Meet the Candidates

This is the most recent listing of candidates that have filed petitions for federal office. The first candidate listed in each category is the incumbent. The number after their names indicates the number of petition signatures submitted, and I also included the slogans of some of the candidates running without the party endorsement.

US Senate:
    Bob Menendez (D) 8029
    James D. Kelly Jr (D) 1300
    Thomas H. Kean Jr. (R) 4202
    John P. Ginty (R) 1742

House Districts
1:  Rob Andrews (D)

2:  Frank LoBiondo (R) 804
    Viola Thomas-Hughes (D) 298
    Henry David Marcus (D) 207 "Change the Course!"

3:  Jim Saxton (R) 949
    Richard Sexton (D) 293

4:  Chris Smith (R) 675
    Gary Schiavone (D) 310

5:  Scott Garrett (R) 513
    Michael Cino (R) 300
    Paul Aronsohn (D) 495
    Camille M. Abate (D) 427 "A New Spine For Congress"

6:  Frank Pallone Jr (D) 310
    Leigh-Ann Bellew (R) 278

7:  Mike Ferguson (R) 896
    Linda Stender (D) 532

8:  Bill Pascrell (D) 4301
    Jose Sandivol (R) 407

9:  Steve Rothman (D) 1020
    Vincent Micco (R) 321

10: Donald Payne (D) 1244
    Deshon Porter (D) 211

11: Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) 699
    Tom Wyka (D) 332

12: Rush Holt (D) 1216
    Joseph Sinagra (R) 225

13: Special election for unexpired term
    Albio Sires (D) 530
    James Geron (D) 268

13: For full term
    Albio Sires (D) 3229
    Joseph Vas (D) 594
    John Guarini (R) 255

Rich Sexton’s busy Sunday in NJ-3

Nothing would be finer than putting Republican Rep. Jim Saxton out to pasture this November 7th.  In fact, voters in NJ’s 3rd congressional district are finally waking up to the fact that Jim Saxton is (in the words of a mydd reader reader) an anachronism,

“A ghost of politics past,” as it were…..akin to the appendix–a vestigial organ, it sticks around even though it does nothing for us, and it oftentimes becomes infected. The era of political appendices must end! It is utterly ridiculous the extent to which the Democrats have overlooked NJ-03 (and NJ-04) sandwiched between the congressional districts of Rob Andrews and Rush Holt no less. The region is so pregnant with progressive possibilities that it is not only naive to discount it, but downright foolish.

Rep. Saxton still out of touch with voters in NJ-3!

The takeover of terminal operations at some American ports by a Dubai-owned shipping company has generated nearly twenty new bills in Congress. Some are more far-reaching than others, most notably the legistation proposed by my own voice in the House, Rep. Jim Saxton (NJ-3) whose bill is widely regarded as most heavy-handed and would prohibit foreign ownership of any so-called “critical infastructure” in this country. Says Rep. Saxton,

  Americans are less likely to attack the Homeland than perhaps some others are. We know that there’s an ideological divide between some people who live in the eastern, uhhhh, hemisphere and some people who, the rest of us who live in the western, uhhhh, hemisphere. 

Why I support Rich Sexton for Congress (NJ-3)

I am running for Congress because we need strong leadership for a new course in Washington and representation for the citizens of New Jersey’s 3rd District that is more in tune with mainstream America and working class families, not the hard right wing agenda from the Bush-Cheney-DeLay-Saxton team.

  -Democrat Rich Sexton

Why are we in the pits in Cherry Hill NJ? You would be too if your voice in Congress was Republican Jim Saxton. Unfortuately the good people of New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district have repeatedly been let down by Congressman Saxton, whose right-wing politics seem better suited to Texas than here in moderate-to-progressive New Jersey.