point where we cannot agree that the moral turpitude of the father’s actions is greater than that of shoplifting something valued less than $200? Can it really be argued that the second amendment prohibits us, as a society, from condemning this man’s actions to a greater degree than shoplifting? I certainly hope not.