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Yes Dick Codey, You Are Responsible For Property Taxes

State legislators like Dick Codey love to try to pass the buck to mayors and councils for property taxes:

Said Codey, a West Orange Democrat who’s the Senate president: “Has the Legislature ever increased property taxes? I never voted to raise property taxes. I’m not a school board member. I’m not a mayor.”

Makes sense on the surface.  Why should the State Legislature do anything about property taxes when (technically) it’s the towns who send you the bill.  This record six part series on public employees makes the link, exposing the dark side of what was once a system to protect low paid employees and now has become a treasure cove.  And the villian is the State.

What Would Senator Junior Be Like? Look at Dubai.

We know Tom Kean Jr. is against the Dubai ports deal.  But strangely, his words have had no impact on his President.  Bush hasn’t gotten Kean Jr.’s message.  The President still thinks the Dubai deal is a good thing for New Jersey.

Furthermore, Bill Frist, the man Kean Jr. will vote to make Majority Leader as soon as he enters the Senate chamber, has also chosen to ignore Kean Jr’s input.  He now supports the deal.

It’s not really the Dubai deal I am addressing here: it’s what kind of Senator Kean Jr. would be.

Look! There Goes Junior’s Raison d’être!

We haven’t seen Kean Jr’s first ad yet, but we know what to expect.  As a moderate Republican in a blue state that doesn’t like Bush much, the logic that Kean Jr. will likely come out with is this:

Yes, I know 60% of you don’t like George Bush.  I’m not a Bush Republican..he doesn’t speak for me.  But the Republicans are in power at the Federal level, and I can get you more as a Republican, as an inside guy, than if you keep electing people who will be on the outside.  I’m in the room.  Oh yeah, did I mention that my dad was…..

Forget Clothes, Gas, Tanning Salons; The Right Tax is Right Under Your Nose

Rather than go after items that are highly publicized and effect citizens psychologically everytime they tank up or buy a shirt; rather than do one-shot gimmicks or life-ruining tricks like taxing 401Ks; to avoid the ‘toilet paper tax’ moniker, the easiest thing to do may just be to just bite the bullet and raise the income tax.

But don’t get into the Florio trap of doing it as a budget-balancing act or even for school kids.  Do it, simply as a rebate on property taxes.  Appeal to the ‘what’s in it for me’ feeling of many New Jerseyans.

If Kean the Father is Saying Bush & GOP Screwed Up Protecting Us…

What exactly is Kean, Jr. going to run for Senate on as a GOP candidate and defender of the White House party in 2006?

The more I read the news accounts about how 9/11 Commissioners Tom Kean Sr. and Lee Hamilton are critical of the US government for not implementing any of its recommendations, it doesn’t jive with the NJ story I’m hearing about Kean’s son.  I’m wondering why his son would want to go join the national GOP party that, according to his father, has screwed up our basic security. 

I think Kean Jr’s could have a future as a state politician, but going for Federal office in 2006 will be a terrible way to squash a budding GOP career (OK, I’m not THAT sad about it.)

OK, Dad didn’t exactly come out and say Bush messed up, but he’s basically saying that the US is not doing enough to implement his recommendations.  Last time I checked, that US government being run completely by GOP in the House, Senate and White House.  Therefore his is the party that is not implementing any of the 9/11 commish recomendations he worked so hard on.  Dad seems real legit with this, he seems real concerned. 

So why allow your son to run to be ‘one more’ Senator from a party that can’t get done the issue that’s the most important to you?  Why send a message that the GOP is doing just fine and should increase its Senate total?  Why not have Sonny run as an independent, then?  (I know, cuz he’d get crushed…but it’s the morally right thing to do)

Its obvious to me that Tom Kean Jr will have to put up with a lot of stuff that the Tom Delay National Republicans are doing that will embarrass him in Montclair, Middletown and Livingston and Lincoln Park.  Their lack of action on his father’s commitments will be the most blatant.