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New Jersey Communities United is a progressive grassroots community organization committed to building power for low and moderate income people across the State of New Jersey. At NJCU, we work to amplify the voices of oppressed and marginalized communities, who have been excluded from the American Dream. Our members are low- and moderate-income communities, communities of color, students, parents, teachers, and immigrants who believe in the power of collective action. We develop the capacities essential to hold government and corporations accountable, improve the health of our families, economy and environment, and protect our public schools, our homes, our workplaces, our communities and our financial institutions.

State Run Kids – Catalina’s Story

This is Part Three of an ongoing storytelling series by NJ Communities United featuring parents, students and families in Newark & Camden. Look for them Monday mornings. The school districts in these cities have been stripped of local democratic control, making it possible…
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Why Newark Students Are Boycotting School to Protest Christie

Post is by Trina Scordo, Executive Director, NJ Communities United

The Newark Students Union have organized a massive student boycott of Newark Public Schools today because many of them are too young to take their vote to the polls – but they are not too young to exercise their first amendment rights to protest and expose Chris Christie’s real record on public education.

On a daily basis these young people experience the consequences of Chris Christie’s intentional underfunding of public schools, his refusal to follow the funding formula and his total lack of concern for local control of our public schools.

For Christie this is really about his agenda for co-opting community resources; not the actual needs of the community.  If that wasn’t already obvious based on the fact that he’s cut funding to Newark Public Schools by $56 million dollars, then it should be even more glaring after his infamous statement to the press a few months ago claiming that he doesn’t, “care about the community criticism. We run the school district in Newark, not them.”  

This wasn’t just another episode of Christie’s public bravado. This remains his clearest statement yet on his opinion of public schools in general and Newark Public Schools in particular. His rigid ideological opposition to proper funding, community participation and fixing our schools’ broken infrastructure is designed to destabilize public education in New Jersey and replace it with a for-profit charter school model controlled by investors, corporations and the economic elite, instead of the parents, students and communities who have a vested interested in our children’s future.