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Pharmacists can still refuse Rx’s & Baroni’s “Unprogressive” Vote

The Star Ledger issued a correction on Jun 14:

An article Tuesday said pharmacists would be legally obligated to set aside their moral and religious beliefs and fill any prescription under a bill approved by the Assembly. The amended bill makes the pharmacy, not the individual pharmacists, responsible for filling prescriptions.

We can infer that the legal prescription in question is emergency contraception. It is disconcerting to believe that pharmacists don’t know that the mechanism of action is primarily prevention of ovulation or the production of an ovum which is more resistant to fertilization. Perhaps there is another reason?

Published evidence clearly indicates that Plan B can interfere with sperm migration by altering the cervical and uterine environment, and that preovulatory use of Plan B usually suppresses the LH surge either completely or partially, which in turn either prevents ovulation or leads to the release of ova that are resistant to fertilization. Epidemiological evidence rules strongly against interruption of fallopian tube function by Plan B. Evidence that would support direct involvement of endometrial damage or luteal dysfunction in Plan B’s contraceptive mechanism is either weak or lacking altogether. Both epidemiologic and clinical studies of Plan B’s efficacy in relation to the timing of ovulation are inconsistent with the hypothesis that Plan B acts to prevent implantation.


Slippery slope, what’s next? Refuse to stock HIV meds (then I won’t have to deal with teh gays)? Bring your wife and your marriage license to the pharmacy to fill your viagra prescription? No hormones for the transgendered?

“A potentially problematic issue is pharmacies that prohibit the sale of emergency contraception, even when they sell ordinary birth control pills,” says Cynthia Dailard, senior public policy associate at the Guttmacher Institute. “There is no rational reason to single out emergency contraception for less favorable treatment than other contraceptive pills. Both types of pills work in the same way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, and how they work depends more on when in a woman’s menstrual cycle the pills are taken than on when the woman last had sexual intercourse.”

Among the anti-choice Republicans to vote NO to making pharmacies fill legal prescriptions, was my Assemblyman and State Senate candidate Bill Baroni, which, for me, settles the claim as to whether he can be counted among progressives in the legislature. 

I wonder what he would tell Suzanne?

By the time Suzanne Richards, 21, finally got another pharmacy to fill her morning-after pill prescription — after being rejected by a drive-through Brooks Pharmacy in Laconia, N.H., one late Saturday night in September — the 72 hours had long passed.

“When he told me he wouldn’t fill it, I just pulled over in the parking lot and started crying,” said Richards, a single mother of a 3-year-old who runs her own cleaning service. “I just couldn’t believe it. I was just trying to be responsible.”

Rapid Response Network for Immigrants

A group 30 people concerned about the ICE raids devastating immigrant families, the outrageous NJ 101.5fm radio contest “Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha”, and the recent events in Morristown and Freehold met at the Paul Robeson Center to discuss how to support NJ’s immigrants. The diverse group included day laborers, factory workers, immigrant mothers, university professors, students and others.

Nationally, communities are organizing another May 1st action to protest the treatment of immigrants (documented and undocumented) in the U.S. Last year the LA port workers shut down the port they are doing the same this year, SF probably going to do the same and they are pretty confident they will be able to shut down all the ports on the west coast. Will port truckers of Port of Elizabeth and Newark, who did not participate in the May 1st boycott last year, organize to shut down the ports in NJ? Eighty percent of the NJ port truckers are latino.

Dr. Dobson’s weighs in on the NJ Delegation

Andrew  0%
LoBiondo  85%
Saxton  85%
Smith  100%
Garrett  100%
Pallone  0%
Ferguson  85%
Pascrell  0%
Rothman  0%
Payne  0%
Frelinghuysen 42%
Holt  0%

But I think Chris Smith gets extra credit for all the hard work he does for Dobson and other religious extremists. That’s why we need Carol Gay for Congress.

The votes:

Marriage protection and sponsorship of the amendment; maintain ban on abortions at military facilities overseas; requiring minor’s parents be notified if crossing state lines for an abortion and requiring doctors to notify parents of out of state minors who seek abotion services; repeal tax payer money used for lawyer fees in establishment of religion cases against local state and federal governments (ten Commandments)-“threatening public official’s public displays of religion”; removing federal courts from hearing Pledge of Allegiance cases; and of course blastocyst protection act.

Here’s the link:
PDF of scorecard link

Chris Smith is SOOO concerned about families but he doesn’t trust NJ families to do the right thing whether making a decision about the size of their family or end of life care ( he was Terri Schiavo’s brother’s chauffer to middle of the night pressers- had to cancel a trip to Europe to get in on the action.) He has spent his 26 year congressional career trying to eliminate contraceptive and abortion services not only for his constituents and US citizens, but also for the poverty stricken in developing countries.

Filmaker bloggers coming to NJ 7

Inspired by the book Crashing the Gates, bloggers from the dailykos will travel the country to film net/grassroots activities in support of netroots supported candidates. They list Linda Stender’s campaign in the 7thCD as one of the destinations and are asking for local bloggers assistance.

Crashing the States link

“CRASHING THE STATES: The Netroots in Action” will be both a documentary feature film, and an interactive journey into the heart of netroots campaigns across America.

The first thing we need is your participation.  This project isn’t about the two of us visiting campaigns; this project is about you, the netroots–and it’s not going to be nearly as exciting without you.  We’ll be announcing our arrival at each of these locations ahead of time, and WE NEED YOU TO SHOW UP!  Volunteer with us, show us around the community, blog with us.  Introduce us to the local bloggers.  Let us interview you.  Flex your netroots power on film.

If you’re interested in being a fellow “statecrasher”–even if it’s just showing up at a campaign office for a few hours–email us at

Menendez introduces a measure that would create a “federal gas tax holiday”

Last week the Energy Secretary said that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPRo) should not be used to lower gas prices.

Today Bush said he will stop making deposits to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to increase supply.

One immediate way we can signal to people we’re serious about increasing supply is to stop making purchases or deposits to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for a short period of time. I’ve directed the Department of Energy to defer filling the reserve this summer. Our strategic reserve is sufficiently large enough to guard against any major supply disruption over the next few months. So by deferring deposits until the fall, we’ll leave a little more oil on the market. Every little bit helps.

In addition to drafting legislation that would give federal authorities more power to investigate price gouging, Democrats are proposing a federal “gas tax holiday.”

The measure, proposed by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), would reduce the cost of gas by $0.184 per gallon and the cost of diesel by $0.244 per gallon. The move, aides say, will provide $100 million dollars per day in relief.

Democrats say the money will be made up by cutting six billion dollars in tax breaks to oil firms. Currently, the money from the federal gas tax goes to the Highway Trust fund.

GOP’s lame “Bob’s Baggage” Site

Remember the Fancy Ford GOP website designed to pimp-up Tennesse’s Harold Ford? Well, NJ’s own Senetor Robert Menendez has his own GOP site. The site fetures retro cocktail lounge font and a series of suitcases at the top you can open to reveal “Bob’s baggage.”

For years, Bob Menendez has been labeled the “Boss of Hudson County.” Menendez has maintained a hold on the Hudson County machine that controls Democrat politics in northern New Jersey. Menendez’s status as Hudson’s head honcho hasn’t gone unnoticed.

When Governor Corzine was considering appointing Menendez to his Senate seat, alarm bells were sounding, warning of the dangers of Menendez’s baggage.

After viwing the Fancy Ford site, however, it seems that either the FF site’s racist criticisms were internalized by the designers or their creativity is waning. It’s pretty lame.