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What Will Junior Do?

So Tom Kean Jr. has 3 days until Tuesday to make a decision and Bergen County Republican Chair Guy Talarico says the clock is ticking…

According to PoliticsNJ, Bergen County GOP Chairman Guy Talarico has given U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr three days to decide whether he will run on the organization line. READ the letter

This is made more interesting by the fact that it’s set against the backdrop of the infighting withing the Bergen County Republican Organization

Junior has to choose. Will he run on the line of Party chairman Talarico and Todd Calguire? Or will he run on the line with Alan Marcus who is callenging Talarico for chair along with Kathleen Donovan? Donovan and Calaguire are both vying in the primary to unseat Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney in November.

I’m gonna sit back, make some popcorn and enjoy the show.  Won’t you join?

Menendez Delivers Response To Bush

Yesterday Senator Bob Menendez delivered the response to President Bush’s weekly radio address where he slammed the President’s budget priorities for the pain the will cause the middle class.

It will increase the cost of college by locking in the largest student aid cut in the history of our nation.

It will increase health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs through new schemes that will expand tax shelters for the healthy and the wealthy and drive up costs for the rest of us.

It will leave many in colder regions, like my state of New Jersey, with higher heating costs, by underfunding the one federal initiative designed to help.

And it rejects Democratic proposals to crack down on oil company price gouging, even though Big Oil has reaped record profits while gas prices have shot through the roof.

More Stupid Media

The Cox News Service has decided that Bob Menendez may be too liberal for New Jersey.

Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez, appointed by Gov. Jon Corzine to the seat Corzine vacated in January, is one of the top Republican targets in the fall. Menendez represented a Democratic stronghold in Congress for more than a decade, but his appointment to Corzine’s Senate seat may require him to moderate his politics. In his short time in the Senate, however, he has shown no signs of doing so. He voted against Alito, a native of New Jersey, and is delivering speeches against Bush’s “reckless” tax policies. State Sen. Tom Kean Jr., the son of a popular former governor, is favored to win the Republican nomination to challenge Menendez. In some recent polls, Kean has led the Democratic incumbent. Gore and Kerry both carried New Jersey in their presidential campaigns, but it was a battle for both against Bush.

Menendez is definitely a Democrat, but the idea that he would have to move to the center to appeal to New Jerseyans is a joke.

Junior calling the kettle black

From the Inside Edge:

Tom Kean’s U.S. Senate campaign took a shot at the Democratic incumbent for voting against the confirmation of Samuel Alito as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court: “Today, Bob Menendez sent his message loud and clear — partisanship is more important than the people of New Jersey. Instead of fighting for Judge Alito, he chose to embrace the political bitterness that is dividing America.” But on the same day, Kean voted against the confirmation of Zulima Farber as Attorney General of New Jersey.

Menendez Not Supporting Filibuster. Yet.

In a previous diary, jmelli claimed that Menendez is supporting the filibuster, citing only Grapevine evidence. In that thread, Bertin Lefkovic wondered where jmelli got that information because it was not verified on Google or anywhere else.

You would think, if this were true, that PoliticsNJ or the Star Ledger would have picked it up by now.

So in a display of the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere, I called Menendez’s office just now, 9 am on Monday morning, and asked them. The greeter told me that jmelli is wrong. Menendez is not supporting the filibuster. Yet.

So get on those phones and call him at (202) 224-4744. The time is now!

News Roundup

  • Santorum gets a verbal smackdown from Menendez for threatening NJ.
  • Wal-Mart claims that by setting up a new 220,000 square foot super-store in an ecologically-sensitive part of rural Salem County, they will help protect the watershed, which is home to 7 endangered species, including the Bald Eagle. Also, black is white. Up is down. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.
  • A study finds that for the third year in a row, New Jersey is the most expensive state for low-income residents to rent in. According to the study, “a household’s wage earner must earn $20.87 hourly — or $43,419 annually — to afford a two-bedroom apartment.” Half of New Jerseyans earn less than $33,440/year.
  • Corzine’s office pressured UMDNJ’s president John Petillo to step down.
  • There are nine candidates for NJ for Democracy’s executive board. Check out their bios and applications.
  • Rep. Scott Garrett is being challenged from both the left and right. On the right from Republican Michael Cino who is challenging Garrett in the primary and on the left from Democrat Paul Aronsohn.
  • Field Clears for Menendez

    Inside Edge:

    Congressman Frank Pallone will announce today that he will not be a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006, and will endorse Bob Menendez for the Democratic nomination. Pallone joins Congressmen Rob Andrews and Rush Holt in saying that he will not challenge Menendez, who has now effectively cleared the field.

    It’s Menendez vs. Kean, Jr.  Poll after the jump on your level of support.

    UPDATE: Pallone Endorses Menendez

    While not a shocker, Frank Pallone has not only dropped out but also endorsed Bob Menendez for Senate.

    “Over the past year, I have traveled to every part of our state listening to the concerns of New Jerseyans. They feel their everyday concerns are ignored by both the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress in Washington. It’s time that their voices are heard, and the only way that will happen is if we unite as a party in an effort to elect a Democratic majority.

    “For the last ten years I’ve been fighting for a Democratic majority. Today, I join Bob Menendez to announce that we will go into November’s elections unified with the goal of building that majority. Today, I endorse Bob Menendez for Senate and pledge to work on his behalf to ensure the voices of hard working New Jerseyans are heard in Washington.”